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Clear Signs Your Girlfriend Just Slept With Someone


Are you noticing a shift in the behavior of your girlfriend?

Is she different in some way? Maybe you don’t know why?

This guide can help you if this is the case.

This guide identifies 41 signs that your girlfriend may be sleeping with another person.

But before I expose these obvious signs of infidelity I ask you to carefully read the following sentences.

It is not always possible to tell if a woman is lying by her body language. Some are masters of deception.

How to spot a cheating girlfriend

Are you seeing strange behavior in your partner lately? Are you unsure if she is giving you a reason to doubt her fidelity but can’t figure out why? You don’t know if she is cheating but it’s possible.

Cheating partners are often sneaky and can do a lot to hide their true intentions when they have sex with people outside of their relationship. Even though they appear to be discreet and sleek, they can still make mistakes from time to time.

You might be able to tell if your girlfriend has been sleeping with another person if you are more attentive.

Let’s dive into these 43 signs that will help you determine if your girlfriend slept with another person.

The Amateurs

1. She will avoid you

It’s possible that she will be coming to you after a cheating trip. You have an advantage if you’re the kind of person who hugs and kisses your girlfriend when she gets home from work or on any other outings. You can see her reaction. She won’t be too excited about showing affection.

2. She’s quieter

An amateur cheater may feel guilty right away after an affair outside of the relationship. If your girlfriend is not naturally introverted and keeps to herself most of the time, it is possible that she was involved in an affair earlier. You might have tried to contact her via her phone but failed.

3. She might even try to avoid sex.

Sex makes people feel satisfied and tired, all things being equal. If she has been with another man, chances are that another sexual encounter will not be on her agenda. You can make a move when she arrives; her reaction will be very telling. You will notice an overwhelming “I’m not interested” vibe.

4. Nervousness

Cheaters are not afraid to be nervous, but it is a sign they can’t hide. This is most common when they have just committed a crime with another person. They will feel all jittery from guilt, and this can make them a little more scared. In a loving way, ask them “How come you arrived late than usual?” Notice how nervous she gets to answer your question.

5. She won’t even look you in the eyes

Infidelity may be a new way for your girlfriend to approach you. Studies show that it is difficult for people to keep eye contact with those they accuse of wrongdoings. Give her a suspicious glance; if it’s not normal, it can spook her rather than excite her.

6. She is not her normal self

People will use strange behaviors to distract from their true motives and intentions. You might notice a change in her behavior that isn’t typical. This could indicate she is trying to throw a smoke bomb to stop you from being suspicious.

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7. The funny smell of her body greets her upon arrival

It’s hard to miss the way that people smell after having sex. These things are difficult to explain or deny. She would need to think of something creative if she denied getting any action outside of the relationship.

8. Her clothes may look untidy

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You can tell by the way she dresses what type of activities she has done before coming home. This tip should not be difficult for you if you are a man.

You’ll notice stains if she wears a light-colored cloth, such as white, yellow, or rose. If you feel the need to end the relationship, don’t let these things slip by.

9. Her hairstyle is different

You might be able to spot signs that your girlfriend is sleeping with another person by looking at her hair before she goes out. Her hair could be slightly unkempt or freshly restyled.

10. Lipstick is no longer a part of her lips

Most people would agree that kissing is an important part of sex. You may notice that your girl’s lipstick has gotten smudged after she has been with someone. This is a common mistake made by amateur cheaters since it is not part of a routine.

11. Rough makeup

A second mistake your girlfriend can make is to rush home after a sex session and leave a messy face. It was not her style. Therefore, it is possible to forget to apply make-up because she doesn’t yet have a routine.

12. Fresh fragrance

Your girl might be addicted to perfume and will apply it every time she goes. It could still be a red flag. It is one of the many things that people do to cover the smell of sex.

13. She introduces a new style of sex

You have the advantage of being in a long-term relationship with your girlfriend. It’s common for sex to be predictable, no matter how adventurous or spontaneous a person might seem. A sign that she is with another person might be her sudden initiative of a new style or move.

