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31 Powerful Ways To Get A Libra Jealous, Needing You More


Do you want to increase the interest of a Libra man in you? Do you want to get dirty?

This article may be of interest to you.

It contains 31 ideas that will make Libra men jealous.

These tactics are especially effective for Libras, but they could also work on any man who is slipping away.

But, before we get into these 31 clever strategies, I have something to tell you.

Truth is, if a man loses interest in you it’s almost always for a reason.

It is perfectly normal to assume that he has another woman in mind.

Men must be receiving their love and affection somewhere.

It’s easier to get a man’s attention if you know who you are competing with.

Ways To Get A Libra Jealous

Do you want to make a Libra jealous? Do you want to make your ex jealous for something that happened in the relationship?

Your Libra man may try to make you jealous about another woman. You might want to find a man who isn’t already in a relationship with another woman if that is the case.

Your rulebook doesn’t allow for competition. You don’t want your rules to be broken by someone else. If you’re trying to win the affections of Libra men, you may like a clear runway. However, if you do have to compete, you should be able to show your superiority. Don’t be afraid to look your best and never let anyone down.

Libra men love a man who has the right attitude. He will always return to someone who is calm and can control his emotions.

You can make him jealous by being the girl of your dreams. But, make sure you’re not easy to capture. This is where jealousy can work wonders.

What it’s like to date a Libra man

A Libra man can be difficult to date, especially if you want to make him jealous. He can have trouble making decisions at times and avoids confrontations whenever possible. He doesn’t like having to face difficult issues, as he believes that enjoying life is better than having to debate everything.

His peaceful and fair nature will mean that there will be some things he won’t want him to discuss. It may be difficult to discuss the important subjects. He would rather have peace than make a fuss about something. However, this is not always a bad thing. He is a gentle and kind person who enjoys the outdoors.

He may find peace outdoors. It is calming for him and a way to connect with his natural environment. He loves the harmony that nature provides him. He may be found indoors, meditating, or trying to maintain his calm. This is something he considers very important. A Libra man will not enjoy you if you are an argumentative and confrontational person.

This is a common complaint we receive from readers. They feel like they don’t have the time or priority they deserve. They will always find a reason to not spend quality time with their spouse as they did in the past.

How to Make a Libra Man Feel Jealous

1. Spend some time dating around

Sometimes it is the best way to win a man’s heart is to get to know more men. Let him know you are a hot girl and someone he should have taken advantage of when he was able. You should have fun dating other men and exploring the different personalities of Libra men.

2. Be confident around him

Libra guys will notice if you are confident around them. He might be able to see that you have something else – perhaps a social life that he doesn’t enjoy. He will be curious about what is going on in your personal life, whether there are other people in the picture or if you are the only one you are interested in. He will continue to question these things until he is able to tie you down (figuratively).

3. Take a friend out for dinner

Before I was in a serious relationship, my Libra man said that I had gone out to eat with another woman, which he became very jealous of. Soon after that, we started a committed relationship which eventually led to marriage. Although he didn’t tell me all this because he was jealous, he did talk about it when I asked him about jealousy.

4. Give more attention to someone else

This is a great way to get a man’s attention. Talk about another guy in front of your guy to get feedback on how you are doing. One thing may work better than the other. You might find that one thing works better than another. Keep trying new things until you find the right one.

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5. When you’re around people, laugh a lot

You can bet that your Libra will envy you if you’re having fun and laughing with others in front of him. Have fun with others in front of your Libra to get his attention. He’ll probably be interested in what’s happening over there, so you can be sure.

6. Do not be too busy to take a few dates.

Give your Libra man a break. Let him know you love him and ask why you don’t go on dates with him. Even if you’re not in a relationship with a Libran man, it is possible to have fun with friends and even with other guys. You don’t need a ring to prove your commitment.

7. Do ignore his messages or direct messages via social media

Do not respond to his messages or send direct messages via social media.

You will be able to understand your Libra man if you give him some space. You’ll be curious to hear why you’re so busy, but it’s okay to try to make him laugh from time to time. Libra guys don’t like you to be available all the time or always free. Keep him curious and apprehensive.

