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29 Ways You Should Romance Your Wife


You felt nervous on your first date. When you proposed to her, your heart skipped another beat. And when you got married, you felt like a million bucks. As time goes by, your options for romance with your wife may diminish. You may also be less expressive than you were. However, your love and respect for your partner may increase.

Romance can still be fostered through simple everyday activities you do together. What are some simple but effective ways to romance your wife? This post will show you some great ways to bring out your romantic side and your wife.

29 Ways to Romance Your Wife

These are just a few of the things you can do. It will surprise you to find that most of these things are already done. You may even try the ones you don’t know about because it’s never too late to get romantic!

Spend some time with her. Surprise her if she complains about your busy schedule. You could take a few hours or a whole day. You can dedicate it to her, put down your phone and give her all your attention. Hold her hand and look into her eyes. This is the only way to be romantic with your spouse. A regular date night is a key element of a successful couple.

Express your emotions. Most husbands believe that “She needs my love, but I don’t need to say it aloud.” However, she would like you to reassure her occasionally just as you do to you. Share your feelings with her and tell her how she is making your life better. Make her feel special.

You can take the lead. As long as she has considered her needs, likes, and wants, you can guide them to where they want to go. It is essential to communicate frequently and practice being on the same page to find out what she loves and her goals. This skill will help you plan dates.

Cook her favorite dinner. Surprise her when she returns from work tired and stressed about cooking the meal. While you prepare the dinner, let her take a refreshing shower. To enhance the romantic atmosphere, add flowers and candles. Make sure to clean up your kitchen.

Ask your wife to dress up in whatever way you want. Women love dressing up and looking beautiful, especially for their husbands. It’s a great way to add romance by asking your wife to dress up the way you like. You can surprise her by buying her a new dress, or go through her clothes and choose something from her collection. We are certain you will not be able to look at her face after she is done.

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You can keep in touch with her throughout each day. This is a simple, yet sweet way to show your love. This could be while you are at work, or on a business trip. You can send random texts or call her to let her know that you care.

You can hold her in public. If she is open to it, even if it is not your normal way of displaying romance, you can try it. As you cross the street, hold her hand. When you pull her closer while taking a photo, you will see a wide smile on her face. These little gestures will become romantic in her head.

Shop with your wife. Do you find it difficult to shop with your wife because of all the excuses? If you are looking to romance your wife, take her shopping. You could take her to 10 shops and let her try on many dresses. But, pay attention and help buy the ones she loves.

Take a trip together. Send your wife on a short trip if she is feeling overwhelmed by work and family obligations. You can go to the beach, or enjoy a picnic in the woods. Make the arrangements and let nature take you where you want.

Cuddle up with her. Did you know that hugging and cuddling can trigger the release of oxytocin? This hormone reduces stress and keeps people happy. Cuddling with your spouse will bring out the romance and keep you both happy.

You can slip some romantic lines into her purse. Imagine your wife opening her purse to find a note from you. She will be elated no matter where she is and will treasure this moment.

Get to know her definition of intimacy. Women are often reluctant to share their sexual needs when it comes to intimacy. Ask her if she is comfortable. You could make it a girly fantasy straight from Nicholas Sparks, but be sincere about your desire and follow through.

Have a good time. A couple that laughs together will stay together. Book tickets to see your favorite comedian in town. You can also snuggle up together and enjoy a comedy film. Anything is possible.

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Recognize her efforts. Your wife is the foundation of your family. Your wife is the backbone of your family. She supports you financially and takes care of every detail at home. Recognize her efforts and say thank you for all she does every day. Saying things like “Thank You” or “I don’t know what I would do without you” will make her feel valued and appreciated.

Write a love letter. Send her a love note. It doesn’t matter if you are a poet or if you write fancy letters. You can just write your true feelings, and she will feel like the luckiest person in the world when she reads them. This is how you keep a relationship alive.

You can dance with her. If you love dancing together, take her to a pub to have a good time. If she is shy, you can play your favorite song and dance at home. This is where you can be intimate with her, gaze into her eyes and create some romance.

Have some fun with your wife. While you may seem like a strong man to the rest of the world, your wife is her best friend. And what are best friends for? You do things together, whether it’s matching outfits or sharing photos on social media. Do something she loves.

Staycation: Book a room at a resort or hotel for your next anniversary, or your birthday. Spend a few days there. You can order room service and sleep whenever you like, wake up whenever you want, and there are no alarms.

Keep in touch with her. You can hug her from behind and place a kiss on her cheek while she is working in the kitchen. Randomly touching her will help keep those romantic vibes alive.

Take care of your body. Keep fit and beautiful. Keep fit and active, and dress well for your wife. You will also inspire your wife to become fit and attractive.

You can play and tease one another. You can play hide-and-seek or run and catch each other when you are both at home. These romantic moments can help you build a friendship. Have fun and forget all your worries.

Offer to give her a massage. Make your bedroom a spa. Light some candles and play soothing music. Keep the essential oils in the room. After she’s finished with the day, you can give her a relaxing massage. It will make her feel like she is in heaven.

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Revisit your first date. Visit the same coffee shop where you met on your first date. You can make it even more romantic by asking your wife to wear the exact same outfit or similar outfit that she wore on that first date. Remember that day, which was the beginning of a wonderful journey.

Do little things for her. It’s the little things that make a difference. Random favors include picking her up at work, washing her clothes, and bringing her favorite snacks. These acts are a way to show your love and concern for her.

Make her dreams come true. You could buy a diamond set or take her to the nearby hill. Or you could have a candlelit dinner at the beach. You can make her dreams come true, depending on your budget.

Encourage her to go out with friends. She needs to be free from the responsibilities and kids. So that she can go on an outing with friends, and offer to take care of the children and chores.

Give your wife a nickname. A cute nickname can make your wife blush. Although it sounds silly, this works. Give her a nickname that fits her personality. Use that name in your messages and call her. You can reserve the name for private moments if it’s a naughty one.

Decorate the gifts. On her birthday or anniversary, you might have given your wife several gifts. Have you ever thought of packaging your gifts beautifully? This time, you can do it. You can watch DIY videos and make the gift so that your wife will understand and appreciate all the work you did.

Tell her that she is beautiful. We kept the best for last. There is nothing more romantic for your wife than listening to those magic words. You can make her spend hours getting ready, but it is worth it when you tell your wife, “You look beautiful today.”

Simple things are the best things in life. To be romantic with your spouse, you don’t have to reach the stars or climb high places. These simple things will make your wife happy and you can make her the love of all your life.

How do you imagine romance? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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