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250+ Deep Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend


Your girlfriend is the most special person in your life. Sometimes, it’s hard to put your feelings into words. You wonder what you should say to your girlfriend. You want to spend every moment with your girlfriend, learning as much about her as possible. You aren’t sure how to ask her questions and not sound desperate.

We have compiled a list of funny and cute things you can say to your girlfriend to show your affection. These sweet gestures will help to keep your relationship jovial and lively.

251 Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

These are some questions you might ask your girlfriend to start a conversation.

  1. What did you imagine you would be when you grew up as a child?
  2. Which girl was your most popular at school?
  3. What food can help you feel better when you are sad or upset?
  4. Who was your ideal prom date? Who were you going out with?
  5. Which appliance do you use most often in a single day?
  6. Ever tried to speak to someone just because they were attractive?
  7. Are you able to read your horoscope predictions in the newspaper?
  8. Have you ever visited a psychic? Do you want to visit one?
  9. What would your ideal view look like from your window?
  10. Choose one: ballroom or ballet?
  11. Would you rather preserve your beauty or your brains?
  12. What place would you choose to be locked up for the night?
  13. Which activity do you think could set a new record?
  14. Which superpower would it be?
  15. What female celebrity would you most like to be?
  16. What would you do if you were a man?
  17. What’s the one ice cream flavor that you wish was never invented?
  18. What would you do if you won a $1,000,000 cash prize?
  19. What would you change about your face?
  20. Which book was your first?
  21. Which is your most embarrassing memory from school?
  22. Which planet would you prefer to move to if you could travel to another planet?
  23. Would you rather be reborn as a scientist or a football star?
  24. What would you invent if you could?
  25. What song has the worst lyrics?
  26. Are you a fan of any animal? Do you find any animal cute?
  27. Do you prefer a cat or a dog?
  28. What type of alcohol would you choose if you could be?
  29. What would you most like to take from your best friend?
  30. Do you remember a strange experience? If so, please describe.
  31. What would you like to taste of one inedible food?
  32. What is the most hated song from a popular music album?
  33. Are you a known nickname among your friends?
  34. What is the most intriguing pickup line that you have ever heard?
  35. What fruit would you choose to eat if you could only eat one fruit for the rest of your life?
  36. Who would you choose to go with if you were Bella from Twilight? Edward or Jacob?
  37. Which equipment do you prefer to use at the gym?
  38. What do you dislike most about your workout equipment?
  39. Which song are you currently listening on a loop to?
  40. What are you going to do if the electricity goes out in your home?
  41. What Are Some Important Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend?
  42. To find out if you are compatible, you might ask general questions.
  43. Are you a criminal?
  44. What drugs would you and wouldn’t consider trying?
  45. If you had the option to choose from any country around the globe, where would it be?
  46. What number of children would you like to have in your future?
  47. What is the most important quality in a life partner you are looking for?
  48. Choose one: beauty or nature.
  49. What was your last lie?
  50. What do you see yourself as five years from now
  51. Which was your most memorable moment in life?
  52. What is the one thing you won’t tolerate in your spouse’s personality?
  53. What can you do to make a relationship sour?
  54. If you are in a bad mood, what do you want from your partner? Leave you alone, or talk to you?
  55. Have you ever been broken by someone?
  56. What is the best thing about your best friend?
  57. How do you handle someone who has broken your trust?
  58. Which would you prefer: beautiful or rich?
  59. What advice would you give to your younger self?
  60. Which is more important: Love or money?
  61. Are you a believer in God?
  62. Who were your idols growing up?
  63. What is your favorite book?
  64. Which non-fiction film is your favourite?
  65. Which is your first and most important item?
  66. Do you have a secret that you’d like to share right now?
  67. Are there any pet peeves you have?
  68. What would you say to your friends if you were talking about me?
  69. What’s your worst nightmare?
  70. Have you ever been in a situation that you regret not having witnessed?
  71. Why is it that your friends are so fond of you?
  72. Do you remember giving yourself a pep-talk in front of the mirror?
  73. Which gift is your favorite? Who gave it?
  74. Which advice should you consider seriously?
  75. Which do you prefer, being alone or with a large group?
  76. Which animal or insect are you most afraid?
  77. Which female celebrity would you ask for a date if you were a man?
  78. What can you do if you are angry at someone?
  79. What should you do if you see someone upset?
  80. What can you do when you’re in a positive mood?
  81. What was the most kind thing you did for someone else?
  82. What was the most kind thing anyone has done for you?
