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Clear Signs An Aquarius Man Is In Love With You


Do you wonder if an Aquarius man might be falling for you?

Do you see signs that he may be developing feelings for you?

Maybe you would like him to say it out loud so you can go on a date together!

Perhaps you are afraid of him saying it, or maybe you don’t like the way he sees you.

This is a mystery that you want to solve, regardless of the outcome.

There are many ways to tell if an Aquarius feels for you.

They can give off many behavioral clues, and I’ve listed some of the most common in the guide below.

Are other girls interested in him? Maybe one girl in particular? Are they using dating apps? This intelligent tool provides a lot more data than this.

Scroll down to see my list of signs that indicate an Aquarius man is interested in you.

43 Signs An Aquarius Man Is Falling For You

1. He will include you in his adventures

Aquarius men are active and don’t like to be confined. Aquarius’ wandering eyes and curious mind will force him to look for new adventures, with or without a companion. This man, on the other hand, is independent and doesn’t mind traveling solo as long as it allows him to travel as he pleases.

If he invites to you along on his adventures, this is a sign that an Aquarius man is in love with you. This is a sign that he enjoys you and considers you a worthy companion.

2. He flirts and kisses you

An Aquarius man will flirt with almost anyone. This Aquarius man is the king in platonic relationships, and he enjoys harmless flirtations.

An Aquarius will flirt with you if he likes you. If you like Aquarius, you need to learn how you can flirt back. This will be a great way to make him love you even more. He doesn’t mind losing the flirting game, in fact.

3. He is attentive to your needs

Aquarius men are known for their insensitivity to emotions. They don’t show emotion as much as other men, but they do have a soft side that comes out when he falls for someone.

An Aquarius will pay attention to you when he is in love. Your words and actions are important to him. He is more alert and picks up clues. He will show concern for your concerns and not be indifferent. He is interested in what’s happening inside your head and heart.

4. Communication is on the rise

Like other men who love someone more, an Aquarius in love will never stop talking to him. He will feel like he can’t get enough of you. You can rest assured that he has a flirty message for you even if you’re not spending much time together. You might get a call from him for the silliest reasons, so he can hear your voice.

The Zodiac sign of the sexes gets excited when they are in love with someone. You can tell this by their increased communication frequency.

5. He spends quality time with you

Aquarius is the 11th Zodiac sign. It is represented by the water bearer. This signifies that Aquarius is a source of nourishment for the earth. Because of their creativity and intellect, people born under this sign may be considered condescending. If an Aquarius man chooses to spend quality time with you, it is likely that he believes you can bring value to his life.

Aquarius men in love will invite you to breakfast and lunch. He will often show up at your workplace to just spend a few moments with you. He wants to make the most out of each moment together.

6. He’s vulnerable with you

Aquarius men behave like snails. They will hide behind masks when they are confronted by someone they don’t trust. But, if he is in love with you, he will be open to you.

He lets you see the other side of him, and they aren’t always pretty. He doesn’t want you to judge him and is happy to share his vulnerabilities. You might learn some of his secrets from him, and your reaction to them will decide if you will keep the relationship going.

This is a common complaint we receive from readers. They feel like they don’t have the time or priority they deserve. They will always find a reason to not spend quality time with their spouse as they did in the past.

Our friend made a short video (click to view) to show you one simple but important thing you can tell him today to make him feel grateful. It’s something that taps into the way men are wired.

7. He is intimate with you privately

Aquarius men are less fond of showing affection publically than other Zodiac signs. He won’t be the kind of person to give you a hug or share a kiss with others. One sign that he is in love with you is the way he treats you when you’re alone.

When you are together, he prefers to express interest. If you’re alone watching a movie in his home, he may reach out to grab your hand or let his arms hang over your shoulder. These are all subtle signs that he cares about you.

8. He compliments you

An Aquarius man will love a beautiful woman. However, he is more interested in her intellect, mind, and inner beauty. You can tell when he makes thoughtful comments about you that he is in love with your woman.

He may compliment your choice of dress but not your style. This is a sign that he cares about your clothes and has a good understanding of how you think.

9. He wants your opinion

It is said that love clouds the mind and eyes. Whoever coined that saying probably had Aquarius men at heart. Aquarius men love you and consider everything you say brilliant. He will listen to all you have to say, including your thoughts and beliefs.

