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Cute And Romantic Good Morning Poems For Her


It’s a great way to begin your day with a lovely message for your lady love. You might try sharing some good morning poems with her.

These can bring you closer to her and make her smile. Paul Engle, an American poet said that poetry is simply ordinary language elevated to the Nth power. Poetry is rich with ideas, nerved, blooded, and brimming with emotions. There’s nothing better than a poem to express your deepest emotions.

Sending a lovely good morning poem to your loved one is the cherry on top. Browse through our selection of poems to find one that resonates with you and adds magic and magic to your good morning wishes. Share it with her, and you’ll be surprised at what she says. You might be able to get closer to her.

Good Morning Love Poems for Her

You can bless her morning, pull her heartstrings and make her breakfast extraordinary with a poem.

1. “Bright star, would I were steadfast as thou art”

Bright star, if I could be as strong as thou art.

Not in lone splendor that hangs high above the night

And then, watching, with everlasting lids apart.

As nature’s patient, the sleepless Eremite.

The priestlike task of their priests is to move the waters.

Pure ablution around the earth’s shores.

Or just gazing at the soft-fallen new mask

Snow on the mountains and moors

No-yet still steadfast, still unchangeable,

Pillow’d upon my fair lady’s ripening breast

Feel its soft fall, its swells for all eternity

You will be awake for all eternity in a sweet unrest.

Yet, it is still possible to hear her tender, taken breath.

So live forever, or else you will swoon to your death.

2. The colors of the sunrise

It seems to disappear

The colors of the morning mist

Every day is less remarkable

Your beauty is yours

None of them is tall

Compare your radiantly to your beauty

Even the sun seems so small.

Every day is a new adventure

There are many other options.

We look forward

Fly high and soar

Every moment is a new adventure

So much delight

Simply being there for you

Everything feels right

Good morning

You are missing me this morning.

Yesterday, I was absent from you.

The sun shining,

Here’s what I have to share.

You are my inspiration.

Smile and enjoy your day.

Good morning!

Get up!

You are a sleepy eye? Get up and get out of your dreams

A big bright sky shines down upon it

The sun is shining down on you.

Enjoy the freshness of morning dew

My sweetheart just wanted to say,

You are so loved and missed by me today.

Good morning!

Enjoy a cup of coffee

As I sip my coffee

I remember you, my dear,

I would love to be with you.

I want to be near you.

Every aspect of my life,

It is a new day.

Good morning, everyone!

Warm hug

My girl is in my thoughts and prayers.

The evenings and mornings are the best.

It’s you that I see when I close my eyes.

Never thought I would love it so much.

Just longing to be hugged and touched.

I miss you so much,

Good morning my dear,

Smile and smile every day.

Good Morning

Good morning, everyone! I hope you had a restful night.

In the hope of making you feel better, I thought I would send you this card. You are always in my thoughts.

It’s true, I love you.

Have a great day, you’re both the sun and moon.

I look forward to seeing you soon

Incomplete days

My days are not complete

Without you sweetheart

Because of this, nights can be very painful.

I will never leave you.

There are very few days when it doesn’t

It seems like there is no end

These are the ones I spend money on

All morning and evening with you

You are my best friend!

To My Sweet Angel

Good morning to the most beautiful girl in my life

Your smile is more radiant than the sun, baby!

Your eyes spark a lot

My only thought is that my love for you will always be my greatest hope

Forever and ever

Have the best start!

As I wish you a good morning

Good morning, and have a wonderful day!

Love is

Love is…

The back of vans is where love feels cold

Two fans are all it takes to make Love a Fanclub:

Love is walking with paint-tinted hands

Love is.

Fish and chips on winter nights are the definition of love

Love is blankets filled with strange delights

When you don’t let the light out, love isn’t.

Love is

Christmas shops are filled with love.

When you feel Top of the Pops, love is when it’s easy to find your way.

When the music stops, love is what happens.

Love is

All forlornness is love, and white panties are all that remain of it.

Pink nightdresses are still slightly warm, but love is pink

When you love someone, you must leave at dawn

Love is

Love is both you and me.

Love is a prison, and love is freedom

When you’re far from me, love is what’s there

Love is…

-Adrian Henri

Mornings are filled with mist.

