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Best Text Conversation Starters For The Shy & Introverts


It can be difficult to think of what to say when you are confronted with a blinking cursor. You won’t be stuck again if you learn some conversation starters to text.

It can be difficult to start a conversation. Even more difficult if you don’t know the person well. What are you going to talk about? What can you do to continue the conversation? If you want the conversation to move forward, it can’t be started with a “hey”. What’s the answer? A good resource is a list of text conversation starters.

You’ll be able to relax if you are shy or awkward socially.

Avoid sitting around thinking and waiting for something to emerge. You’ll feel calmer when they respond.

Why is it so difficult for some people to text?

While some people are able to talk in person, others have trouble texting. Although they might think they can just transfer their talkative personality to their phone, for them, a lot of their ability to talk to people easily is influenced by the attitude and energy of the other person.

You can’t read a text and you go in blind. There is no body language or facial expression that you can use to interpret the text. Text can also be misunderstood. Some people have difficulty texting.

Someone who is shy may not know what they should talk about and end up stressing out.

They might not even send the message at all. It’s ten times easier to have a few conversation starters for texting in your head.

Here are 30 conversation starters for texting that will banish awkwardness from any conversation

There are many text conversation starters that you can choose from. These sentences can be copied word-for-word, while others can be used as guidelines to help you get creative.

These will help you start a conversation and ease the pressure when your mind is blank and the cursor blinks.

1. Send them a meme that you think they would find funny

The best way to start a conversation is with memes. To start a conversation, you only need to send one image. You can send memes to remind them of you. It’s important to initiate the conversation without saying anything. Let them respond and then go on.

2. Ask them about their hobbies

People enjoy talking about the things they love. Knowing their hobbies will help you to know what they like. It’s easy to start a conversation about what they enjoy doing in their spare time. Ask them questions about their hobbies and interests. They will likely carry on the conversation.

3. Talk about something important going on around.

It can be anything, from global news to local news. You’ll find common ground and be able to start the conversation easily.

Everybody has an opinion on what is happening. Encourage them to share their opinions.

4. You can follow up on something they have told you

Text them Sunday to ask if they are going to a concert on Saturday. This not only shows you have been paying attention but it also allows them to start text conversations that allow them to do the bulk.

5. Tell a joke

Everybody loves jokes. Even cheesy jokes are possible. It doesn’t need to be something major. You can find some humorous jokes online, and send them one.

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It will be funny to share your horror and it will continue the conversation.

6. “I just found the most hilarious video I know you would love.”

This is a great way to connect with people who have been looking at YouTube videos and Instagram reels. This opens up a conversation and gives you something to talk about.

7. “Hey! “Hey!

This is a great way to begin a conversation. There are many things you can do from here. This can be modified to make it more relevant to what they are talking about. You will find that not everyone has told you about the band they were talking about last week.

8. “Have you ever tried skydiving?”

Although it might seem odd, it’s a great question because they don’t know the context. You might be thinking of doing it. Perhaps you’ve seen someone do it. If they did, they can share their experience, and if they don’t mind if they do.

9. “I cannot believe what’s happening right now.”

This could be related to news around the world or an event happening in your area. Although it’s a simple statement, it opens up the possibility of deeper discussions.

10. “Lol! “Lol!

This text should be sent along with a video or meme of someone being funny. It should be something the recipient would do. It’s pointless if it isn’t.

You can make them laugh by relating something to you and they will respond. This will help you start a conversation.

11. “I don’t know what I should have for dinner. Any suggestions?

This is a great idea for text conversation starters. It might lead you to ask them to join your dinner party at home or at a restaurant. It might lead to something wonderful, you never know!

12. “Any Netflix recommendations?”

It’s casual and fun, and it doesn’t suggestive. However, it could lead to long conversations about favorite shows and new ideas. If this is someone you are interested in seeing, or even crushing on, it might lead to Netflix & chill.

13. “What are your weekend plans?”

Although it may seem innocent, the fact that you are asking is a sign you are not only interested in what you have in common but also suggests you might be able to work together. You should expect more than a “yes” or “no” answer.

14. “Any tips for relieving stress?”

This is a kind of sympathy fishing because when someone texts you a question like that, they are obliged to answer why they are stressed.

You might find some great tips and even a conversation. This is one of the best conversation starters you can use for testing.

15. “What was the best part of your day?”

This is better than “hey”, and it’s more than just “how are you?” which makes it an excellent text conversation starter. You can expect them to tell you that they were most proud of you for texting, but even if that doesn’t happen, it will be a long conversation.

16. “I saw your post on Facebook. Tell me more!”

