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Awesome Missing You Quotes for That Special Person


Is there ever been a single day in your entire life that you haven’t missed someone or something?

It’s possible to live with the loss of one thing. But it can be so difficult to miss another. It’s not.

Our romanticized notion of love is based on the belief that it is only for intimate relationships. But the truth is that we love many people, even though our love for one person is platonic.

This article contains 75 Missing You Quotes for Her/Him. Get inspired with ideas to relieve your pain, feel better and express your emotions.

Although most of the 75 Missing You quotes are more appropriate for a romantic relationship context, you can still use them to help you with any type of relationship.

When you count, you know that you are missing someone.

How many days have gone by since your last visit?

Things you shared a common interest in

All the things that you want to do once you’re back together

People on the streets who look like your loved one

The remaining days before you see the other person again

Tears at a cringe-worthy movie

You can smile with nostalgia when you think back to the things that your loved one did for you

It is difficult to lose someone you love. It can make you feel stuck in the past. It can make it difficult to feel happy. It can drain your life.

You can make yourself and your loved ones feel better by accepting the Quotes that best suit your situation. Remember that you don’t have a right to be alone, you don’t have t to suffer, and your life doesn’t have too much to offer.

It is difficult to miss someone, but it can also be a painful emotion. Sometimes, you can feel good about this emotion.

It can be good to feel sad for someone you love because it reminds you of how alive you are.

1. Every part of me longs for you.

2. It’s hard to believe how close we were.

3. Every morning, my first thought is always about you.

4. Today, I did two things: miss you and miss you.

5. You are the only thing I miss when I’m not breathing.

6. I am always missing you. Tonight, I’m drowning.

7. Right now, I’m homesick. My home is you.

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8. Sometimes the entire world appears depopulated when one person is gone. – Lamartine

9. Sometimes the memories still blow me away some days.

10. I wish you could tell me everything is going to be alright.

11. Sometimes, it is too painful to feel without you.

12. I miss you. I miss you a lot, sometimes a little too much, but a lot more each day.

13. Because I miss you so much, I know I am in love with you.

14. Without you, the sun will not shine.

15. I miss you, your happiness is my mission, my passion, my hobby.

16. Do you remember feeling so sad for someone that you felt physically sick?

17. Before I met you I didn’t know it was possible for me to be so disappointed in someone.

18. You are there when I close my eyes. You are missing when I close my eyes.

You are there when I close my eyes. You are missing when I close my eyes. #quotes #relationship #love #missingyou

19. I don’t know which is worse, missing you or pretending I don’t.

20. Every night I lay down on my back and sleep. I tell myself that I am strong because I have survived one more day without your support.

21. It is not worth living a day without you.

22. Because our souls are interconnected, it is why it hurts so badly to separate.

23. Although I miss you so very much, it is comforting to know that we are still under the same skies.

24. It is difficult to not talk to the person you used to chat with every day.

25. I know that forever is a long time, but I would love to spend it with you.

26. I want to be with you. It’s as easy as it gets, but as complex, as you want.

27. Roses are red and violets are blue. I can’t wait to finally see you.

28. It is not about how many years have passed since you last spoke to them, or how far it has been that you have been apart. It’s about the moment you are doing something that makes you wish they were there.

29. Because our souls are interconnected, it is why it hurts so badly to separate.

30. You are my love beyond the moon, and I miss you beyond the stars.

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31. There is no way to forget someone. You just have to live with it every day until you can.

32. A room is only as empty if you wish that you were there.

33. I try not to miss you. I let go of the idea that I can’t forget you. But, in the end, I still think about you.

34. Hell loves you in your sleep, and I wake up alone.

35. It was like I had seen you again in my dreams. It felt so real.

36. Sometimes I see something that reminds of you, and then there’s me again, missing you.

37. I am sick of not being able to see your name on my phone.

38. You are the one I want to share with when it happens.

39. Every day I’m without you, I’ll die.

40. I’m terrible at everything, even forgetting you.

41. Sometimes, it feels like the morning before. I just wait for days when I don’t miss your company anymore.

42. While I am busy doing the things that I love, I think about you every time I stop.

43. While I am not mad that you aren’t coming back, I am sad that I continue to hope you will.

44. It’s impossible to forget the person who has given you so much.

45. It hurts to lose someone, but it hurts more knowing that they are gone.

46. What’s the opposite of the two? One lonely person, one lonely thing. – Richard Wilbur

47. I would be able to walk in my garden forever if I had one flower for each time I think about you.

48. A small part of me will miss you, I believe.

49. I thought I could handle the pain of being apart from you. But, I can’t.

50. One thing has changed since you left: Everything. I miss you.

51. Your departure was a sad reminder of the loneliness in my heart.

52. It’s hard to believe that I still miss your company after all that we have been through.

53. Although I knew I would laugh when I looked back at the tears, I didn’t know that it would bring me to tears when I look back at the laughter.

54. When I feel like I am missing you, I look into my heart. Because that’s where I can find you.

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55. Every day, I resist the urge to call or text you. Instead, I tell myself that if you really wanted to talk to me, you would.

56. I shed a tear in that ocean. It is the day that you find it, and I will stop missing your company.

57. You are so much missed by me, it hurts.

58. Hours feel like seconds when I am with you. Days feel like years when we are apart.

59. Even the most beautiful garden can look like a graveyard, even without you.

60. Your voice is my home and it makes me miss you.

61. I keep telling myself I don’t miss or love you. I hope one day it will be true.

62. You are my best friend.

63. I want to write “I miss you” on a rock that I throw at my face, so you can feel how bad it hurts.

64. You are everywhere I look, so I can’t pretend I don’t love you.

65. Although they say time heals all injuries, all that it has done is give me more time for thinking about how much you are missing.

66. It’s missing your loved ones when you are apart but feeling warm inside because they’re close to you.

67. As every reunion is a type of heaven, each parting is a form of death.

68. It’s not so bad until I look at my hands, then I feel awful. Because the spaces between my fingers fit exactly where yours do.

69. I miss you. It wouldn’t make any difference so I will pretend that it doesn’t.

70. Someone asked me if I missed you. I didn’t respond. I closed my eyes, walked away, and whispered “so much”.

71. He taught me to love, but not how to stop.

He taught me to love, but not how to stop. #quotes #relationship #love #missingyou

72. Although a thousand tears can’t bring you back, I do have the memories.

73. It doesn’t matter how long the struggle has been, sometimes it becomes difficult to breathe.

74. It doesn’t mean that I will never forget you. It’s just that I wish I didn’t have to.

75. If I ever see you smile, and I know it isn’t for me, then that is when you will be my most loved.

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