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Check If Your Leo Man is Playing Mind Games with You


Leo, especially their men, is the most popular sign of the zodiac. These guys are often the cock of all walks. They have that charming boyish charm that women love and they can make women laugh. When he wants to impress you, he is a master at using words. This sun sign is for you if you love to have fun.

The flip side is that the same things that make Leo man modern-day so attractive also make him very adept at mind games. It can be difficult to discern if he is manipulating you or just being a Leo. Knowing what signs to look out for can help you decode his motivations.

Is your Leo man playing mind games? This article is for you if you are a Leo man trying to understand things between you and your Leo man.

1. Breadcrumbing

Leo men love the thrill of conquering. This is not surprising considering a Leo lion is his zodiac sign. He doesn’t mind the long game, despite his obsession with hunting. He will often bench you in another relationship and then give you small crumbs of attention to make you look like you’re playing the long game.

Sometimes flirting and saying thoughtful words can hint at potential, but that’s it. He can still play mind games regardless of whether or not you are aware of the other woman. You may think that what little he offers you right now is all you have, but he has been pulling you along the whole way.

He’ll also have the perfect excuse to complain if you were caught in his micro-cheating ways right from the start: he never promised anything to you.

2. You are always on and off

If you are running hot and cold, it is usually a sign that there is someone playing games. Leo men will pursue and seduce you as if you were his life force. However, the silence that follows can be just the same. He’s not always steady, but it’s never over.

You’ll get a call from him asking for a catch-up. Worst part? The worst part?

He’ll ask questions and you’ll be able to answer them. Before you know it you’ll be back even though he swore the last time was his last chance.

3. It is impossible to know where you are standing.

Your Leo man can’t resist controlling a woman like a lion he loves. Whatever happens, Mr. Leo will always be there to help you take control of your emotions and life. He will make amends and treat you right no matter how long ago it has been.

He’ll never be able to play all of his cards as a player. He’d never allow you to put him in a box, even if he’s hot right now. You are only as sure as your feelings for him, and what you make him feel at the moment. Once he has had enough of his ego traits, you will be reminded of how complicated your relationship is with him.

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4. Knows exactly what to say every time to bring you back

It’s almost as if he has a plan. If you’re really into Leo men, you may even list all the reasons why you should take them back. Even when he crosses the line, he is so skilled at using words that charm people like second nature, especially if there are benefits.

His M.O is as dynamic as your moods. He also goes straight to your buttons. He’s not a fool, but he knows the best words to use and the best things to say. It’s never all truth, it’s always just the right thing.

5. His terms are what you relate to the most

Men who play games need to make the decisions. They perform best when they are the ones controlling every puppet in the show. He will only want what he needs when he needs it. If he doesn’t need or want something, it may be best to just be another girl.

There is a limit on how random you can be together as a couple unless that’s your idea. All his abstract rules don’t seem to apply to him if you stop and think about it. He is not likely to drop by your house unannounced but will happily show you his home without asking first.

6. His withdrawal follows a pattern

Although a Leo man might not chase you around incessantly, he will keep trying to find you as long as you are a mystery. You talk a lot about his desire for all the love, but he will not let you drop the ball. That would make it too easy and you’d be a snooze.

This is the nature of a Leo man. He has to be aware of it when he falls for someone. You never know what mind games can do to you. It all depends on the reason he is doing it and what stakes he is putting at risk. You’ll discover that portion control is the best way to keep him interested.

7. His actions are contrary to his words

When they are interested in you, Leo men will talk big. Their charm and eloquence may have made them the most loved sign, but it is a testament to their ability to make a connection with people. They are easy to fall in love with, but it is the follow-through that can cause problems, especially when they play games.

It’s impossible to judge the feelings and intentions of someone by their words. Plus, men are terrible at verbally expressing themselves. It’s even more important to pay attention to what they’re not saying. You can tell if you see a pattern in your relationships or other signs.

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8. He gaslights your eyes

Even if they are Leo males, players can’t help but gaslight their victims. You’ll have to confront him about his inconsistencies, no matter how smart he may be. To save face, he might try to convince you that it’s just a fluke.

Sometimes it can get so bad that you begin to question your own logic. You might feel like you are overanalyzing or projecting past relationship failures onto him since he always has answers.

9. He seems to enjoy provoking your jealousy

Leo is a sign that is considered royalty. If your man is one of these signs, you’ll likely have many admirers. The lion king can be loyal to his woman when he finds her match, but he can also use the attention he receives to push your buttons if you’re playing games.

To make you jealous, a manipulative Leo male may flirt with other women, or even pretend to be in a relationship with them. It’s likely that he is expressing his admiration and a bit of strategy at work when this happens.

10. But he loses it when you see him with other men

This guy is quite possessive for being so selfish that he will play with your emotions in order to prove his point. He is a complete loser of attention and then becomes jealous when other men appear to fill his shoes.

This is a common complaint we receive from readers. They feel like they don’t have the time or priority they deserve. They will always find a reason to not spend quality time with their spouse as they did in the past.

Because Leo men aren’t always playing games out of spite, They do this not only for the rush but also to find those who truly have what they want.

They are often creating a challenge for their own self-interest by playing hard. He instinctively responds to any threat to his game when a guy is around.

11. You almost always get there first

Your dynamic may be such that you have to always go to him first by default but then he loves-bombs you on certain periods, he most likely has an angle. He is the perfect boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. He always gives you an anniversary gift and treats you like a princess on birthdays that he remembers.

The accolades and the energy seem to fade, but somehow the energy never dies. You are the one who calls, texts and plans every other day, except for special days. You might as well not do the work until the next special day.

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12. Negging

Negging is another way that a Leo man may finesse you. This one has little to do with being in a relationship. It’s basically giving compliments backhandedly if you don’t know what it is.

Although he isn’t actually insulting you, it feels like it. Negging means to lower your confidence and get his approval. Although it is a very toxic act, I would not recommend it to a Leo man who has an agenda.

13. It is easy to feel isolated in your life.

The mystery of the Leo man is intriguing at first. It is thrilling to be with him even though you don’t know much about him. You realize how little you really know about him once he is under the radar again if you have enough space and time away from his magnetic pull.

He knows all there is to know about you (mostly because you volunteer without him asking), but the vulnerability/secrets sharing train only goes way with you two, and it’s hardly ever in his direction.

14. He protects you from his pride

But, in addition to the previous point, have you been introduced to your Leo man’s friends yet? Do you think your circle rates you as highly as he is claiming? His close friends should know that you’ve been at it for some time now, even though it may not be serious enough to bring the parents into it yet.

It could be that he’s not willing to share his other world with you, despite the fact that it is completely reasonable. If your suspicions are right, he would rather have you follow him than expose himself.

15. He doesn’t seem to get it all together

He is a charmer and probably the most charming person you have ever met. He can be very sweet when he needs to be. And every once in a while, he will give you a taste for edgy love. It’s not like every relationship is the same. You have all the highs and lows, but it feels more.

He is like an actor performing a well-rehearsed show, but he can be a bit off-guard when he’s not paying attention. Even though your instincts will tell you something is wrong, most people don’t understand it until much later.

To conclude

Is your Leo man playing mind games? If being inconsistent is your only consistency in your relationship, then he has already checked most of the boxes on this list. Don’t forget to look at the signs carefully before you jump. If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to comment and share it with me.

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