He will also always seek out your second opinion if he has any questions. Even if your opinions are contrary to his own, he will listen to them. He recognizes your beautiful mind and wants to hear your views on the issues that concern you.

10. He surprises you

Aquarius men are known for their love of spontaneity, just like their element air (which Aquarius falls under). When he’s in love, he will show you that he is the king and queen of surprises.

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The man lives by the motto “go big or go home.” He’ll do whatever it takes to make your day sparkle. He will eat whatever you want, whether it’s pizza or Chinese food. He’ll be at your doorstep the next day for a pizza date. These surprises are as exciting to him as they are for you.

If you want to win his affection, however, you need to keep some surprises in your arsenal. He loves to be surprised and may even give you hints about what he wants.

11. He is grateful for the things that you do.

Aquarius men are not shallow and don’t care about lavish gifts. He may enjoy surprises from time to time, but ultimately it is the thought and not the gift that matters. Your lover will show you how much you appreciate him.

He says thank you for everything, even the most insignificant things. He is expressing his appreciation for your presence in our lives. He knows that sometimes his playful nature can get in the way when people take him seriously. So he wants you to forget all doubts.

12. Your best friends are his closest friends

Aquarius men are known for being flirts. This is something that everyone, even his friends, knows. He doesn’t even attempt to learn the names of all the girls he speaks to. This is something his closest friends know. It’s a sign that he likes you when your best friends know you well before they meet you.

He talks about you with them clearly. When you meet them for the first time, be aware of their reactions. If they are friendly and welcoming, that is a sign your lover is singing your praises. A man who doesn’t know enough about you is not a true friend.

13. He will hold you in public

The Aquarius male is averse to PDAs. They don’t like to be seen as shy. They prefer to show their affection to you privately, away from the eyes of the public. He will tolerate a little PDA when he’s in love with your partner.

You might feel his hand on your shoulder as you cross the street or brush your hair. These gestures may not be as intense as the ones you are used to, but they show that he is deeply concerned about you.

14. He engages in intellectual conversations with you

Aquarius men are intelligent. He takes great pride in his innovative ideas and talents. He is a great companion for friendly debates because of his ability to engage in a range of topics.

His attempts to engage with you in intellectual conversations is one of the best signs that he loves you. He will always ask for your thoughts and input. He admires your vision and is always open to hearing what you have to say.

You can make him fall in love with your partner if you do extensive research on what he enjoys discussing. You will be able to make rich contributions the next time he brings up this topic.

15. He wants to know all about you

An Aquarius man will love you because you have a wealth of emotions. He will be curious about everything, from your likes and dislikes to your fears and hopes. This man will ask many questions. You will be asked about your hobbies, sadnesses, favorite songs, perfumes, and other aspects of your personality.

He will not only ask you questions but also observe what words can’t describe. For example, your smile and laugh. He is fascinated by you and wants to get to know you.

16. He promises to do his best for you

Aquarius men are not hesitant to commit to someone they love. However, they don’t rush the process. This Zodiac sign is proud of his independence and doesn’t mind being single. Because of their friendliness, there is little chance they will ever be lonely.

Aquarius men will only be committed to someone they trust and love. If he’s ready to go the extra mile and declare that he will be more than just a friend, it is likely that he is in love with your partner. He has considered the decision, these men are deep thinkers.

17. He will support your dreams

Aquarius’ creativity isn’t one that can be stifled. Even when they feel like giving up, Aquarius’ creative firepower can be rekindled by other people.

An Aquarius man will listen to your thoughts, no matter how ridiculous they might seem. He will listen and provide the support you need, whether it is financial, emotional, or physical. He will be your greatest cheerleader and help you achieve your goals. It’s unavoidable that every woman will desire a man like him in her life.

18. He criticizes you

An Aquarius man in love with you will happily clap for your while you dance to the beats of your goals. If he cares about you, however, he will not blindly support you. You will be criticized by this man just as much as you are praised by him.

He wants you to be the best version possible of yourself. As such, he will not let you live in mediocrity for the rest of your lives. He will help you correct any mistakes and point out where you need to improve.

19. He introduces your family to you

If a man falls in love with you, they will likely be eager to introduce them to their family. They may already have some knowledge about you prior to the actual meeting. It is a sign that he is vulnerable to introducing you to his loved ones. He is open to you and will welcome you into his family. He wants you to get to know all of him, even the people who have made him into the man he is today.

