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Doctor Pick Up Lines That Would Shock You


There are some pickup lines you wish didn’t exist. Some are hilarious, while others make you wish for good fortune in every area of your life. Even more fun is the jokey pickup lines in the medical field.

For both patients and doctors, the hospital can be very depressing and sad. Doctors have to accept the fact that they can’t save everyone. Patients, on the other hand, just want to be well.

These are 30 pickup lines that you can use in the hospital for uplifting the atmosphere, regardless of whether or not you’re actually using them.

Doctors got cheesy pickup lines

You could find someone really, really hot at the hospital as a patient and want to grab them! These are the best pick-up lines that you can use in case this happens again.

1. You need to take my temperature because I’m getting very hot!

To get the best treatment and attention, you must say the right things to your doctor. Doctors are a sexy bunch with their professional jargon, knowledge, and skills, isn’t it?

2. I believe I became sick because I believed we’re meant to be.

Yes, you would have missed this beautiful doctor in his white coat if you weren’t sick. It’s all meant to be.

3. Because you are wrapped around my heart, you must be my coronary artery

You might not be having a heart attack. Perhaps you’re just falling in love.

4. Are you my appendix? Because I feel like I should take you out

This one will be laughed at by most people. But that’s what the point of cheesy pickup lines is. You want the other person to smile at it or laugh at it.

5. Because I am madly in love, there is no treatment that you can give me.

True to their words, love is the only illness that has no cure.

6. You must have seen me because I can only see you.

You must be so focused that you cannot look away. This is how some people make you feel. They are so focused on you that you don’t even realize that you have been staring at them for over 15 minutes.

7. You would be my specialty any day.

I have never thought of myself as someone who could specialize in any field, but you are very special to me. If you allow me to specialize in you, I would be thrilled. It seems a little difficult to understand so we’ll have to get started.

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8. If you give me mouth-to-mouth, drowning shouldn’t seem so bad

It can be very distressing to drown. It can be very painful and you should not wish it on anyone. It’s very possible for a cutie to perform mouth-to-mouth.

9. I would like to see another doctor, as I know that you are not allowed to date your patient.

It is unethical and against the rules to date patients while they are still patients. Solution? Change your doctor! You may meet a doctor you like and want to be with. You can ask the doctor to change doctors to be able to go out legally with you to start a relationship.

10. Come to my office, and take off your pants

It’s a gift for the doctor to give to a loved one if they are feeling cheeky. To determine the cause of your illness, it is important to have a thorough exam. This could mean that you have a serious condition. It is not a joke to have a healthy body. All of us want you to feel great. Come quickly to my office and remove your pants so that I can inspect you.

Nerdy Pickup lines

Doctors can give you either the sexy or the nerdy vibe. There’s no middle ground. Even if you don’t like being around geeks or find them boring, you might be surprised at how cute nerdy pick up lines can be.

11. I can show you the locations of all 206 bones in your body, and the one that you just gave me.

Subtle? Or maybe not so much. They are always eager to share their knowledge and expertise. They will teach you so much. You will learn about all of your bones, as well as his.

12. Although I could list all causes of heart attacks, I don’t know why my heart feels that way about you.

Love is not science. There is no way to love. Even the most skilled doctors cannot understand why you feel this way. This is the one thing that worries us all. This is a great way to get help from your partner.

13. You don’t have to look this good. Vitamin ‘ME” is essential.

Vitamin ‘ME,’ of all the vitamins in your system seems to be the most important. Do not hesitate to call me, you have the luxury of time. You will soon be healthy and happy if you come to my house.

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14. Organ transplants are very dangerous but I would give my heart to you anytime

Giving out anything is always risky. It all depends on how much risk you are willing to take.

15. Do you want to be a doctor? However, I must warn you that you are likely to lose.

You can be your own doctor, but I will thoroughly examine you to ensure everything is in order. Take off all clothes and get ready for a thorough examination.

16. Let me demonstrate my ability to remove clothing. It’s on point

I learned a lot from working in the ER that removing someone’s clothes quickly can save lives. It is simple as removing clothes that I have helped save lives. Let me show you how it is done.

17. Are you Flecainide? You are the reason my heart skipped a beat.

You made my heart skip a beat. It is a great thing that you have plans to fix it. All I need now is to take me to a good restaurant.

18. You are causing me an extended cardiac arrhythmia, which I suspect is a sign that you must be my lover.

It is time to take it to a good restaurant. This is what you owe me! This was your gift to me!

19. Tonight, let me be your gynecologist

It’s vital to be checked once in a while.

20. I’m a certified love doctor. It took me years to master it.

A broken heart is more powerful than a broken bone. I am a specialist in making a broken heart whole again. The key is to combine two hearts together. Lucky for you, my heart is available right now!

To a doctor, cheesy lines of pick-up

Our top picks! Pilots and doctors are the sexiest professions. As teens, we spent a lot of time fantasizing about falling in love with a handsome, attractive doctor with a six-pack. We had all the ideas and scenarios in our heads, but they never came to pass.

Perhaps you are still searching for a doctor, or you have found one nearby but don’t know how to communicate with him. These are our top cheesy pickup lines for doctors! Get that white robe!

21. ICU in my Dream Tonight

Your face is the most adorable I have ever seen. It is something I will never forget. Do you know what’s even better? It’s the fact that you’re coming home tonight with me, so I don’t have to dream about you.

22. Because I don’t want you to stop eating one apple per day, I quit eating it.

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Who would want to keep a beautiful doctor away? Let’s just hope that you still have the chance to visit the doctor, even if your health is good.

23. You told me to eat healthily, but I want to eat your sweet cheeks.

Your cheeks are so cute! Two little apples blushing. Your cheeks would be my diabetes.

24. Quick! Get out of your white robe. You won’t be noticed by anyone!

Shh! To keep you safe, we need to conceal your identity! Earth is dangerous and you are too easily identifiable with your angelic smile. Don’t worry, I’m here for you. Come with me, and don’t worry about your white robe. They won’t even know you are there. You can also hide in my apartment tonight.

25. I was skeptical about angels until I saw your smile.

Your smile is so beautiful, I didn’t know anyone could have it. I want to know, what was heaven-like. Are you here to find me?

26. Okay, I don’t need to be dragged home with you. I will come home with you

Stop drugging me. To get me home, you don’t need to drug me.

27. Will you spank me if I don’t take my medication on time?

I’ve been a bit reckless with my prescription. I have not been taking my pills as prescribed. Doctor, I suppose you’ll have to discipline me a bit.

28. You’re the one who saved my life from my nightmare.

When I saw someone save my life, I thought it was a dream. But, it turned out to be you. You are my life and I am determined to buy you a meal.

29. You are so hot, I need to get off my clothes.

You can feel it! It’s actually you who’s hot!

30. Were we together at school? We just had chemistry, I swear!

Can you see the sparking flames that are between us? Let’s have a date!

You don’t have to be afraid of calling a doctor with these 30 pick-up lines! Because they are so experienced and professionals, it can be intimidating to them. They are just human beings like us.

You may find some pickup lines work well for you, while others might only make you laugh. But, whatever the outcome, you can go home knowing you made someone smile. These pick-up lines can be used to get a sexy doctor.

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