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15 Ways You Can Find Your True Love


There are three types of cherished love. They are First love, also known as puppy love; great, which will sweep you off your feet; true love. True love may not be as exciting as great love but it is the one that makes you feel at home.

True love is what we all need. It is secure, unconditional, and reassuring. Although it may not be perfect it is a complete package for the one who has it.

True love is possible

When you are ready to enter into a relationship, make sure it is with your true love. This will save you from the heartbreak of being with the wrong person. How can you find true love?

These 15 ways will help you get closer to the right person.

1. Pray for the right person.

My personal belief is that God is the best writer of love stories. We can avoid falling for the wrong person if we let Him guide us in our relationships. This is why I believe praying for wisdom in this area could be very helpful.

2. Reach your highest potential to be the one who meets you.

Do you want to be with the best person? Because everyone has different ideas of what constitutes the best, ‘best,’ is a relative term. You need to find the best person for you.

It would be unfair to expect your true love the best, but it is not fair to make an effort to be the best you can be for him/her. Be the best version you can be. Be bold and reach for your goals. Also, work on your weaknesses. It will be much easier for you and your potential partner to decide if you are compatible.

3. Be attractive

Let’s face it. First, you must feel attracted to someone before you can fall in love with them. Making yourself attractive can help your true love find you. You must first look and feel clean. Next, highlight your strengths or best features. Next, embrace your imperfections and be creative about improving them.

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4. Find out what you truly want in a partner.

To help you determine the type of partner you would like, make a list of all the characteristics you desire in true love. Keep in mind, however, that you may not be able to find all of them in one person.

Setting standards can be a great way to learn from past relationships. It is easy to recall traits that don’t match yours and can lead to relationships falling apart. You can learn from your relationships with friends and family members who have been in a relationship.

There are many ways to find your true love

5. Expand your circle of friends.

Your chances of finding your true love are higher if you meet new people. If you’re a home buddy, you should be more social. Participate in company and organization parties. As often as you can, get together with your friends. You can also join clubs and organizations.

6. Choose the right company.

You will find the right person by being in the right place with the right people. Be wise when choosing who you surround yourself with. The environment they live in determines how they behave.

If you don’t like party-animal partners, avoid hanging out with them. Remember that friends of the same feather often flock together.

7. Don’t base your standards on novels or movies.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble but real love isn’t as overwhelming as when someone falls for a wealthy woman in novels or movies. Real people in real life are not as glamorous as fictional characters. You should stop setting unrealistic standards.

8. Don’t be obsessed with your physical appearance.

Pure love is unconditional. This means that you shouldn’t base your love on how attractive someone is. You don’t need to be a beautiful or handsome person. It is only a bonus. Look for someone with whom you feel comfortable and safe sharing your life. Your primary concern should be personality, character, and values.

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9. Look for someone whose personality matches yours.

A relationship that is strained by personalities clashing could lead to irreconcilable differences. It is better to find a partner who matches your personality. Balance is key to your personality.

The partner should have the ability to supplement what the other has. One couple may have great business ideas but lack the willpower and determination to put them into action. The partner should be able to put those ideas into action.

10. Find someone whose priorities align with yours.

Apart from personalities, priorities can also impact a relationship. It could lead to a serious problem if the couple does not have the same view of what is most important. A husband might place family first, while his wife may be more focused on her career. This could cause problems.

11. Find someone you can trust.

It’s not enough to make someone smile or feel loved. You want someone who respects others, regardless of their status or relationship. This is why it is important. It is easier to be compassionate and selfless if you are sensitive to others’ feelings. This means that s/he will be careful to not do anything that could cause you harm. This person is your security.

There are many ways to find your true love

12. Think about the opinions of your family and friends.

It is better to introduce someone to your friends and family before you enter into a relationship. When you’re in love, you can get lost in your thoughts. It is impossible to think clearly. Let people around you share their thoughts with you.

You have to question why your friends and family don’t like the person you are interested in. See the person from their perspective and determine if you still want to pursue the budding relationship.

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13. Meet their families and friends.

The best way to get to know someone is to be in their natural environment. This means they will be surrounded by their closest friends and family. Spend time with their friends and family. Pay attention to how they treat others and vice versa.

It could be a sign that the person is good at treating their loved ones if they have a warm, comfortable relationship with them. It is worth looking into if the relationship appears distant and cold.

14. It is worth testing.

Time is the best way to test your love. Couples’ affection is usually tested by conflict after the attraction period. This lasts about a year. Conflicts are often caused by a decrease in excitement and differences. This problem could last up to three years.

The relationship may become monotonous and boring over the years because you have been together for so long. Many people feel tempted to search for a new partner. It is true love if your relationship lasts through all the years.

15. Do not let your emotions cloud your decisions.

As I said in the previous tip: You cannot think straight when in love. True love transcends feelings. You should not accept someone into your life immediately. Your decision should be based on several factors. Refer to the above tips and determine if that person meets your true love criteria.

Love will find you.

These tips will only increase your chances of meeting the right person. True love is not possible by any formula. True love is not something you do automatically, but it does happen when you put your best foot forward.

Don’t try to find your true love too hard. Let love find you, instead. While you wait for it to arrive focus on yourself.

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