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7 Ways Capricorn Man Usually Tests Women


Are you seeing strange behavior from your Capricorn crush? Is he blowing hot or cold?

Do you want to find out if he is losing interest in you or just testing your patience?

You’ll be happy to know there are reliable methods of finding out. These are the ways Capricorns test their love. I have included them below.

To make it easier for you to know what to expect from a male Capricorn when you are dating, I also have listed some of the most common characteristics.

This is my #1 recommendation to win the mind games that will inevitably occur during the courtship phase.

Scroll down to find my top tips for dating Capricorns.

We go through three stages when we first meet someone new. For an ordinary person to feel fully committed to his/her partner, it takes a lot.

The initial stage of attraction or meeting is the first. It is based on only physical attraction and certain easily noticeable or presumed qualities.

Next comes the stage of curiosity, interest, or infatuation. This stage is the easiest to get to know one another before you move on to the next stage of enlightenment. The third stage allows couples to decide if they are in a serious or casual relationship.

We tend to ask questions and test our partners from time to time to gauge their reactions in different situations. Capricorn men are usually the most active here. As we have said, all of us have the tendency to test. However, Capricorn men are known for testing relationships.

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The earth sign is tough and does not like being out-smarted. They need to see that the other person is just as invested in their relationship as they are. How can you tell if this zodiac sign wants to play smart? Continue reading to learn more.

7 Ways A Capricorn Man Might Test You

1. There is no indication that he wants to be more than friends

Capricorn men may not respond to your signals about relationship interests. Although you may feel that he doesn’t understand your signals or that you aren’t being clear enough, he is most likely to respond. Capricorns are not quick to fall in love. He can see that you are interested and may be attracted to your interests.

He doesn’t mind waiting for things to happen. Time reveals everything, as we all know. This is another way to test your emotional endurance.

2. He is not always available for you

Capricorns are naturally workaholics and may not be available physically when you need them. Capricorns will assess your ability to deal with these situations by the way that you express your desire for him and how you manage your love life and work life.

Capricorns can be caretakers but they can also be fiercely independent. To be compatible, they need someone who feels the same about life.

3. He takes long periods of time before deciding

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This will help you determine how patient and kind you are. It could also test your patience. Capricorns are slow to make decisions and don’t like being rushed. You might be asked to do little things or face more difficult situations if you are given the chance.

He will watch you in situations where he must make a decision about his family. It can take days, or even weeks, to decide what to do. Capricorns will follow a specific path once they decide to go that way. Capricorns need the patience to be successful.

This is a common complaint we receive from readers. They feel like they don’t have the time or priority they deserve. They will always find a reason to not spend quality time with their spouse as they did in the past.

4. The Office Does a Lot of Work

Capricorns, as we’ve mentioned many times, are workaholics. They will happily use this fact to test women they love. Capricorns need to make sure that their partner is able to understand their work ethic and help them achieve their goals as both a businessman or as a father. They will be able to achieve their long-term goals if they are able to find the zodiac signs that suit them.

5. Testing Your Independence

Capricorns are known for their creativity and ability to discern how independent they are. Do you have the ability to make decisions on your own? Are you able to think for yourself? Do you feel financial, emotionally, and mentally independent? This is what the zodiac sign wants to know before entering into a relationship.

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6. He might test your stress levels

Capricorns are not like anyone else, and they don’t like feeling stressed. He will resist taking the plunge if he feels you are consuming too much energy. These men are easily stressed and would prefer to have a calm, reliable partner.

7. Vulnerability

When they’re in relationships with Capricorn men, they tend to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is when you can hear the truth about someone’s life without fear of being judged. Capricorn men will test you with small secrets and vulnerabilities before you reach this stage.

You will be able to ask him if you bring up the topic or if you use it to attack or defend others in conversations. Capricorn men don’t want to be shared, but they do not want to be understood. Capricorn man wants to be understood and will share his knowledge if given the opportunity.

In conclusion

We hope that you found this list useful and will be able to identify when a Capricorn man might be testing you. Capricorns are not easy to trust, so don’t be offended if he seems overly demanding. Because he loves and falls in love, the vulnerable Capricorn wants to protect his heart.

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