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21 Secrets On How to Kiss a Guy Well


Although it is fun and exciting to kiss, it can also be nerve-wracking. Here’s how to first kiss a man and what you can expect the next time.

Do you remember the first time that you shared a kiss with a man?

It was obvious that you had difficulty thinking of the best way to accomplish this task.

However, once you reached that inevitable moment, it was easy to see that it is as natural and as simple as breathing.

You just need to take it slow and let your lips move against each other until you achieve perfect sync. It’s not as difficult as it seems at first. Once you lock your lips, it’s as simple as it gets.

The first few seconds of kissing a man for the first time are always difficult.

Although you may have sex with many guys, it is possible that you have never really gotten to know this guy. You may have dated a lot of guys, but you’ve never actually had sex with this guy. You both have your own styles and approaches to kissing, so it’s easy for a great opportunity to become a mess.

How to properly kiss a man for the first time.

These steps will show you how to kiss a man well.

1. Get close to him

It is possible. You just need to get close. Do not try to reach out and touch him. It is uncomfortable and it will not be a good first kiss.

You will both enjoy a closer kiss, and you have a greater chance of him waking up discreetly.

2. Let him lead!

Let the guy lead, kiss him. If you are not going out with a first-timer, kiss him gently and wait for him to apply pressure to your lips.

Do not purse your lips, or pucker up. This will stiffen your lips and make him feel like they are kissing a wall. Keep your lips softened and slightly parted. You’ll find your lips feel softer, plumper, and more accessible.

3. Keep it short and simple

If you’re horny or very turned on, the first kiss is the icebreaker. Take it slow if it’s a romantic moment with a lot of love and infatuation.

A first kiss should be a brief, soft touch that lasts a few seconds. After this first kiss, part your lips and look into each other’s eyes. Follow this with a few soft kisses.

It doesn’t mean you have to eat your partner’s face every time you touch his lips. Instead, breathe in and take a moment to look at each other for a few moments before you go back in for a second, more intense kiss.

If you’re already horny, your first kiss will last longer and be more passionate and lustful.

4. Every kissing style is different

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Do not force the kiss, or rush into it even though you are worried about how the kiss will end. You might have a terrible experience. Take it slow, and learn from one another.

After a soft kiss, you can see each other’s movements and then follow their cues to create a new style of kissing that suits you both.

5. Part your lips

After making a few gentle grazes with his lips, you can continue to linger on his lips for a few seconds each time. Keep your lips parted just a little so he knows it’s okay to use some of his tongues when he’s ready.

6. Placing your hands

Slowly move your hand to kiss him and place it on his shoulder or under his arm. This intimate gesture will bring you closer together. This will allow you to get closer to your partner and let him know you are okay for him to touch you back.

You can place your hand on his shoulder or under his arm. This will allow him to freely move his hands towards your face and kiss you.

7. Gentle contact with the body

You can kiss a man for the first time, and make him want more. Body contact is a great way to get to know your partner and have a lot of fun. The best thing about it is that you can turn your man on without making it appear easy.

Move closer to him and place your hand on his back. He will instinctively move closer to you if you come close enough.

If this move was planned correctly, your chest would be perfectly placed to touch your chest whenever you move together while you kiss. He’ll remember your passionate, heaving kisses as part of that first kiss.

8. Move your face

When you first kiss a man, raise your chin high and tilt your head sideways so that he can inadvertently kiss your neck and chin.

This move is more intimate than a simple kiss on the lips. This move will turn him on even more than a simple kiss on the lips. It will also turn you on and make you gasp in seconds. He will also have the opportunity to kiss your neck, shoulders, and down below.

9. Kissing is a great way to spend a few minutes

The first kiss is not the only one. It’s a series involving several kisses which helps you to understand each other’s style of kissing and increases intimacy.

Spend a few minutes with your guy to get a perfect kiss. You will feel more connected and at ease with each other’s movements and techniques.

