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Deep Questions To Ask Someone Before Getting Close to Them


Asking the right questions can help you discover your perspective and reveal who you really are. These questions will help you to see the truth.

It can be difficult to find out who someone is when you fall in love with someone or even if you become close to someone. If you can fake it, it’s easy for you to present yourself as perfect. You can easily find out the innermost thoughts and desires of someone by asking them the right questions.

Deep questions are not easy to answer. There are many perspectives. If you are on the opposite side of the spectrum, could you form a lasting bond? Are you able to trust that their life path will follow the same paths as yours? What morality would you accept if they made the same decisions as yours?

Deep questions you can ask people, depending on how deep your relationship is with them

Depending on your relationship with them, you may need to ask different types of questions. You can ask deeper questions to someone you are bonded with or to someone you consider a potential life partner.

If you are looking for specific relationships, we have deep questions that will help you find them. Click on one of the links to jump directly to the life-changing, deep questions that are right for you.

Deep questions for self-discovery and discovery that will help you discover who you really are

Nothing is more exciting than falling in love or getting closer to someone. The problem is that while we may be attracted to someone there are many red flags we overlook. We want a relationship that works, but we ignore the things that could be a problem in a happy ending.

Understanding their perspective is crucial before you can form a deep bond. You need to understand their point of view and who they are inside. These deep questions can help you avoid heartache later.

40 questions you should ask before you get too close or fall for someone.

These questions will give you a deep, insightful insight into the person you are talking to and help you determine if they can be your best friend for life…or if they are doomed.

1. Would you jump off a cliff if someone you trust asked you to do so and assured you you wouldn’t be hurt?

Is that a sign they are naive? Is it a sign that they are loyal and trustworthy? What would you do if they asked you the same question back?

2. What are your top three characteristics?

It is loyalty? Integrity? Ability to see the good in all situations A person who is able to laugh at their own problems. What are their most important traits? And what do they value the most about everything else?

3. Are you a good person?

Many people believe they are the greatest thing to have happened on earth. Sometimes, however, asking someone deep questions can reveal how humble they are or how honest they really are. Are they positive people? Are they open to admitting their flaws?

4. What would you change about yourself if it were possible?

Perhaps something physical? Perhaps something about their personality? This deep question can reveal what their weaknesses are and what they want to change.

5. What are your thoughts on the idea of marriage?

If you are not planning to be with them, this may not be a very important question. It’s an important question to ask them to get their perspective on a legal relationship like marriage.

6. What number of children would you like?

Most people don’t talk about the question of children early enough.

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They fear they might scare off their mate or be pushy so they don’t ask the deep question. However, it can often end up being a dealbreaker later on. Although there may not be much different between two people, there are six to one!

7. Which is your favorite memory?

What are they most proud of? Memories can reveal what people treasure most. What is it? Wealth, experience, or simple memories that mean a lot to them?

8. What’s your ideal daily routine?

This deep question can reveal a lot about a person. Do they seek out success and achievements? Do they prefer to relax and enjoy each moment?!

9. Which are your most proud achievements?

Which is your greatest achievement? What do you think? It’s something you would be proud to do.

10. How do you approach everyday life?

Are they able to see life as a never-ending struggle against the odds? Is it a gift to be thankful for? What are their approach to life and what all they encounter?

11. Would you like to be reborn instantly and randomly as another person?

Would you? Asking someone a deep question can reveal a lot about their outlook on their lives, their successes, and how they view their own lives. Are they confident that they can solve it? Do they wish they could just let it go and start over in a new situation?

12. Are you a believer in stereotyping?

While some people view stereotypes as an aid to navigating the world, others see them as restrictive. People who accept stereotypes are fundamentally more open to them than those who see them as bad. Harmony in the future will depend on your position on the spectrum and not the person you are with.

13. Are there any preconceptions that you hold?

Prejudice can change how you view someone.

Our deeper beliefs are often kept secret until later in a relationship. It is important to be open about your feelings.

14. Are you adamant that men and women are equal in your opinion?

You may be someone who thinks a girl can do everything a man can do. However, if she believes that a woman can do anything a man can do, and you believe that a girl is capable of doing almost everything a man can do, then there will be problems in the future. It is important to have similar ideas about gender responsibilities, limitations, and roles when you are a couple.

15. Where is a woman’s home?

He wants you to go home but you want to work. You see how this can lead to a problem.

It is important to talk to your partner if you want to work but stay home with the children.

16. Which is more important, family or money?

Is she willing to sacrifice family time in order to have more financial security? Or does she believe that money cannot buy happiness? Which would you be willing to give up, money or time? People who work hard and people who enjoy leisure often don’t get along well with each other.

17. What kind of relationship did your parents have with you?

How did they get along with their parents? The apple doesn’t always fall far from its tree.

How well they get along with their parents can reveal how they view family life, as well as whether it was loving and open or challenging. This is crucial because history tends to repeat itself. It is more likely that if someone’s parents were harsh or critical of their children, they will unconsciously do the same when they have kids.