  83. Which is your favorite dish?
  84. Funny Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend
  85. Do you want to have a serious conversation? These are the questions you should ask.
  86. Which celebrity would you choose to be your pet’s owner if you had a pet?
  87. What would you tell your favorite actor if you were both stranded together on a deserted island?
  88. Did you ever pick your nose and stick the booger under a table?
  89. Did you ever tease a child while their mother was not looking?
  90. Which wonder is your favourite in the world?
  91. What is the first question that you’ll ask an alien if you meet them?
  92. Who would you first thank if you won an Oscar?
  93. Did you ever make a mistake and then blame it on someone else.
  94. Choose one: moisturizer or face serum.
  95. Why would you share your stuff with anyone else if you don’t want it?
  96. What would you do with a million dollars if I handed it to you right now?
  97. What cartoon character could you make of me?
  98. Which song is your least favorite but you can’t stop singing?
  99. Which is your strangest habit?
  100. What celebrity would you like to go on a date with?
  101. Did you ever pass gas in public?
  102. What would you do if you were able to disappear? Why?
  103. Some Interesting Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend
  104. These questions can help you find out what your girlfriend is thinking.
  105. One word to describe yourself
  106. What is the most disgusting word that you have ever heard?
  107. What was the most risky thing you have ever done?
  108. Which is your most embarrassing moment to date?
  109. Have you ever received a love note from someone you didn’t like? What was your response?
  110. What musical instrument would you like to learn?
  111. Which meal do you love eating most of the days? Why?
  112. What fictional couple or real couple do your most admire? Why?
  113. What are your worst habits?
  114. Which is your closest friend?
  115. What makes you happy?
  116. What can you do to relax your body and mind?
  117. What type of music do your listen to most?
  118. Is technology a boon, or a curse? Why?
  119. Are you a stranger on a date?
  120. Which show do you watch that you aren’t ashamed to admit you love?
  121. Did you ever lie about your age? When?
  122. Would you like fame? Do you want to be famous?
  123. Did you ever break a man’s heart?
  124. Which is the most bizarre diet you’ve ever tried?
  125. Have you ever felt for someone who isn’t yours?
  126. Did you ever do something that you didn’t like but did it to please someone else?
  127. Which social media platform are you most addicted?
  128. Which person makes you most happy?
  129. What’s the best and worst part about being a woman
  130. What world event would it be that you could change if you had the power of changing history? How?
  131. Are you positive that your relationship with us has had any impact on you? If so, how did it change you?
  132. What career would you choose if you could have any job in the world?
  133. Are you good friends with your ex-partners?
  134. What can you say to yourself to motivate?
  135. Romantic Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend
  136. You want to find out what her thoughts are about love? You can ask her romantic questions to get her excited about romance.
  137. What time of the day do you feel most romantic?
  138. Why did you fall in love?
  139. What was the first time you realized you had feelings for me?
  140. Have you ever fantasized about kissing me in the first kiss?
  141. What was your first kiss?
  142. What would you do if you were both a dog and a cat?
  143. Which is your ideal date?
  144. What is your favorite romantic scene in a movie?
  145. Would you like me take you on a date in your favorite place?
  146. Which nickname should we give one another?
  147. What if I’m the same person, but have the face of someone I hate?
  148. Which is your favourite memory of you together?
  149. What would you do if we were all stranded together on a deserted island? What do you think our chances of survival would be?
  150. What would you think if I asked for your permission to move in with you?
  151. How would your dream home look?
  152. Is there something you don’t like, but wish I could?
  153. What would you think if I told you that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen?
  154. What would your dream wedding look like?
  155. What is the most special thing about you?
  156. What do you feel when you touch me?
  157. Please describe me in one sentence
  158. Are you happy with me?
  159. Define your relationship.
  160. Do you have any ‘couple goals’ that you’d like to see us achieve?
  161. What are our strengths as a couple?
  162. Do you have any moments in your life that you’d like to live again?
  163. What are you thinking we should do to strengthen our bonds?
  164. Choose a song to be our love song.
  165. Do you believe love is possible?
  166. What are you most afraid of in a relationship with someone?
  167. Would you like me publically to kiss you?
  168. What would you like to see changed in our relationship?
  169. Are there any commonalities between us?
  170. What would you do if one day I disappeared? What do you think you would do if I disappeared suddenly?
  171. What do you love most about me?
  172. What do you think the reason would be if we ever split?
  173. Which is your most memorable moment?
