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113 Long Distance Relationship Quotes That Brings You Closer


Long-distance relationship quotes may be applicable even if you live miles apart. When two people are in love, time and distance don’t matter. Is it true? Although the feeling of love in long-distance relationships (LDRs) can be intense, it comes with the pain of not being together often. Technology can compensate for distance to a certain extent but cannot replace touch, warmth, and love.

Different ways can lovers express their love. While some people choose to send gifts, others prefer to express their feelings through words. We have the best long-distance relationship quotes if you prefer the former. This list is both charming and cute. These quotations will make your partner feel loved and precious. Be ready to share your feelings!

Long Distance Relationship Messages

It is beautiful to be in love. But it does not last forever. You can be separated from your partner due to circumstances, time, and obligations. True love is enduring and makes the wait worth it. Lovers do everything to maintain their relationship strong. Sending loving quotes is one way to show your love.

  1. Love doesn’t know its depth until it is separated.
  2. “If you want your family to live together, then you have to learn how to live apart.”
  3. “Ocean is what separates land and souls.”
  4. “7.125 billion people live in the world. I chose you. Our love is possible despite the distance.
  5. True love is able to bridge the greatest distances. All too easily.
  6. Missing someone becomes easier with each passing day.
  7. Even though you’re further away from your last encounter with them, each day you get closer to seeing them again.
  8. “I close my eyes and think that nothing is better than a hug after an absence.
  9. Nothing like fitting my face into your curve. There’s nothing more beautiful than filling up my lungs with your fragrance.
  10. The distance can be measured. Love cannot be measured. Love will always triumph over distance.
  11. “A small part of me is now you, and so you can see, it’s me and you together forever.
  12. We wouldn’t be apart. Maybe in distance, but not in heart.
  13. “Being close to one another is the first and most important desire of lovers.
  14. But being apart and loving one another without any inch of difference is what it takes to be true love.”
  15. “The most beautiful and best things in the universe cannot be touched or seen.” These must be felt with the heart.
  16. There is always a tomorrow without us together.
  17. This is something you should never forget. You are braver than you believe, stronger and smarter than your thoughts.
  18. The most important thing is that I will always be there for you, even if we are apart.
  19. “The sweeter the kiss, the longer you wait.”
  20. “Absence” is to love the wind as fire. It extinguishes small things and ignites the great.
  21. “Blow ‘o winds to my beloved one. Come touch him soon.
  22. You’ll touch me and I will feel his gentle touch. These are all things that love is worthy of.
  23. These are the only things that can be lived by: That she and I both breathe the same air, and that the earth that we walk is one.
  24. “Distant means so little when someone is so much.”
  25. “Distant is not for the timid, it’s for the brave.
  26. It is for those who are willing and able to spend some time alone, in return for a bit of time with their loved ones.
  27. It’s for people who know a good thing is there, even if it’s not often …”
  28. “Love isn’t finding someone to love. It’s finding someone to live with.
  29. “We are not the perfect couple.
  30. “Close to each other or far apart, I’m forever in your heart.”
  31. “When you are absent, your presence is felt and it makes a difference.”
  32. “Don’t measure distance, measure my love.”
  33. “When two hearts are meant to be together, there is no distance, no time, and no other love that can break them apart.
  34. Distance is measured not in miles, but in love in human relationships.
  35. It is possible for two people to be miles away from each other but still be next to one another.
  36. “It’s only for you that it will be difficult.
  37. Although I can handle the distance, I cannot imagine my life without your help.”
  38. “Distant gives us a reason for love to be harder.”
  39. “I didn’t know what love was until my first encounter with you.
  40. Then, when distance separated us, I discovered what true love was.”
  41. “The simple absence of you is more important to me than the presence of others.”
  42. “To achieve anything worthwhile, you must be completely committed to it.”
  43. “I am puzzled why so many people continue to doubt the authenticity of long-distance relationships.
  44. Before I could touch her skin, I fell in love instantly with her soul. Please tell me if that’s not true love.
  45. “Long distance relationships are difficult.
  46. Your love can be tested and questioned every day. But, you still prove to one another that it is worth it. This is what makes a relationship special.
  47. “Love doesn’t know distance; it has no continent; its eyes are set for the stars”
  48. “My eyes, arms and heart will always see where you are!”
  49. “Sometimes, I don’t know whether you miss me or forget about me.
  50. But each day I remind myself that love will bring me together again.”
  51. “When you left me, you took my heart with yours but I know that we will both be back one day and I’ll feel complete once again.”
  52. “I cannot even express how much you mean and I pray that each day I will be able to open the door to your face.”
  53. “If I could fly, my wings would allow me to stand beside you every day to start each day.”
  54. “This is not the typical fairytale people hear about. You are my happily ever again, I am certain.”
  55. One of the best things about a long-distance relationship is your unwavering love for each other and trust.
