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All About Pillow Princess


Are you unfamiliar with the pillow princess? I will tell you everything you need to know about them, including how to spot one and how to avoid becoming one.

You might think that this pillow princess is living in luxury or that she sleeps all day and doesn’t know what to do. You’re correct. It’s an easy ride if you’re a pillow-princess. It’s likely, however, that you won’t want anyone to share s3x. What is a pillow-princess?

You’re in luck if this is the first time you hear about pillow princesses. However, just because you have never heard of this term does not mean you have never met one. When I wrote this post, I didn’t know that pillow princess was a term.

What’s a pillow princess?

Pillow princesses are women who lie on their backs while having sex. First, the pillow princess is often used to describe lesbians or bisexual women who love oral sex, but are not willing to give it back to their partners.

These women love sex but they only want it on their terms. Hope you understand now? This doesn’t only apply to women. Straight men can also enjoy sex without worrying about whether their partner is having orgasms or enjoying the sex. Both are undesirable characters in sex.

A pillow princess is a term for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Yes, once upon a while, it was only associated with lesbians or bisexual women. This phrase was popular in the LGBTQ community. Nowadays, however, this phrase is more common and it’s not uncommon for people to hear men proclaim that the girl they dated was a pillow-princess.

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The pillow princess is a term used to describe a girl who doesn’t reciprocate in bed, particularly when it comes down to oral sex. They can be called lazy or shy, but at its core, a pillow princess means a girl who loves receiving pleasure but isn’t willing to reciprocate.

There’s a long-held assumption in the lesbian community that a pillow princess doesn’t like to go down on a girl, because she is still questioning her sexual orientation. She likes to receive oral but isn’t “really gay” so she doesn’t want the favor returned. Oder she doesn’t know if she is into queer women and queer relationships.

How do you spot a pillow-princess before she goes to bed

Some women are pillow princesses simply because that’s how they prefer to have sex. Here are some ways to tell if someone is a pillow prince or princess.

1. She seems almost uninterested almost every time

She would seem uninterested in flirting or being a bit lazy during the conversation. You’re talking to her, but she isn’t really trying to make an effort.

2. She is shy and prudish

Some shy, prudish girls may end up being pillow princesses. If she isn’t willing to talk about sexuality and expects you take the lead from the conversation to flirting to bed, then there’s a good possibility she is one.

3. She is very efficient

When you get out of bed, she will first look at you.

4. She expects that you will put in every effort to make her happy.

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Ok, so her favorite sex position may be one where she can lie on her back while you work hard. It’s one thing for you to lie back like a starfish. If you don’t seduce her with your sexual moves, does she get offended? You’ve struck the jackpot if a girl expects that you will do everything to please her and then you don’t return any favors.

5. Sex is boring

What do you think? Ok, the first five minutes might be hot and steamy due to your “arousal by her mere existence”. If all you see is her staring at a ceiling or enjoying herself, it’s only a matter time before you realize that you aren’t enjoying sex but rather providing some type of service.

What is it that makes people so lazy in bed? (Pillow Princess)

Good question. It’s not like anyone wakes up and decides they want to be a pillow-princess. It’s not a trait you want to have roaming the streets.

1. Inexperience

She won’t attempt a particular sexual position if she doesn’t know how. She doesn’t have to do it, but she doesn’t want to appear like she doesn’t know what she is doing.

2. Fear

Pillow princesses could be women who fear exploring their sexuality. Bi-curious women may be hesitant to share their feelings with another woman because they have never had oral sex with them before.

It just means that her partner must be patient and engage in effective communication. Although it may take some time before she is comfortable with the process, it doesn’t seem like a terrible deal. There’s nothing to be afraid if you’re a pillow-princess reading this. You’re on the same sexual rollercoaster as us, so let’s get down to it and explore.

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3. Previous partners

A pillow princess who has been with a sexually dominant boyfriend or girlfriend in the past will be more comfortable having a particular sexual experience. They may have had sex with someone in a specific position, like a missionary. This means that the pillow princess did very little.

4. Traumatic sexual experience

People who have been sexually traumatized tend to pull back and avoid performing sexual acts. You will most likely feel insecure if someone tells your that you are bad at sex. It is possible to also experience dissociation. Dissociation is when a person mentally checks out and thinks of something to help them get out of the situation.

5. Sheer laziness

This is the real pillow princess. Some people just want their partners to have sex with them. I get it. It’s great, and it doesn’t require any effort. It’s easy to see the appeal. After working up a sweat, your partner would like some pleasure.

You might not have heard of a pillow-princess before reading this article, but you will now know that you have either been with one or both. Be aware that everyone has their own baggage so don’t judge too fast.

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