  174. Which is your favorite flaw?
  175. Are you sure I’m the one for you?
  176. Which couple would you choose if we were a fictional pair?
  177. What is your biggest weakness as a couple.
  178. What a great boyfriend am I?
  179. What can you do to break your heart?
  180. Which of us is more loving in this partnership?
  181. Are you able to see how we can balance one another in this relationship?
  182. Do you remember a time when you wanted me to kiss but couldn’t?
  183. How do you define romance?
  184. What are the Dirty Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend?
  185. Do you feel naughty? Perhaps your girl feels the exact same way. You might be surprised at her responses if you ask her these questions. If you don’t have a good relationship with the woman, ask them these questions.
  186. Are you sexy or not?
  187. What are the best features of the other sex?
  188. What would you do if I kissed you right away?
  189. Are there any secrets you harbor?
  190. What was your last experience with porn?
  191. What would you think of me if you looked at me?
  192. Are you open to having feelings for me?
  193. What makes you feel ticklish and what is it?
  194. What makes your heart beat quicker?
  195. Your partner doesn’t want to take part in any action but you are ready for some action. What would you do to seduce your partner?
  196. Do you remember a dream you had about me?
  197. Do you ever fantasize about me even though I’m not there?
  198. Have you ever imagined me cuddling with you?
  199. What would you do if you were to receive me at your home right now?
  200. Would you like me take you to?
  201. Are you interested in role playing?
  202. Start a ‘bedroom bucketlist’ now.
  203. What’s your wildest dream?
  204. Do you remember ever being smitten by a stranger?
  205. Do you like cuddling?
  206. Do you prefer the lights on or off
  207. Do you remember the first time you kissed a girl. Do you remember how it felt?
  208. Deep Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend
  209. Deep questions can help you to understand your girlfriend’s thinking and identify the things that are important to her.
  210. What is it that makes you mad?
  211. How can you get out of sadness?
  212. What gets you excited?
  213. Are you sure I would make a good husband?
  214. What would you like me to do differently?
  215. Are you looking to make a change in your past?
  216. What’s your opinion about marriage?
  217. Who do you want to be with in your life?
  218. Do you want to move to our country?
  219. What would you choose? Health or money?
  220. Are you living by a quote?
  221. Which year would you erase from your life if you could? Why?
  222. Which social causes are you most committed to?
  223. What are your relationships with your family?
  224. Which member of your family do you most love?
  225. Are you career-oriented?
  226. Would you give up anything to love your family member?
  227. What is your greatest passion in life?
  228. Which is your favorite way to spend your time?
  229. Which quality do you believe everyone should have?
  230. Which is your greatest achievement in life?
  231. Choose one: sunset or sunrise?
  232. Have you ever been let down by anyone? Do you know how to do it?
  233. Is there a single thing you cannot forgive?
  234. Do you have anything that you’d like to see changed about yourself?
  235. Was it your first impression? What has changed since then?
  236. What is it that makes people fall in Love with you?
  237. What are you currently feeling most stressed?
  238. Do you have a skill or talent you wish you could use?
  239. Which member of your family do you loathe?
  240. What is your greatest goal in life?
  241. What is your unfulfilled dream?
  242. Your ideal life.
  243. Are you able to get rid of bad habits completely? Do you know how to get rid of bad habits?
  244. How would you choose to die if given the chance?
  245. What was your earliest memory of being a child?
  246. Which is your most happy memory?
  247. Which is your greatest regret?
  248. What is it that you find most attractive in a person?
  249. Which life experience has made you a better person?
  250. Which was your most life-changing experience?
  251. What was your last time you cried.
  252. What can you do to deal with hateful behavior?
  253. Do you believe in destiny?
  254. What would you prefer to do with your post-retirement years after retirement?
  255. Did you ever love someone you didn’t love back?
  256. Five of the most important lessons that you have learned throughout your life.
  257. What is your greatest strength
  258. What do you consider beautiful about a person?
  259. Do you have any favorite qualities of mine that you’d like to adopt?
  260. Do you remember me ever hurting you? If so, how did you do it?
  261. Are you still in love with any of your ex-boyfriends?
  262. Which is your scariest moment?
  263. Are you religious or spiritual?
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These questions could be the right questions to ask your girlfriend to improve your relationship. These questions can be funny, romantic, or deep and meaningful to get to know your girlfriend better. These questions will allow you to learn more about her family, past, preferences, and future goals. Be prepared to answer any questions she might have. This will help strengthen your relationship and increase your trust.

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