20. When you stay over, he is happy

An Aquarius man in love would choose to spend every day with the woman he loves, even if it was possible. Because she brings him joy and comfort, he will not want her to go.

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These men are self-sufficient and don’t suffer from boredom. These men are always busy and have many friends or activities to keep them company. If he expresses excitement about the possibility of you staying over at his house and spending quality time together, this is a sign that he is in love with your company.

21. He will make sacrifices for your good

Aquarius men are not afraid of change. It’s not difficult for the Aquarius man to have a little discomfort or challenge with his woman. There is no limit to the sacrifices that Aquarius men will make for you if they are in deep love with you.

These men live a happy, healthy, happy life and don’t stress about the little things. You will notice a decrease in the frequency with which he smokes if he is not a fan of smoking. These are all things he does to keep you together and make you feel comfortable around him.

22. He will include you in his plans

An Aquarius man will include you in his future plans, which is one of the most obvious signs that he is in love with you. This sign can sometimes be subtle, but it can happen quickly. You will need to be alert and attentive to it.

If you ask him about his plans for vacation, he may not be open to telling you that he would like to spend it with your family. He might, however, slowly slip in and say he will be spending the vacation in your town or city, and that he would be happy to see you if you were there. There are two things going on here. You are part of his plan. Second, he wants to gauge your enthusiasm for him.

23. He has faith in you

Aquarius men must trust each other. You might be just another acquaintance or friend without trust. He trusts you and makes you different from other Jennys on the block or his lover. It’s not something that he throws at anyone.

This Zodiac sign is slow to commit or trust people. If he trusts your judgment, it’s a sign that he is in love with you. Your lover will trust you if he allows you to make important decisions for him and influence his thoughts. This means that he trusts you and knows you will not hurt him in any way.

24. He considers you his best friend

A relationship with an Aquarius man can start out as a friendship. These men excel at platonic relationships and are considered the kings of this field. An Aquarius will first want you to be his friend before letting you in on his romantic world. He doesn’t feel pressure to impress and allows you to be you. This is his chance to get to know you and assess your compatibility.

If he enjoys you and thinks you are compatible, he may want to be closer to you by calling you his best buddy. He uses the term “best friend” to show how special he is to you.

25. He would like to go on an adventure with you

This sign reminds me of Aladdin. Now, I feel like he was an Aquarius man. The Aquarius man loves adventure and the thrill of it all.

This man will always want you to be a part his world, no matter where he takes him next. You will be there for him as he pursues his wildest fantasies and dreams. Your bond will strengthen when you share these experiences with him. If he recalls these moments, it will make your bond stronger.

26. He is an active listener

Aquarius men in love take listening to music to another level. Listening to your talk is more than just keeping it mute and nodding occasionally to show that he is listening.

He is an active listener and will ask questions to clarify certain points and discuss more. It is comforting to talk to such a man because he does not pretend to understand, and his expressions show that he cares about your thoughts.

27. He would like to get to know your family and friends

Ladies are told constantly that if a man refuses PDA it is a red signal and may indicate that he doesn’t like you. This may be true, but an Aquarius man will change your mind.

This man may not be into PDA but he will show his commitment to you by inviting his closest friends and family to get to know you. As a part of your past, he will be interested in knowing about the most important relationships in your life.

28. He is affectionate

Aquarius men are passionate and never run out of affection. He will shower you with kisses, even if you’re alone, and he will be sensitive to your feelings. His affections are not driven solely by sex, but by emotional intimacy.

He is a believer in emotional intimacy and knows that being affectionate to others is one way to attain it. Look out for his willingness to make your day easier. These are the small things, like when he gives a foot rub, puts you in bed, or refills your hot drink bottle to ease those cramps.

29. He would like to hear about your goals

An Aquarius man falling in love with you is when he stops identifying as an individual and starts to see you as part of him. He will be interested in what you care about, and his goals will become yours.

Aquarius men in love will be interested in your dreams and goals in life. He will not stop learning, he will want to be involved in helping you reach your goals. He is a talented, innovative man so it is no surprise that he will seek out every opportunity to prove his worth.

30. He gives up on flirting with other people

Women are always amazed by the friendliness and charm displayed by Aquarius men. He can say things that other men wouldn’t be able to, but he doesn’t seem to be imposing or offensive. He flirts effortlessly because of this. He considers flirting a fun hobby and enjoys the unexpected reactions he receives from women.