Mornings are a delight,

All night I thought about you.

You aren’t in sight

We wish you a wonderful morning.

It’s another amazing day.

Good morning my dear,

Wish you were near!

My love for you remains

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Perhaps today began with birds chirping

It is possible that the cloud has assumed its color.

Holding the ground to remain still

You can’t wait for all the activities around the globe to start.

My love for your never goes to sleep

There is no night or day

It is all about you.

Mornings are either mornings or noon.

My love for you grows in every room.

Your curves inspire me every day.

Your smile is a delight to my heart

Always be my morning with you

Your soothing absence will wake me up

So I reach out for you, my star

My evermore dewdrop.

This Morning, I Miss You

You are missing me this morning.

Yesterday, I was absent from you.

Watching the sun shine is a beautiful sight.

Here’s what I have to share.

You are my inspiration.

Smile and enjoy your day.

Good morning!

It’s Another Journey with You

The sun rises in the morning.

It extends its rays to touch all things on the Earth

The flowers are ready to bloom

The trees will bloom

The ground is your wake.

You are always the first thing I do in my mornings

Wake up to my thoughts

You are just like the sun

Shining in my life

Touch my heart and make me smile for you

Touch my lips to sing with you

Mornings with me are another journey with you.

Love me every day and I will be your moon.

They are sent to you in a basket full of warmth

My love and my dreams

They will always be there for you

My morning wake-up call

I slept soundly through the night.

Each morning, I wake up feeling a new love.

Every morning, such is a heartbeat that beats for your soul

There is a resemblance to golden–


Falling into my life–


Keep still, beat my heart

Take the cold as the morning dew

Like this morning, you are to me

Breathe in love. My love.

This bright morning, I think of you.

I can see the sunshine’s gleam.

Do you remember my charming face?

I would love to embrace you, so I take you in my arms.

My dear, I wish you a wonderful morning.

We wish you were here!

Your beautiful eyes help me see the world around me.

My heart is next to you

You are my only and true love

It is a pure gift from the heavens above.

It grows year after year.

Because you are the one I hold most dear.

It was only a God’s blessing to find you.

Good morning, baby!

It may lead to a day filled with promises.

Much love, hugs, and kisses.

When I opened my eyes, I saw you there

My arms couldn’t help but draw you close.

I stare in awe and sigh in wonder.

In my dreams, I see you as the one I saw.

Your beauty lights me up, angel from above.

Good morning, my beloved, my amazing love.

I’m not a psychic

Or an astrologer

I do not claim either

To become a fortune teller

All I can predict

For the future

That’s my life, is that?

It is certain to shine brighter

Good morning

A few Good Morning Poems for Her

Send your sweetheart a simple good morning poem. These lines can be sent as a text message or voice message. She will reply with “I Love You!”

Good morning, my love.

All night I waited,

This is what I want to tell you right now.

You are my destiny, you are my fate.

I Never Knew

I never knew true happiness,

I believed that dreams would never come true.

I didn’t believe in love.

You were my friend until the day you met me.

-Joanna Fuchs

Look at me when you open your eyes.

It is difficult to express what I see.

A beauty so beautiful, a heart so sweet

It’s like a dream that you are mine.

I want to see the sunrise with you.

Because in the light, I see your eyes.

From deep within, from you to me.

Your heart and soul are what set me free.

My rose, good morning

My beautiful daisy

Without you, every day is impossible

It seems dull and dreary

For your beautiful dewy eyes

Your lovely scent

It would not be possible.

My existence is defined by meaning

Your love is so sweet, I cannot share it.

It is my only life.

Only through favor, do I know that I am worthy of it…

It is what I desire every day because my entire life depends on it.

You are my best friend.

You are my love with every breath.

This is what I know.

Because your love is real and cute for you.

Good morning, my love

Good morning, my love.

I waited all night,

This is what I want to tell you right now.

You are my destiny, you are my fate.

Another day, another sun and another smile

Another hope, but the same guy.

That is my love for you.

Good morning.

Enjoy the best day of your life

The sun is up

The sky is blue

Today is beautiful

So are you!

-The Beatles

If tomorrow was my last day,

There are many more things to do.

