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17 Ways You Can Ask a Girl For Her Number On Instagram


Do you want to message a woman via Instagram? 

This is smart of you to want to do it, and swapping numbers will be a positive step in your relationship. Once she has your number, you will be considered a personal contact and not just a DM-slider.

Perhaps you aren’t sure how to get them?

Top Tips to Ask a Girl for her Number on Instagram

Have you ever asked a girl for her number on Instagram? It can be scary, even terrifying. Are you acting cheesy if you ask a girl on Instagram for her number? How are you supposed to sound sincere when you ask for her Instagram number? It can all seem so confusing. How do you ask a girl to give her number on Instagram?

It is the best thing to get to know your girl or woman. Before you ask her for her number, get to know her personality, her favorite things, and her favorite things. If you get to know a girl and her interests, your chances of getting her number are better. Instagram is a place where girls will share pictures of the things they love most.

Before you try to get her attention, get to know her. You can then casually bring up the topic in conversation. As you update your phone numbers, it is possible to ask for the number of a girl. You can mention that you would love to include her number on your cell phone.

Stay tuned for more tips; we’ll be covering how to get her number via Instagram!

1. Enjoy her photos

Although liking her photos is a great way for a girl to notice, it doesn’t mean you should be lonely or desperate by liking every image. While you can like all of them, I recommend choosing your favorite. Next, tell her that she is beautiful or extraordinary in your conversation and then take the time to get acquainted with her.

2. Ask if you can talk

There is no other way. You can be honest and straightforward about what you want. Perhaps you could say, “I would love to hear from you.” We could have a telephone conversation. Say “I think we would have the most wonderful conversation,” and you’ll wonder where your time went.

Be patient before you ask for her number. Instead of asking her straight away, spend some time getting to know her by sending direct messages. You should make sure that she is someone you are interested in dating. It would be a waste of your time to have a long phone conversation with a woman or girl who isn’t right for you. You could have learned more if you had spoken on DM.

3. Check out her profile to see if she is interested in you.

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You should get her number as this is one of the final steps to getting her into a relationship. You need to get her attention. Next, mention that you’re eager to have her check out your Instagram profile and see if you’re interested in chatting.

After she has checked out your profile, she will follow you if she is interested in continuing the relationship. If she notices you share a lot of common interests or are interested in something in your profile, it may be easier to get her number. You don’t have to ask her for her number.

4. Get to know her

She’s now following you on Instagram, and vice versa. Now is the time to be a man, and get to know her. Ask her questions and listen to her answers. To get to know one another better, you could always ask her if she would be open to texting. Send her a message with your number and invite her to contact you!

5. Give her your number

You could say, “Hey! You can give her your number and she will text or buzz you whenever you are ready. Now you are open to communication.

You can also save money if girls give you their number! However, I caution you against texting too much when you are dating. It is important to leave girls wanting more. You must always be your best. Do not come off as desperate or needy.

6. Engage in a meaningful conversation

You can show genuine interest in her and she will be more inclined to talk on the phone. You can be sure she will enjoy your conversations on any topic that interests her. To get the best results, have meaningful conversations about important topics.

7. Let her get to know about you

It is vital that you get to know your woman well and that she gets to know you. This can be difficult if you’re shy. However, you could prepare a list of questions that you will ask her ahead of time. It will give you lots of topics to discuss!

8. Be unique

Be classic, old-fashioned, and different from other guys. You should be a class act. What’s the deal with this guy? I would love to know more about him. It’s so fascinating!” You want her to be captivated by you. Show her your creativity, and don’t lie about it.

9. Wait for the right chemistry to happen

Wait for the right chemistry.

I asked for help to find the best solution. I was advised to wait until you have had several pleasant conversations. These are the conversations that leave you with a smile on your face and butterflies in your stomach. You’ll be able to tell when you have the right chemistry because you feel it in your soul. This is when you should ask her for her number.

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10. Demonstrate that you share common interests

Take a look at her profile and photos to find out what topics you can best discuss. What are you able to share in common? What are the things this girl loves that you love? You will be able to share many things if you find commonalities. You can still share your passion for dogs even if she just has a dog.

You will have lively conversations because you are both passionate about the same things. You can take advantage of your shared interests and make sure you mention them when you speak to her. This will bring you closer to the conversation and allow you to ask her for her number.

11. Find out if you can make friends.

This is not a bad idea! Seek out friends with whom you can share a common interest. This will give you an advantage with her girl! Give it a try! You have nothing to lose!

12. Be confident

Because you’re not there in person, it’s hard to feel confident on social media. Typing or something similar. People often don’t see the personality behind your words. You can change this by sharing videos on social media. You might consider creating stories that contain very short videos in which you speak confidently about your favorite stuff.

Your tone and representation are another way to show confidence. Your values are a great way to represent yourself. Your profile should reflect your work ethic and prioritize your job. Next, you should make sure that your posts are specific to your industry in order to show your support for the things you most value.

Don’t forget to behave like an adult online! People online can behave like children. They may say one thing and then do the exact opposite the next day. They don’t live up to their values and are inconsistent with what they care about. These people can cause a lot of drama online by picking fights with others. Avoid drama!

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You can always tell her that you are not happy with what she says. It’s okay to share your opinion with her. But let her know that you don’t want to get into a heated debate about the topic (unless you really do have the ability to control your side of the argument). This is a sign of maturity and confidence.

13. Natural action

It’s not a good idea to try and force things. Otherwise, you’ll never get the results that you want. It’s not easy to be natural on Instagram. But you can try. Pretend you are having a conversation with someone in real life. This is the best way to do it. Imagine her sitting on your couch having a conversation. You can be casual like that.

14. Be specific and personal

You don’t want to come off as creepy by sending the same messages to every girl. Make sure your messages are specific and unique to her. So that she understands you’re not sending her a generic message, it’s important to tell her specific details about her. Make sure to spell her name correctly! This is so crucial!!

15. Standing out from the rest

You want to stand out from other men who send her messages. This is possible by being unique and special. Share with her a story about a life event that truly stood out. You can share more than one story if you have it! You want her to know she can count on your company to have a good time.

16. Ask her to share with you something

Tell her that you require specific information from the internet and ask her if she will provide it. Ask her something she wouldn’t know. Maybe something that is relevant to her job. You will be able to focus on her because she has gone above and beyond to help you. You will bond because she’ll be following up with you!

17. With her, slide into her DM

You can also say it by finding a way to have a conversation with her. Perhaps you see the same couch in one of her photos. Let her know you love her couch and send her a similar photo of you with the couch in your living area. Say, “You’ve got good taste!”

Let’s sum it all

What are your top tips for getting a girl to give you their number on Instagram? What are some ways guys have managed to get your number? What prompted you to give your number to a guy when you were dating him? Both guys and women are welcome to share their stories with us. Leave a comment below

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