8. Share Photos of you and men on social media

Wow! You’ve found the time to hang out with friends or with other guys. You will make Libra men jealous if you take some photos of yourself and the other guys you have been hanging out with. He will wonder if you are now in a relationship with another woman since the last time he saw you.

9. Talk to him for less than ten minutes at a stretch.

This is a great tip that I found in a book. This is a great idea for your Libra man. You will only need to answer his calls for a few minutes. When you talk, set a timer that lasts 10 minutes. You will have an excuse to pick up the phone and talk with your Libra man once the timer goes off. Ask your Libra man why you only have a few minutes of talk time.

10. Reduce the length of your texts

To show your Libra man that you are too busy to send a novel via text message, you don’t need to keep the NEXT message as short as possible. However, you can gradually reduce the lengths of the messages you send him. This is one of those things you can work hard for and make your Libra man very curious about why you are so busy. This is a great way for him to envy your time!

11. When he feels you are busy, get on social media

This is a classic way to play hard to get. Tell your Libra man that you are busy Saturday night. But then let him see you on Facebook and other social media forums. He will be impressed by how much time you spend on social media, even though you’re not really busy.

12. Pay attention to how many compliments you give him

You can make a Libra man feel that you are losing interest by reducing the amount of compliments you give him. It doesn’t matter if you insult or act rudely in any other way. You can be more detached with your tone and attitude. As if you don’t care at all about anything, act as if it doesn’t matter.

13. Don’t get jealous back

A Libra man will be jealous if you make him jealous. He’ll likely know what you are doing and try to make you jealous by making you jealous of someone else. You shouldn’t let him make you feel inferior. If you’re not at the top of his priority list, and he has other girls dialed up, are you really willing to compete with him? You have your reasons for jealousy, I’m sure.

Is he really trying to hurt you or do they have similar reasons? You have the power to choose how you feel about him. You don’t need to feel angry or upset. You can choose how he affects your feelings. If he is acting unjustly, it may be wise to leave him or move on.

Libra men are known for being fair. They believe in harmony and peace, not anger and conflict. He is not doing this unfairly, but it’s worth finding out the facts before you get mad at something that could have been nothing. You may be just trying to get revenge on him for the actions you have taken, so bear that in mind.

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14. Be a spontaneous person

This is a sure-fire way to make him wonder about you. You are acting inconsistently with him. You might think he is being wishy-washy about how you act. That’s okay! You can keep the mystery alive by acting spontaneously and in different ways from now on. He will be kept on his toes by this!

15. Do not be too attached to him or respond to his flirting.

Don’t be too attached or react to his flirting.

Let him wonder if you are being mysterious enough. Do not rely on him to tell you everything. Treat him like the best thing since gravy. He should know that you are unique, have many interests and are worth his time.

16. Talk to him about other people

There is nothing worse than being around someone who won’t shut up about other people or things. You may cause irritation in your Libra man by how you talk about other people when he needs your full attention. This will keep your Libra man guessing about what you’re doing when you aren’t there.

17. You can make him feel less important in your book.

It doesn’t mean you have to make a fuss about him dropping his ice cream cone for his birthday. Although Libras don’t need a lot of attention, they can sometimes feel insecure. To play on his insecurity, you can make him feel like you have other things on the mind. Your Libra man will be curious to see what has changed in your relationship.

18. Talk a lot about another person when you speak

Talking about other people can make Libra jealous. He’ll be curious what you’re up to when you’re not there. Talking about one person often is even better – positive or negative. This means that you are thinking of someone else than him. Keep him guessing!

19. When you’re together, look at other guys

Your Libra will notice if you are being rude or obvious. This might work if you are looking to get more attention from your partner. He will think that your wandering eyes are a sign you’re looking for another boyfriend.

20. Talk about other guys and smile!

Smile when you talk about other guys. This shows that you care about the topic and are happy. Smile and don’t talk down to other guys. He will be curious about why you are happy to talk negatively about other guys or if there is something less than perfect between you and the other guys.

