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Check Out This Sexy Yoga You Can Learn


Yoga is all about finding balance and inner peace. But you can still look great! We are here for sexy yoga!

Breathe in and out. You will feel relaxed and at peace after you have completed yoga. Yoga can help you to appreciate your body, and even give you confidence boosts. We mean sexy yoga.

Do you remember the Downward Dog position? You don’t have to be turned on by a man while you stretch and bend your way to enlightenment.

20 sexy positions in yoga that you must master

It’s essential to be familiar with some of the sexiest positions in yoga. These positions will come in handy when you want to spice up your meditation time. Which means that you might end up having sex. These are 20 sexy yoga poses that you can do in the bedroom.

#1 Savasana. This is a very sexy position. Your body is calm and you are lying on your back in the natural human position. There is nothing fancy or forced about this position. Your body is in a relaxed state.

This sexy position in yoga is great for guys because it allows you to scale up or down your body and feel every inch of your body.

#2 Tree pose. Although it doesn’t sound very hot, it is. Your palms are touching your head, and one foot is against your thigh. Your stomach and chest are now exposed. This position is great for stretching your whole body, and for having sex in a shower.

#3 Puppy dog stretch. This one sounds so innocent and sweet. This position is not innocent, but trust me. You’ll be on your knees, with your butt sticking out in the air. This position is great for getting a stretch, and it’s also the best place to hit the g spot.

#4 Reclining pigeon. Everybody knows how beautiful the yoga-reclining pigeon looks! Joking aside, the name can be changed, but it isn’t really a turn-on. You lie on your back, bend your left leg and place your right leg horizontally across your right. You will stretch your glutes by doing this. It will also support your man as he enters your body.

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#5 Bridge pose. This pose is very popular. This position is great for working your glutes. You can do this by lying on your back and raising the cute little thing in the air. This position can also be done in the bedroom to increase your sexual stimulation. Your partner can help you if your legs feel achy. You’ll have a lot of fun.

#6 Standing straddle forward bend. This position involves your legs being spread apart and your head touching the ground. You need some flexibility. This position is sexy. This position is basically an invitation to your partner to come from behind.

#7 Wheel pose. The bridge is the same thing, but this version is a bit more challenging. This bridge is designed for beginners in yoga. If you can hold yourself in this position, your partner will love having sex. You will lie on your back, with your hands on the ground, then push your hips up to the top. Do you imagine doing this naked?

#8 Half-dog at the wall. This happens when you try to do a downward dog but are too horny to do it properly. You end up holding onto the wall halfway by bending your arms. This position is best done in the shower or while having sex with someone against a wall. You will love it if he flips you upside down with your head facing towards him.

#9 Reclining bound angel. This one is spicy. This one is spicy. You lie on your back, your legs extended in a butterfly pose, your arms raised above your head and your palms touching. If you aren’t captivated by this, you might need to go back to yoga. It will be a great experience for your man.

#10 Standing split. You’re a freak if you can do that! Okay, you’re not. However, I’m not able to do it so I am jealous. Flexibility is required to bend in half, place your nose on your knees, and raise your other leg 180 degrees. You can do it!

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#11 Three-legged dog position. This is a more sexy version of the advanced downward dog. While you are in down dog, lift one leg straight up in the air. Your hips will be wider so your partner can easily get inside of you.

#12 Big toe slouched. These names were invented by who? You can also recline your big toe by laying flat on your back, your index finger wrapped around the top of your big toe.

This will allow you to stretch your legs, and also give you some flexibility. This pose can be used to test yourself when having sex. You can also cross your leg over his shoulder. He’ll be happy.

#13 Chakra kiss. This is a cute and sexy position for yoga. This position is great for foreplay or penetration, and it’s also very cute if you’re doing yoga. The basic idea is to sit on the ground with your feet touching and your legs bent in each direction. It’s like a butterfly, your palms touching your chest and your hands touching. You can also sit on the ground with your partner and wrap your legs around them.

#14 Cobra. This one is great for…stretching. Now, you’ll be lying on your stomach and pushing your upper body upwards with your arms. Keep your legs flat on the ground. After you have finished stretching your back, ask your partner to help you pass it from the side.

#15 Dead bug. Ah, the dead bug. It is more thrilling than you think. The position is to lie flat on your back, with your knees bent in the air. You hold on to your feet. Imagine the position a woman takes when she gives birth.

This is a great place to stretch your hips and thighs. For your partner to be able to enter you.

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#16 Shoulder standing. You are lying on your back and slowly lifting your hips up to the ceiling. This position can be very sexual as your partner may reach for your legs to enter and grab you.

#17 Child pose. Although this one seems easy, it can be difficult. Start by kneeling down and then sit on your heels with your knees apart so your knees are hip-width apart. Then, you stretch your arms out and take your arms. Once they see that you are sensually exposing the back of your partner, they can easily reach from behind.

#18 Bound angle. This position is not one I would recommend for sex, but it allows you to have more flexibility in your hip area. This will allow you to stretch your legs more *these are the goals we set in life. *

Place your feet on the ground and make a butterfly shape by putting your feet together. You’ll feel the heat between your legs if you move your chest closer to your feet. That’s what you want, baby.

#19 Downward-facing dog. This is the sexiest position for yoga. This pose is used in every Blockbuster comedy and it’s what keeps the guys coming to yoga class. It doesn’t matter if you use it during sex, but once you get into a down dog, you feel like you’re about to take it from behind. It feels right.

#20 Cat/cow flow. For this position, you will need to be on your fours. Once you are there, inhale and arch the back like a cow. Next, exhale and curve your spine like a cat. This position is extremely sexy and will help you control your orgasms.

These 20 sexy poses are now easy to do. Grab your yoga mat and start stretching. These positions can also be used in the bedroom if yoga is not your thing. It’s a win-win situation!

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