  56. You can trust that you will love and respect one another, not cheat and that you will get back together.
  57. Here are some quotes about trust and long-distance relationships
  58. LDRs are based on trust. Your relationship’s strength is evident by the fact that you and your partner chose to remain together despite the distance.
  59. These are some quotes that illustrate the trust you have in LDRs.
  60. Loving someone takes a leap of faith. You give your heart and trust them to keep it intact. No matter what, I will never regret making that leap for your good.
  61. “If you pay attention to the wind, you will be able to hear me whisper my love to you.”
  62. “When two hearts are meant to be together, there is no distance, no time, and no other love that can break them apart.”
  63. It’s worth the few hours I spend with your company.
  64. “When our love overcomes distance, I know our true love will endure.”
  65. “If you want to be loved by the people you love, then you have to show them that you can live without them.”
  66. “The thought that I will be with you tomorrow gives me strength to get through this day.”
  67. “I believe in love’s immeasurable power; true love can overcome any circumstance and reach across all distances.”
  68. Real love is about being apart and loving one another without a care in the world.
  69. “Life has shown us that love doesn’t consist in looking at each other in the eyes but in looking in the same direction together.”
  70. “Hearing your voice is better than touching me.” Your voice touches my soul, even though I long for your skin to touch mine.
  71. “Come what you can, it cannot overcome the exchange of joy that one minute gives me in my sight.” Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet
  72. “Distant is temporary, but our love is eternal.”
  73. Two hearts that are truly meant to be together will not be broken by distance or time.
  74. “Distant distance is not an obstacle. It’s just another reminder of how strong our love can be.”
  75. “You are on my mind while I drift to sleep, and the first thought I have when I wake up,”
  76. “The past brought us together. The future keeps us apart. The future keeps you close to my heart, right beside mine.”
  77. “I feel lonely, but I am never alone, because you are always in me, my soul, or my dreams.”
  78. Even if you love your partner deeply and trust them completely, there will be times when you feel sad. These quotes will help you find some comfort in such times.
  79. Sad long-distance relationships quotes
  80. LDR is lonely and depressing because you don’t get to hug them as often as you would like, can’t reach out for support when you need it, and can’t share the loving moments you desire with them.
  81. Life is about making the best of what you have, isn’t that? These quotes will help you express your grief to those you love.
  82. This is when you fall in love with yourself in the cruelest way possible, even though you are far away from your world.
  83. “Distant separation brings me sadness. Then, I realize that there are others experiencing the same thing. You!”
  84. “And as the days pass, the memories are lost. I’m waiting for you. As days go by, I swear I’ll try. Until I die. Everything for you.
  85. “Love does not know its depth until it is separated.”
  86. “I hate stars because I see the same stars as you, but without you.”
  87. Without you, the world would be too quiet
  88. “It’s true that it is not as easy as regular couples. Our love is not like any other.
  89. “When we have too much, the value of love slowly diminishes.” It takes too much time to appreciate it.
  90. You can only truly appreciate the love you have in those times of separation and distance.
  91. “When I miss you and cannot visit you, I go to the memories we made and I can’t wait for more.”
  92. “Time is the distance between two points.” 
  93. In the years that we were apart, I found myself in deeper love.
  94. “This is the sad bed for chosen chastity because you are miles away.”
  95. “Morning without you is dwindling down.”
  96. “Something that is the hardest thing in the world is to truly want someone and not have them close by.
  97. These are the times you don’t know how to respond. You can only wait.
  98. “I love you more than anyone, I’ve discovered. But you are far away, and I’m here by myself.
  99. This is my life, and I may, despite all odds, find my way back.
  100. Your heart is my Northern Light. I will always find my home.
  101. “There is no relationship I have not tested, and I know that distance will not cause us to fall apart.”
  102. “I long for the day that I can be with you and know that all the time spent apart was worth it.”
  103. “I keep my phone near me because I know that you are just a call away.”
  104. “The night’s silence brings me to tears, and I wish that you were there.”
  105. I want to be by your side forever after this separation
  106. “Distant only shows us that we can still love more even if we don’t see each other as often.”
  107. “Sometimes, I feel like giving up. But when I hear your voice, I know I can’t live without you.”
  108. “Imagine me hugging and telling you everything will be okay, even if you feel sad or empty.
  109. “We are in a place where our love is being tested through distance.
  110. Although there is no way to know when we will meet again, I believe that love will prevail if it is meant to be.
  111. True love is not about being apart, but it does not change our lives.
  112. “I am getting tired of all the texting, emailing, and WhatsApping. You are my rock!
  113. “Can’t wait for you to touch me, hold me, and whisper my name. The wait is killing us, darling!”
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These are some of the most touching LDR poems I’ve ever seen. We hope that you feel inspired to write one for your loved one. Write down your thoughts and surprise your loved ones with heartfelt poems.

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