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22 Signs That You Like a Guy & What You Should Do


You know this guy, and he is charming and cute. How do you know what your true feelings are? This is how you can tell if a man likes you.

Sometimes you may not notice your feelings so it is important to be able to tell if a guy likes you. Sometimes, you can become so focused on another person that you forget what is right in front.

There are ways to recognize your emotions before they happen. This will allow you to be more proactive and help you plan your next steps.

How to tell if you like a man

Sometimes people are able to realize their feelings and it is too late. He may have left for another girl. This is where the fun begins.

Here’s how to tell if a guy is your type. These are the most important signs. These signs are so important that you should take a look at them.

1. You probably think about him if you do.

You know what? You probably like a man if you are wondering. It’s okay to be scared. It’s not healthy to ignore your emotions.

You might not want to be with the guy. The heart will do what it pleases. Accept that you like him and decide what you want to be.

Do not spend too much time pondering about whether or not you like him. You will like him if you have thought about it.

2. How often do you think about him?

Do you think of him every hour, every day? Is he the person you think of when you find something funny?

Honey, this is not a coincidence. You need to reconsider your feelings about him if he keeps you on your mind. He isn’t just your friend. This is a sign that you’re trying to figure out if you like a man.

3. You can’t concentrate

You might find yourself thinking about one man all day. *

You may be feeling strongly for him if you are unable to pay attention or stay focused. Is there another reason? Exactly.

4. You don’t think of other guys

People who start to feel serious about someone disappear. Perhaps you were so infatuated with your first boyfriend that you couldn’t even see anyone but him.

Did you get asked out by cute men? Perhaps. You probably didn’t notice their looks because you weren’t interested.

If this is the case, well, you have a serious case of the I-really-like-this-guy. It will pass. This is straight from the 101 handbooks on how to tell if you like guys.

5. He doesn’t like other women around him.

This is a classic sign. This is a classic sign. If your body starts to get warm and your face starts to twitch, it’s likely that you are jealous.

Redness can occur in some people, but it is not always obvious. Pay attention to how your body reacts when you see your man around other women. Although you may want to avoid the situation, your emotions will still show.

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6. You are excited to meet him

You don’t have to smile at him when he texts you. It’s perfectly normal and cute, don’t worry.

When your crush texts, you will feel butterflies in your stomach. If your day is brightened by the fact that he texts you, it’s likely you have feelings for him.j

7. He makes you nervous

Sometimes you just can’t be yourself when you’re with the man you like. It’s hard. It’s hard to make him like you.

When you speak to the man you like, you might snort or stutter. It’s normal. This is a great way for you to find out if a man likes you.

8. You look a little more done up

Most people will spend five extra minutes fixing their hair or applying lip gloss if they like you. You want to impress and attract them.

If you don’t know that you are looking more glamorous than usual, you should admit it. He makes you look so cute.

9. Different people act in different ways

Perhaps you used to sit with your legs apart or chew with your mouth wide open. Maybe you can sit straighter when you’re with the man or be more positive.

Sometimes, your changes will not be positive. You might decide to quit smoking because your friend smokes. In most cases, however, you will simply become more shy or giggly in most situations. That’s a good sign.

10. You think about the long-term

While it’s common to daydream, do you ever find yourself thinking seriously about this guy? What will it be like in two years? Married? Children?

You’re looking at the future and trying to figure out if this man would make a good partner. You don’t want to do that with someone who isn’t interested in you.

11. He spends more time with you.

Your weekends are usually spent with your girls. Now, Friday nights are filled with this guy, and you spend more time with him every week.

It’s time for you to stop playing the “we’re just best friends” card.

It’s not worth your time to spend it with someone you don’t love. You wouldn’t be hanging out with anyone if that were the case.

12. Talk about him with your friends

How do you tell if a man is your favorite? You may not be aware of it, but you have probably mentioned him to friends… maybe over 100 times.

This is a good thing, except if it’s all that you talk about. You might seem boring to your friends. In reality, however, you are excited about this guy. Because you love him!

13. You are starting to enjoy what you like.

It’s not because UFC or soccer has suddenly become more interesting. He is the reason.

This is a great way for you to get to know your man and spend time together. It also shows that you are interested in his hobbies and you enjoy spending time with him.