14. You can have more outings

It is normal for a girl to have more sex with someone else than her boyfriend. This is not difficult to detect. She may be sleeping with another person if she isn’t available for work on days off.

15. She uses a sexfinder app

A sex finder app is something that no faithful girlfriend uses. Although it’s a bad idea, cheaters will eventually do it when they believe no one is watching.

16. She lies about her whereabouts

You shouldn’t consider her your ex-girlfriend until you find her wrapped in lies. Some women are extremely strategic lie-tellers. However, it would be impossible for them to change the way things actually happen. Let’s suppose you surprise her at work and she doesn’t show up. Then she comes back and says she was busy at work.

17. Mobile phone signs

After cheating, amateur cheaters may be careless with their phones. You might find the other guy texting her about the great sex. If you suspect this is happening, it’s worth looking for illicit text messages.

18. Signs of body language

Although your girlfriend might be able to convince you of her cheating, her body language is likely to reveal it. You should be alert for signs like her brushing her hair before answering questions, pretending to have a lot of work, blinking too often, and presuming she is busy.

19. She is often lost in thought, as you can see.

Women aren’t as good at compartmentalizing cheating as men. Cheating girlfriends may lose their minds because they remember the sex they had a while back. It could indicate that she has not been honoring the relationship by sharing it after an outing.

20. There is always an excuse.

If your girlfriend is always late to work, and you don’t notice her giving you generic answers to your questions frequently, it could be a sign that she has a pre-made solution.

21. New habits

If your girlfriend just had a night with someone, you will likely observe strange behaviors such as mood swings, overprotection, or defensiveness.

If you suspect she is returning from a trip to cheat, calmly ask for her number. Assume you are calling your cell phone. If your suspicions are correct, your reaction will be one of refusal and defense.

The Legendary & Advanced Cheaters

22. Her after-sex pills sell faster

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For most men, this area is unknown. If you want to catch a professional, you need to know how many tablets she takes after sex. After having sex, keep an eye on her tablet usage. An ‘audit’ report will be issued if she is caught with another person.

23. Condoms are important

While cheating partners may not think about the consequences of their infidelity but they play safe. Condoms could be shared by a girlfriend with a boyfriend.

You can also lure her with a lot of condoms. They can also be sneaky enough to steal your condom stash while they are on their way to the cheating appointment. An audit report can help you.

24. She isn’t excited to be in bed

You’ll notice a drop in your girl’s bedroom enthusiasm if she seems to be enjoying the man outside more than you.

25. She suddenly complains about sex.

Another sign that she is with another man is complaining. It’s not your fault, but the guy might be more skilled than you at the game. She will complain that she isn’t enjoying the game, but cheaters can also manipulate you and make you believe their infidelity was your fault.

26. Sexually indifferent

This sign is common for both pros and amateurs. This sign is very unlikely to be used by a woman who has had a sexual relationship with another man. If she refuses to accept your sexual advances whenever you suspect that she is cheating, it’s a red flag.

27. She takes care of herself too well

You need to get to know your girl to be able to spot differences. There are high chances that your girl will groom herself if she is out cheating. She may shave her legs or perform other pre-sex rituals that women do. If it is getting too intense and the sex at home is not increasing as much, there may be a problem.

28. She goes AWOL

The disappearing act is another sign that all cheaters share. Although this disappearing act can last for hours or days it is a common sign of cheaters. They won’t tell you where they are. They will often just turn off the radio and then appear as if nothing had happened.

29. She arrives late at work

Knowing your girlfriend’s work schedule will help you estimate how long it takes her to get home after work. Secret engagements, such as a sex session after work, will increase the time. This is a sign that something is amiss if it is a regular occurrence.

30. She is eager to take a shower right away

This is an alternative to using perfume to mask the sexy smell. This is a classic evidence-eliminating maneuver. If your girlfriend starts to avoid you and goes straight to the toilet, it’s an indication that she doesn’t want you there. This will ensure that you don’t smell or see any dirt on her clothes.