18. Where would you go if you could travel anywhere?

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Are they an adventurer? Or a history buff. You could have problems in the future if you love to climb mountains but he prefers to read a book on the beach. Although opposites aren’t necessarily attracted, if there is nothing you share except a common interest in being entertaining to look at, it can make for a difficult union.

19. Are you averse to buying a luxury car?

This will reveal their value. A high-end car is something that people can show off to others. You probably don’t appreciate appearances as much if you drive a Monte Carlo late-model Monte Carlo because you don’t have to.

Different mindsets regarding the importance of what you display to the world can lead to real problems with spending habits.

20. Would you love to support me if I loved something?

What if you were to take a sabbatical in Africa to aid underprivileged children? They would be happy to support your dreams and let you go.

If you were to be a pornstar, would your parents support you? It is crucial to find out where your parents stand regarding your dreams and whether they will support you with unwavering love and support.

21. Would you stand up for me if your parents did not like me?

An in-law can have a positive or negative impact on a relationship. Although they may be in love with you right now if things changed, who would your spouse support? You must promise your spouse to be there for your partner, even if it means fighting your parents.

22. Do you feel lonely often?

A lonely person is more likely to seek a close relationship that allows them to do all the things together. One person could feel isolated and sad if they are more independent. This will eventually lead to problems.

23. Would you agree to take on something that you were uncomfortable with?

Sometimes, a partner may need or want something from you. You want someone who will stand up for what they believe in and do what is best. But you must know how far.

It can cause you to lose respect for them if they put themselves first. It can lead to a loss of love if they place themselves first. It is important to understand where your partner stands on this matter and their beliefs regarding what you should do for them in a relationship.

24. Who is more important: You or the one you love?

Are they putting the needs of those they love above their own? You may be able to tell what’s really inside by the answers they give.

25. Are you concerned about how many people I’ve slept with?

Is it jealousy? Are they jealous of your old love?

You might want to make them care a little if they don’t. Find out where they are at the opposite end of this spectrum.

26. What’s the worst thing someone can say about you?

What makes them a bad person? You are most likely to find someone who values others and thinks they are selfish.

You probably have someone who is concerned about their appearances if they don’t want anyone to think they are poor. What do they want to be?

27. Is it better to see children than hear them?

What is their view of children? Are they looking to parent as a couple or as a team? It doesn’t matter if they are right or wrong, but it is important that you know their views on children and the place they will play in your relationship.

28. What is deal-breaker behavior?

Are they able to believe that bullying and crying are unacceptable behavior? Before you say that you smoke, it is important to know that smoking is prohibited in your workplace.

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It’s impossible to hide it forever.

29. What number of times per week should married couples have sex?

What expectations do they have about a healthy relationship?

Many people believe that sex should be part of every relationship from the very beginning. When children arrive, romance and sex are often put on the back burner. It is important to understand how they value sex in a long-term relationship.

30. What are your bedroom adventures?

If you believe that trying new things is the key to a healthy sexual life, it is important to find out if someone is open to sharing new experiences with you or if they are only interested in being missionaries.

31. What do you do with the extra $1000-?

What would they do with it? Is it something they would save or spend? This will reveal if they are generous with their money or stingy.

32. Do you want to go to a movie with your friends?

Are they comfortable with being by themselves? People who feel comfortable being alone are happier and more at ease with themselves. They desire someone to enrich their lives, not just fulfill a need.

33. Are you a political nerd?

Are they open to other opinions? Are they able to accept different opinions? People who don’t want to discuss sensitive topics often get too upset about conflict or worry that it will change the way they see you.

It is important that they are on the same political wavelength. However, opinions can change. Are they open to discussing difficult topics and new ideas?

34. What were your feelings about any of your children growing up?

Did they bully them or were they the victim of bullying? We decide what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior in the playground. What behavior is unacceptable to them?

35. Have you ever been broken by someone?

Do you think you will have to deal with the baggage of someone else? Someone who has broken their heart is likely to have trust issues that will continue in the future.

It is crucial to determine if they have been disappointed and how it happened so that you can decide if they will guard their hearts.

36. What is the right time for a man to cry?

Does she consider crying weak or a “guy’s man”? This will tell you if you are able to be yourself with someone and still be sensitive. What is the limit of your ability to let go and be yourself?

37. Are your parents proud?

Do they feel inadequate or let down? A person who is proud of their achievements will tell you that they have parents who are proud. This will tell you about their upbringing and how their parents supported their emotional well-being.

38. What are you hoping people will remember and say about you after you’re gone?

What do they see as the most important thing in life?

39. What is your estimated lifespan?

What optimism do they have about their future? Ask them why they think they will die young. Are they pessimistic, fatalistic, or hypochondriacs?

40. What makes your best friend your friend?

What qualities do they consider make someone a good friend? And what about their best friend that makes them able to play that crucial role?

Sometimes these deep questions can be difficult to ask because we don’t want to know the answers. It is better to discover that someone you love is not what they seem to be at first.

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