This one is only available to people who have seen something on social media that was interesting or controversial. You can text them instead of commenting on the post and get more information.

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17. “How was your meeting?”

It doesn’t need to be a meeting. You can share anything they have told you about what’s going on that day. It could be a job interview or a presentation. It’s impressive that you are asking because it shows you were listening to the last time you spoke.

18. “If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?”

Although it might seem odd, this one is probably the most interesting of all the conversation starters we have for texting. The beauty of this text is that it allows you to use your imagination. You can tell them why you sent them this question if they ask.

19. “What emoji would be your favorite for your day?”

This is a great one! You can ask them why they are so sad if they send you a text. You can also ask them why they are happy if they send you something joyful.

This one is great for continuing the conversation. Don’t forget your own emojis!

20. “What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?” Let’s go!

You’re asking them out on a casual date or meet-up. This can be sent to anyone you don’t feel romantically involved in, or to a friend that you just want to make smile. You should know the flavor they prefer in this case!

21. “I’m just sending a text to brighten your day!”

Although it is cheeky, this is a great way to send someone a funny text. Even if they don’t want to smile, it will make them smile. Not all conversations for texting can lead to deep conversations. Sometimes they can lead to flirty or cheeky chats.

22. “I am having a boring day. Can you tell me some jokes?”

We mentioned earlier that you could tell a joke. But if you aren’t feeling up to it, ask your friend for a joke. Wait for their reply, but don’t expect it immediately. Most people take some time to think about what they can come up with before coming up.

23. “Let’s play the tale game, I’ll begin”

The story game is simple. One person tells a bit of the story, then the other person continues the story. This is a great way to spend time chatting. This makes it one of the most popular conversation starters when you text!

24. “I am looking for a new phone. Any suggestions?”

It’s a great way of starting a conversation and keeping the momentum going by asking for their opinion about something you are considering buying. You might not be looking for a new phone, but they may. Sneaky!

25. “What’s the most spontaneous thing that you have done in the middle?

You’ll be perceived as bored by them and want to find something to keep you occupied. There’s nothing wrong with that! You will have a deeper conversation, and perhaps you can be more spontaneous together.

26. “Avocados, yay or nay?”

It’s unlikely, but it will get a response! Avocados are a favorite food or you don’t know what to do with them. Ask this question to find out their place on the spectrum and start a conversation.

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27. “Tell me about your most controversial opinion.”

Opinions are great conversation starters, and they will continue to do so! You can agree or disagree with them. There are many options.

28. “How did your eggs taste this morning?”

Another one! This is a fun way to discover their egg preferences!

You can surprise them by having their favorite breakfast eggs if you spend the night with them. Let’s not forget to mention that you can surprise them with their favorite eggs for breakfast. It might, but they’ll be able to laugh.

29. “What smell brings back memories?

You’ve been there. Bam! It’s either high school again, and you are preparing for a major test or you’re going through a breakup with your first love. Smells can be powerful and are a great way to spark a conversation.

30. “Your face just popped into me, I wanted to wish you a good morning.”

They will be glad that you thought of them, and that you are greeting them. They’re the best!

Here are some top tips to make the conversation last

It is not enough to just get the conversation started. It’s not enough to just get the conversation started. You need to learn how to keep it going. These are some ways to maintain a great conversation once you have started it.

1. A quick clarification on questions

Earlier we mentioned questions. Although questions can be a great way of keeping a conversation going once it has been started, they shouldn’t be too much.

All you have to do is ask for clarification or to ask questions. It is important to ask only a few questions.

Asking and asking questions about anything will make your crush feel like you are interviewing them. This will cause them to want to stop talking with you.

2. It’s not worth trying to control it.

Let the conversation flow to where it needs to. Talk about bands, but then something comes up that brings up tattoos. You shouldn’t try to dictate the conversation. This will make the other person feel awkward and uncomfortable.

3. Find out what they enjoy talking about and expand upon it

It is easy to tell if someone enjoys talking about something by the length of their responses. They will also seem happier.

These are just a few of the many things you can expand on. To keep the conversation going, ask questions about this topic.

4. Be you!

Do not try to be someone you aren’t. Be yourself. Texts will show that you are trying too hard. Talk like you would with a friend, and you will be fine.

5. Sometimes they should also start the conversation

You don’t have to be the one driving the conversation. Sometimes, let them get in touch with you first. When it comes to deciding what topic to discuss, let them lead. This will allow for a natural balance and make the conversation fun.

It can be difficult to strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know, or if you are shy. You can make your text friends look forward to receiving your text messages by having some flirty and fun conversation starters!

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