31. New lipstick

Lip-locking will naturally remove lipstick. Advanced cheaters, unlike amateurs, take their time adding lipstick. It’s okay if the lipstick appears too fresh.

32. It’s deja vu

We have all been in relationships where someone cheated on us, either our ex-girlfriend or ourselves. It would be easy to spot signs that an ex-girlfriend is repeating the same tricks. This game of cheating is not new, especially if you have seen it played out before.

33. She buys gifts for you

Legends are rarely defensive or jittery when they return from a sexual encounter.

If they see that you’ve been absent for a while, they will buy you a gift. Another form of attention-deflection is the gift.

34. You find digital receipts

Cheating is a sin. No one is perfect. Pros don’t often leave a paper trail of restaurant or hotel visits. You can send digital receipts by email or text. This sign can be used to let you know that they are not in a relationship.

35. She took trips to undiscovered locations

Cheaters will often go to great lengths to hide their tracks. They may visit a hotel to have sex with a man. You can view their location with many mobile phones that have location services. An unusual visit is usually a sign that you are having sex.

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36. Digital footprints

Online dating sites allow cheaters to erase their browsing history. They won’t tell you, so they will use the internet to clear their record. They could also leave a communication trail on Instagram and other platforms they are not friends.

37. Mobile apps & nudes-sending

Cheaters often send nudes as a habit. Advanced cheaters can use KeepSafe to protect their activities. These apps could be a sign that she is hiding her sexual activities.

38. You can find another phone.

It’s possible that your girlfriend or partner has a second active phone. These extra phones are kept in her car or another space that is only for her.

39. Intimacy decreases

If you’re not dating a girl who has a high libido your chances of having sex will drop. It’s usually one of the first things you notice if she has been with a guy.

40. She will call you another name

It is not common for women to use male prostitution services to cheat. You could be a friend, a colleague, or a gym buddy. Another sign that she is cheating on you is when she calls your name.

41. She stays true to her pet-names

One legendary cheater claimed she used pet names for her boyfriends to avoid confusing names. It’s quite sneaky, right? Notice how the pet names don’t seem to be specific? She’s most likely trying to play safe.

42. Attention is reduced

Women aren’t as good at hiding their cheating secrets as men. You’ll feel the heat if she shares her body with someone else than you.

43. She can get carried away with sex.

If she does something inappropriate during sex, it is likely that she did it with another guy.


Is it possible for your partner to tell if you have slept with another person?

For a partner who is very attentive, you can see signs that indicate that you have slept with someone else. People have been known to smell sex from their partners, for example. To cover up their actions, some women apply new makeup or perfume to their skin. These are all signs that a cheater is out.

How can you tell if your girlfriend has slept with another person?

A woman who has had sex with another man is likely to avoid having sex or to avoid looking at you because of guilt. What’s more? If confronted by her husband, a lady who is unfaithful will be anxious and upset.

Can you love one person and still sleep with another?

The heart is complex. It might not be enough for someone to cheat on someone they love. You need to be able to make a decision and have self-discipline, even when faced with strong temptations.

How can you tell if a man has slept in another woman’s bed?

If he doesn’t shower right after having sex, his genitals may smell like latex if he used a condom or other protection. He may not be interested in the sex if you approach him too soon before the session.

Are you truly in love with someone if they cheat on you?

Humans can engage in sexual activity even if they are not in love. This means that they can feel sexual attraction towards another person while still loving their partner. This could be due to neglect in relationships, a desire for exploration or relive missed opportunities, and pornography addiction.

In conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this article. You should know that cheaters are notorious. They love to sneak around and cover their tracks. You might have to be cleverer to catch them. Infidelity is not a good idea. It can make it more difficult for the victim to trust again. It’s important to get the truth and make a move to a better relationship. If you found this article helpful, please leave a comment and share it with others.

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