21. Always dress elegantly

Libra men love it when women dress in style and class. You are the right time to adopt this new behavior. Dress elegantly around Libra men and you’ll make him fall harder for you. If he believes you are trying to impress anyone other than yourself, he may start to be jealous. He will start to wonder what he is doing wrong.

22. On dates with him, you will use your phone a lot

You should use your phone for a lot of dates with him

You can be phone crazy around Libra. This will show that you are in high demand and people will be raving about your phone.

23. Touch the shoulder of another man in front of you

Touching your Libra man is a powerful way to get his attention and get the reaction you want. To show your Libra man that you aren’t alone in this endeavor, touch him directly.

24. Do not comment on his social media while you are there

To make him wonder why you are so far away, consider going silent on his social media pages. This may work if you want to get him in shape. Ask him if he is mad at you or what he did wrong in order to not get the attention he used to receive.

25. Do not be too eager to please him

Show him that you are independent and strong. You don’t have to live without him. If you and your partner aren’t having any relationship problems, don’t act as if you can’t live without him. If you do this, it will make you seem needy!

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26. Comment on the social media pages of his friends

If you want to grab his attention, this is a great strategy. While you don’t need to be flirty with them, you can combine this with your refusal to comment on his Facebook page and you will make him pay more attention to what’s happening. You can then tell him why you are upset or what you want to do to make him jealous.

27. Talk to him sparingly

Talking is great when you’re in a committed, healthy relationship. If you are trying to make your partner jealous, it is possible to act in different ways.

28. Be mysterious

Be vague when answering questions about your week and who you’ve been spending time with. He doesn’t have to know everything about your life. If you want to make him jealous, make him question the truth.

29. Try to pretend to be mildly interested in his thoughts

Although I am a strong advocate of being a good listener, you are trying make him jealous for whatever reason. If you want to get more attention, you can listen but not give feedback or ask follow-up questions.

30. Please take your time in responding to him

Wait until you have received enough text messages to respond. You can let him call you from time to time if he keeps trying to reach out to you. It’s possible to be less accessible and still be the sweet girl you fell for. It doesn’t matter if you are cruel or otherwise. Just be curious, as I mentioned. You want him to be curious!

31. Don’t be too romantic or emotional.

It’s clear that you want to make him jealous of something. This is not the time to be romantic or sweet with what you say or do. Ask him why you have changed. This will help him get in shape to be the boyfriend that you want. You can teach your man some things from time to time.

Keep these good points in mind

You want to make a Libran man jealous. You must be patient with him. Don’t make him jealous by playing games or testing him for fun. He will not get jealous if you do what you are doing. This is what I will say again: Libra guys will never be able to live with a Libra girl.

Don’t try to make a Libran man jealous by doing anything that would humiliate either of you. If that happens, it’s unlikely to go as planned. You should not try to make a Libran man jealous. If you make him jealous and succeed, he might want to have you as his girlfriend.

You now know more about Libra men and how they can make you jealous. Right. Are you in a relationship that is right for you? If you don’t see a way to be with him in the future, don’t make him jealous. You might make a Libra jealous and he may fall in love with your Libra. Are you up for it?

Signs that Your Libra Man is Now Jealous

Libra men aren’t known for their anger or impulsiveness. This is why you might initially see them as shy and quiet. He may not react in the same way as other guys, so you might feel that he isn’t jealous. You can count on a jealous Libra man to keep his distance. He may not be able to speak if you try to engage him.

A Libra man may be jealous if you make him jealous. He might try to hurry you along and force you to return with him. Or, he may even attempt to start a new relationship. Let him know if you are interested in a relationship or if this was your goal. Why are you trying so hard to make him jealous if you don’t want a partnership?

You may be able to make a Libra jealous of you in the same way that you made him jealous. You can let your Libra know that you are interested in a real relationship with him. You should be open about your feelings and not play games with his heart. He won’t accept it if you think that’s what he did.

In conclusion

Are you a Libra man? Are you jealous or possessive? Or do you want to make him jealous? Are you being jealous? Your story is what I want to hear. Comment and share this post!

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