If a kiss doesn’t feel right, it will leave you wondering if the chemistry is missing. You don’t need to worry about chemistry. Take it slow and take it easy, and you will learn as you go.

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10. Move your hands

Don’t forget to enjoy the kisses. You need to go beyond just kissing a guy to learn how to properly kiss him.

Begin to kiss him by moving your hands away from his back. Then, gently move your hands along his chest and shoulders. This will bring you closer together and give you the confidence to do so.

As you kiss each other, enjoy the moment and feel the sensual touch of your fingers as they move together for the first time.

If you aren’t ready to follow his lead, especially if his hands start to touch your breasts or the zipper of your pants, gently clasp his hand and move them to a spot on your body that you feel comfortable touching. He will get the point, and he’ll wait for you to approve the next time.

When kissing a man for the first time, these are the most important things to keep in mind

Do you want to share your first kiss with a man? Here are some subtle details to ensure that your first kiss with a man is a true dream!

1. The best position

If you intend to spend time kissing or making out in public, it’s best to have a seated kiss. You can be more relaxed and comfortable with your partner, and it’s less likely that you’ll have weak knees.

2. Standing kisses

For short, soft, romantic kisses that are intimate and sweet, it is a great way to kiss a man while you’re standing face-to-face with him.

3. Difficult makeouts

Standing while you kiss can make it uncomfortable, especially if your hands are below your shirt. You will have to raise your shirt in a standing position. This is a bad idea and can be dangerous for a romantic date.

4. Communication

During the whole experience of kissing, you don’t have to speak at all. Your expressions will speak for you.

5. Get ready for it

You can keep bad breath away by chewing gum or putting a mint in your mouth if you know that you will end the date with kisses. Take a few drops of water, and then lick your lips. It will moisten your lips and make them feel softer during the kiss.

6. Follow the flow

You won’t regret it if you have some idea of how to kiss a man for the first time. Start slowly, with just a few lip grazes, and gradually work your way closer.

7. Stop the first kiss right

A warm, soft hug or gentle smile can end the string of first kisses. This will be the best way to end the date with a lasting impression. [Read: How do you tell if a guy is interested in kissing you?

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8. The final touch

Make one more move. Make a final move to kiss him before you say goodbye. This will let him know you appreciate his kiss and would like to start it again.

What to do after you first kiss a man

Sometimes you are unsure what to expect when you first kiss a man. Depending on the circumstances, expectations can vary.

You might have met a new man at a bar or party with your friends. It could be someone you already know or even a friend. You may also be chatting with a friend at your home, and you might end up kissing.

Let’s now discuss the different scenarios that could arise and what to do in each.

1. A stranger

It can be great fun to meet new people at a party. If this guy is especially attractive, you will want to kiss him. You need to find out what happens next if he reciprocates your affection.

In this case, however, you should have low expectations. Sometimes people get caught up in the moment, and they just want to kiss. Maybe they’ve been drinking, and haven’t been very careful, or maybe they have lower inhibitions.

Be aware that you might not get anything out of it. You might be asked for your number by the man.

2. An acquaintance

Perhaps there was someone you knew a little bit about, like a coworker or a student in one of your classes. You may be able to recognize them as a friend, but not much more.

This could turn out to be either good or bad. It could be more than a simple kiss if you really get along. It could be hard to see them again if there was alcohol involved.

It is possible to just ignore it unless he brings the matter up. This is his situation.

3. A friend

A kiss can make a difference depending on whether you’re talking to a friend, at a bar, or at home. It is important to determine why you both wanted to kiss one another. Do you have crushes?

It could also have been an “in the moment” situation.

You will need to talk to your friend about the meaning of the kiss. Are you both open to the idea of pursuing it? Let him know that you are interested in dating. If he is interested in asking you out, he will.

This is all you need to know about kissing a man and making a lasting impression. These tips will help you to make a first impression and have you enjoying the experience.

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