It doesn’t really matter.

Because, my love, I had you.

Night is a time to relax.

All I care about is how your day will be today

Because the past is over

The highlight of the dawn

Its freshness.

Good morning, sunshine.

Good morning, my love.

All night I waited,

This is what I want to tell you right now.

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You are my destiny, you are my fate.

To my Fresh & Clear Dew Drop

While out for a morning stroll, I came across a stunning dew drop.

I wasn’t tired but my heart still wanted me to stop.

Take a look at how fresh and clear the dew is

Perhaps it was because I thought it reminded me too much of you…

Good morning, my love.

Imagine Being Together…

It’s dawn…

I plan to go back to sleep again. People say that dreams in the morning are more likely than their reality. I am now sleeping and dreaming of my love.

Beautiful Good Morning Poems for Her

As she sip her morning tea, make her smile and enjoy a sweet poem written by you.

Your beautiful smiles are the reason.

What I look forward to every day.

To make you smile again

To deserve your smiles again.

It is amazing to be there for you.

Witness your light.

I wish you many smiles today!

Radiant as the morning sun

You are my sweetheart.

Beautiful like morning dew

That girl is you, baby!

Misty as the morning sky

Darling, your eyes are beautiful

Soft as the morning light

When I’m awake, I think only about you

Good morning!

You are my rainbow

You brighten up my day.

And I am grateful for the moment.

I was brought into my life by god when you entered my life.

You made my love.

As each day passes, our love grows deeper.

May we all be one in our hearts.

May our love never fail to bring us closer to our dreams.

Keep us all together.

Good morning, my one-and-only!

You look so peaceful when you are asleep

The joy I feel is beyond what words can describe

Good morning my love my sweet angel

Thank you for making my day possible!

I would love to jump from the rooftops.

Screenshots from your phone

To communicate what you are doing

What does it really mean to me in my life?

I wish I could run faster!

Right now, to your place

To express my love for you

That’s how I miss you.

I wish I could get up every morning.

You are next to me every day

To wish you a good morning

Before the sun’s first light

Good morning

Every morning

A new day brings in a new day

I want to feel your love

Have my breath taken away

Every morning, mine

It wouldn’t be the exact same

If I didn’t get up,

Chanting your sweet name

Good morning

This is what I would like to hear

Give your day a boost by using these tips

It is mine to write it

From the bottom of my heart

It is my wish that you read it

Feel great!

It should make your day!

Fantastic is the only way to describe it

Good morning

Your mornings are beautiful

Instead of using blue, choose bright red

My world will be colorful

It will continue to exist as long as you are there

It will be full of swirls

All over the place, light, and color

It may always be this

Not only now, but for all eternity

Good morning

I am late to work

I’m a little shabby

Yet, I have the time

To text you good morning sweetie

I know what I’m going get

My boss, a piece of your mind

If you send me a hug, I will be happy.

This is the grind I’m willing to endure

Good morning

Mornings will arrive

They will then go.

But I will always be there

I hope you are able to understand.

The sun will rise

It will also go down

But I will always

Be there for others

Good morning

Good morning, beautiful

Let me start to whisper soft words for you.

You are my morning

Always making me feel like I’m in the dew to them

Your cologne that slept with you woke me up

I dreamed of our lips moving in unison

They speak in a language they understand

Our bodies do the rest.

You are a paradise to me

Your breasts are the clouds that I want to drink from

Your body should be present in every moment of my day.

Your eyes should be as bright as the sun.

Let it shine away my sadnesses and pain.

My darling, please make my day.

My dear morning star

You glistened in my darkness, the way you did

To show me the light

That essence is what I seek every day.

Allow me to feel your soul in my hands.

It is the sun’s rays that will cure my drowsiness

You are the sun’s daughter

Bring light into my life.

You are the scepter to the moon

Helping to remove hate from the streets

You are my first breath.

Me: The weakness that ties me

It is swallowed by the smile that you make in my heart.

When you go to bed, you will know that you are my sunshine

When you wake up, you know that you are my breath.

When you lay, know that I will be there for your thoughts

My dear morning star.

I adore your love to the breaking point of this day

The one who holds me close in her heart

I love you until the end of this day.