One sign that an Aquarius man falls in love is not wanting to flirt with other people. He will stop focusing on other casual relationships and only focus on you.

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31. He keeps everything in his mind

An Aquarius man will always remember everything, from birthdays to the anniversaries of your parents. He remembers every moment with the girl he loves and he doesn’t forget.

He remembers more than just dates, it’s also what you say to him. Remembering what you say is part of being a good listener. This is a sign that he likes to hear your words. Anyone who has met an Aquarius man will know that his mind is constantly busy. He somehow makes time for your memories.

32. Recognizes his feelings

It may seem impossible, you might say, but it can happen. Aquarius men are in love and will tell you everything.

We will never know how he feels about it. This man is full off surprises. He might choose to keep it intimate and private, or he could say I love you with balloons and banners attached to a helicopter.

33. He is concerned about your well-being

You should now know that Aquarius men in love make you a priority. You are his priority, so he is also concerned about your concerns.

To check in on you, he will often call and send you messages. If you’re not feeling well, you shouldn’t be surprised to see this man take a break from work and stay with you. He will be there for you when you need it, even if he cannot afford it.

34. He asks many questions

Once, someone said that you can learn a lot from a person by asking the right questions. Because that is exactly what the Aquarius man does, anyone who said it must have been speaking to him.

Aquarius men who fall in love with you will ask many questions. He is an inquisitive being and is constantly thinking up new ideas. He wants to learn all there is about you, so he can stay in your good graces.

35. He appears unannounced

Aquarius men will not pass up the chance to surprise you. He loves making people smile and planning surprise parties is his favorite pastime.

Aquarius men are like having your foot on the gas pedal because you never know what will happen next. If you complain about feeling sick or having a bad day at work, Aquarius might bring a bottle of wine to your house and offer to help.

36. He is eager to share his knowledge with you

Aquarius men are passionate about learning new things and will adopt any that suits them. They are a good teacher because they live by their word.

An Aquarius man will love to learn new things from you if he likes you. You are his partner in all things. Be prepared to note everything that interests him. He is patient and will let you go at your own pace.

37. He doesn’t cancel plans

Aquarius’ ruling planet Uranus means that their plans change constantly. They are there one minute, then they’re gone the next. It isn’t unusual for him to cancel plans. His friends know this and know it’s not something personal.

An Aquarius man in love will stick to his plans and show up on time. He wants you to make a good impression.

38. He flirted with you using humor

Aquarius men are naturally flirty and funny. He is funny and will use that to win you over. To make you laugh, he might use sexual innuendos to get your attention.

When he is in love with a woman, the Aquarius man feels like a schoolboy. You will be teased and mocked by him. If you start to notice an increase in the bizarre remarks he sends you, it’s a sign that he is falling in love with you.

39. He is generous with his personal time

Aquarius men are very busy and never seem to have enough to do. Aquarius men might not want to share their calendars with you if they are in love.

His primary concern shifts from what he wants, to what you can do together. He will always be there for you, especially when you are just starting your relationship.

40. He compromises

Aquarius man is a believer in freedom. Aquarius man has a unique view of the world. He prefers to live in his truth rather than society. They hate restrictions and don’t like being forced to do things that they are not interested in.

An Aquarius man will be open to compromise, which is one sign he is attracted to you. He is less self-centered and more compassionate because he wants more than you are.

41. He shares his secrets with you

Aquarius men don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves and tend to keep a lot of what they feel inside. While he may share his thoughts with friends, he will keep the most important conversations about matters of the heart for those closest to him.

If he begins to tell you his secrets, it is a sign that he is starting to fall for you. It can be hard to regain an Aquarius trust after you have lost it once.

42. He invites you to see him perform.

Aquarius men are creative and appreciate the arts because of their creativity and innovative thinking. He will invite you to see him perform when he falls in love with you. He wants you to join his passions.

43. He is attentive to his finances

This sign is tricky, however, because the Aquarius man does not have a lot of financial worries. This man keeps track of his income and expenses, but it becomes more intense when he’s in love.

He will take down everything, from the cost of toilet paper to the cost of a dinner date. Although it might seem odd at first, he wants to make sure you have a secure financial future.

In conclusion

The Aquarius man is an independent person who values his freedom and independence, but he loves to put on a performance when he’s in love. This list will help you identify signs that an Aquarius man may be falling in love with you. I hope you enjoyed it. If you answered yes to these questions, please share the list and leave a comment.

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