14. It’s all about the small things

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You also remembered that he doesn’t like chocolate-covered almonds, but he loves 3 marshmallows in hot chocolate. These are things you probably already know. This is one way to tell if you are a man you like.

These small details are often overlooked by his friends, but you notice them. It’s a sign you care about him that you notice the little, mundane details of his day. You wouldn’t notice if you didn’t care.

15. Emotional overload

How you feel about a man is key to determining if he likes you. If you are happy, you will be sad. You become jealous and then you turn your back on him. It could be that you are trying to rationalize why you feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster.

Feelings for someone can seem overwhelming, especially if you have never felt them before. Accepting your feelings will make it easier.

What can you do now?

You should now be able to tell if a guy is your type. These signs are quite obvious. Now that you have this information, what do you do with it?

Let’s suppose you decide that you like him. That’s great. But how does he feel about you? It’s very important to understand this.

If you like each other, that’s great. It’s possible to go full steam ahead in a relationship. It can be difficult to get a relationship started if you aren’t sure how he feels about you.

These are some ways to find out if your man likes you back.

1. Is he able to talk to you?

There’s a possibility that you are just reading this article and he is not your normal self. He could be someone you admire from afar, at school, at work, or at home.

Ask yourself an obvious question. Is he aware that you exist? Is he a person who has looked at you and smiled?

Does he make an effort to meet you if he has? Have you ever heard him say “hello”? It’s a good sign if he has.

If he doesn’t know you exist or doesn’t care about you at all, you might be in for a long battle. You will need to meet this guy if you want to get to know him.

2. How often does he speak to you?

Let’s suppose you know him well enough to have a conversation with him. How often do they talk? If a guy likes to talk to you, he will do anything to make you feel special.

He will cross your path whenever he has the chance to, so it is important that you meet him face-to-face.

If he doesn’t like you, he won’t be able to make it happen to get to know more about you. He might try to avoid you, even if he thinks you are a good match for him. Pay attention to how often he talks to you.

3. Is he sending you a text?

Let’s say you know the guy and that he talks to you a lot in person.

You should also analyze how often he texts you, aside from face-to-face communications. This is a good indicator of his interest in your relationship.

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As mentioned, a guy who likes a girl will keep in touch with her as often as possible. He will find a meme for you to send or another reason to send you a message to keep you in his thoughts.

If he’s the only one reaching out to you and you don’t, then it’s likely he isn’t as into you.

4. What kind of texts did he send?

It doesn’t mean that he just texts you. As I mentioned, if he doesn’t initiate communication with you, it is likely that he isn’t thinking about you as much. If he sends you texts at least half of the time, then he might like you.

But, take a look at the text messages he sends. Are they all one-word responses? That’s not a good sign.

If he asks you questions and attempts to have a deeper conversation with you over text, he will be more interested in your story. Girls who don’t like guys don’t send as many text messages to them.

5. Do you have to Facetime him?

Most people now use their smartphones for texting, social media, gaming, and watching movies/videos. People don’t talk on their phones as much these days, in other words.

If he calls you to just talk, it is likely that he is interested in you. It is obvious that calling someone requires a lot of effort as well as a commitment of time. Pay attention to his phone habits.

6. Is he a social media friend?

Are you on social media together? Do you notice what you post on social media? If he doesn’t notice most of the things you post, then he isn’t paying attention.

If he is always the first to compliment you and comment on your photos, it’s almost like he’s saying “Notice me!” Pay attention to me! The more you are active on social media, your chances of him liking you will increase.

7. What would your friends and his friends think?

What are his friends saying to you if they have a friendship? Are his friends letting slip hints that he likes to be with you? Are they actually telling you that he likes you?

How about your friends? Are they aware of any rumors about him being interested in you? We all know gossip and people talk. If he is interested in you, you don’t have to look further than his friends.

Bottom line

Once you know how to tell if you like this guy, and have identified the signs that he likes your back, it is easier to create a plan.

What are you looking for? What can you do to make it happen? These are the questions that you should ask. It could lead to you overanalyzing everything.

Don’t get too attached to your emotions. It will only drive you insane. Instead, breathe deeply and relax. Accept the truth. This is how you can tell if you are a man.

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