My sun and moon

My morning star

You are the coolest wrinkle of hope, I want to tell you.

This is what woke me up this morning.

Our love becomes a bond. A bond stronger than a rock

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Our love may find us in all the darkest hours of the night.

It is the morning, may it be!

You wake up every morning with fresh, moist dew from heaven.

I love what I see in you, and I love your eyes.

It stares at me.

I ask you to wake up this morning and read the following

You can hear your laughter softening as you smile.

I want to be the one who

I want to be the person who wakes me up each morning

I want to make your life shine.

I would love to be your partner

Every day, every time

Yes, I miss you sweetheart every morning

Because I know you will always be in my heart

Please accept my first-morning cheer

Just a simple wish for a good day to you, my dear.

Good morning!

Smile on!

I could be in love with anyone


You were my friend.

Unknown into unknown

I was far gone

Playing out scenarios in my head

A love affair

Long distance

Dates with blurry cameras

It is impossible to be precise

Good morning, I wish you a happy day

You bid me goodnight

A love affair

Its destination is unknown

No matter what you drink

Coffee or tea

It doesn’t matter.

Too much

No matter what you prefer

Hot chocolate or chamomile

It doesn’t really matter.

What do you feel?

As long as we’re here

One another

I will make your mornings more pleasant

More steamy than ever

Good morning

Good morning, My Love

Good morning, my love,

I’m sure I was just woken up.

But, I have something to say.

as I drink my morning cup.

You are my true love

Do you? Do you? Yes!

And as I dream of you with me,

I don’t know exactly what I would do.

This is what I show you.

My belief is that our dreams will become reality.

This little poem was written by me as I was writing it.

I love you I love you I love you I love You.

I do, I do, I do!

May you smile often.

Feel the warmth it brings.

Stay with you every day.

We will be happy, I’m sure.

for the rest of our love days

-Craig Moon

Now that You Are Awake

I once longed to be like you.

To keep me close and to see me through.

To look into my eyes and to kiss my smile.

When I’m afraid, hold me for a while.

Now you’re here, and I don’t know what to say.

It takes my breath away from this feeling I have about you.

My heart melts when I look at you.

Every day, I feel more love than ever before.

You are there for me when I’m down.

It is rare to find a heart as beautiful as yours.

You are my universe, my star, and my world.

I wouldn’t change anything about you. I love you as you are.

All my troubles and pains vanish.

Wrap me around you, I don’t fear

Now that you are awake, I want to say:

You are my greatest love.

Always on my mind

If you fall, I will catch and hold you.

If you cry, I will hold you.

If you breathe, I will love and cherish you.

I keep you in my thoughts.

My thoughts are my constant companion from morning to night.

You are the sun in my mornings.

The moon of my evenings,

You are my stars,

I have the angels watching over my head

You are my love.

Every night, before going to bed

When I close my eyes, I can see you.

And when I go to sleep,

I have your back in my dreams.

I can’t believe you will ever forget me.

That is fine for me.

Good morning, My Love

I wake up from sleep when the sun’s morning rays awaken me

The windows open when the crisp, clean air blows through them

The birds welcome the new day when they chirp from the tree.

The moment the flowers on the trees are soaring high.

Prayers in the morning are requested when the church bells ring.

I then wake up and think about my last night with you.

Rush to my phone to say ‘Good morning My Love’

My day doesn’t start without me talking to you every morning

Neither my life nor mine never sails smoothly through the day

I love your sweet words of encouragement.

Your morning kisses will make me smile every day!

Your presence in my life will bring you a mountain of happiness

The love that you show me is like a shining silver ray

You are my love and I cannot express how much I feel for you.

You are too precious for me to love you all the time.

My love is as strong and true as it is from morning to evening

I want to repeat ‘Good Morning My Love’ again.

Thank you so much for being my love.

-Ravi Sathasivan

Your special person will always be your first thought when you wake up in the morning, even if you’re in love. If you don’t talk to your special someone after waking up, your mornings will feel empty. To make her feel valued and loved, you can send these beautiful good morning poems to her instead of sending her a regular message. The poems can be sent as a text message or written in a greeting. You can also share them with her in person. It doesn’t matter how you send the poem, it will delight her and make her smile.

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