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Does He Love Me? 37 Signs He Totally Loves You


When you find yourself falling in love with a man, it is hard not to wonder, “Does he love me?” These signs will help you see past the “like” and instead look for love.

A guy might be interested in you or you may be dating him. But does this mean that he is truly passionate about you? There are subtle ways to find out the truth about your boyfriend’s true feelings for you.

It’s important to remember that while romantic gestures can be cute, they are easy to fake. Real love is not one gesture. It’s a series of small gestures that last a lifetime.

You may be truly in love with your man. Sometimes, however, you may feel a little confused or insecure and wonder if your man really loves you.

Sometimes feeling insecure is part of being loved. It’s normal and something we all feel from time to time. What matters most is how your boyfriend reassures you and makes you feel more loved.

Is he in love with me? You can decode his behavior to find out if he loves you.

Two people fall in love when they first meet and feel the thrill of infatuation. All you want is to please each other and shower them with small acts of love and romance.

As infatuation fades and true love sets in, the romantic gestures that you used to decode the love *infatuation* are no longer valid. Not when it takes on a deeper and more intimate form.

You may find your guy buying you gifts or engaging in romantic gestures to please and win you over.

To truly know if your man loves you or not, it is important to pay attention to the signals he gives you. What is your man’s behavior when he doesn’t want to win you over or prove his love for you?

Why do men love you even though they don’t mean to

This is a common mistake made by men. It’s not your fault. He just assumes that he must say “I love You” when he moves from the talking stage to dating and then to more. It’s possible he doesn’t mean it, particularly if he isn’t sure you are the right one. He may not believe you are invested in him.

He may assume that saying “I love” to you is the best way to keep the relationship going. He may even say it to you because he believes that’s what you want!

There are many ways to tell if your man truly loves you. You’ll be able to answer the question “Does he love you?” in no time with these signs.

Is he in love with you? 37 signs that will reveal the truth about your relationship with him

While romantic gestures are the hallmark of the honeymoon period, these signs can also be used to communicate your love. You will be able to answer the question, “Does he love me?” by the end of the list.

1. He communicates

The more that a couple speaks, the better they get to know each other. If your guy loves you, he will talk about his feelings and desires and want to know all about your life. This is the best way to build a stronger relationship.

2. You are his enchantment

Are you ever tempted to stare at him when you are busy with something else? This is a sign that he cannot get enough of you! *And he is definitely amazed by you, too!

3. It is his responsibility to bear it

A man who truly loves you will enjoy seeing you happy. He’d love to see you happy, even if it’s not something he enjoys. Do you find him willing to watch your favorite TV show even though he would rather be doing something else? Do you find him muttering about the dirt and the thorns as he helps you to weed your garden on Sunday afternoons? He seems to really love you.

4. He is protective

This isn’t about extravagant acts of love. As you cross the street together, does he hold your hand? Is he there to comfort you when you are anxious? Do you feel that he is attentive to your needs, no matter what? This is a sign that your safety and happiness are more important than anything else.

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5. He cancels all plans to comfort you

Canceling plans is something that no one enjoys, especially not men. Because of this, it’s not something any guy wants to be called. Even if he is out with friends and discovers that you aren’t feeling well or have had a bad day he will drop all of his plans to be there for you and comfort you.

You wouldn’t expect him not to. He does it because he loves and appreciates you.

6. He values time together

He spends more time with you than with his friends. If your guy falls in love with you and views you as his partner for life, all of his friends will be able to take a backseat. He’ll start spending more time with you.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that he is clingy. But he does value you more than any other thing.

7. He is determined to impress.

You’re impressed and won over by him. Why not keep up the good behavior?

He won’t stop loving you if he loves it. He will go above and beyond to make you happy, even if it is only to make you feel better.

8. He bridges the personal and professional space

In a relationship, secrets are okay. If a guy falls for you hard, it will be a bridge between your life and his. You could ask him about his bank account details and passwords or even answer his phone.

9. He likes hugging you

Do you feel like your boyfriend holds you tight and hugs you occasionally? Because he loves you, he feels good hugging you.

Hugging that lasts longer than a few seconds can release feel-good chemicals in the body. Even if your boyfriend isn’t aware of this, his brain can sense it.

10. He doesn’t blow hot or cold.

When they are angry at someone, or playing games, people can get hot and cold. If a man truly loves you, he won’t play games with you or be hot and cold. Even if they have an argument, he still loves you too much to ignore you.

11. He wants to know all about you

A man who likes you will want to get to know you. A man who loves you will want to know every detail about your life. What is the name of your school best friend? What was your first experience with heartbreak? What are you most fond of for breakfast? He wants to know all about you.

12. He has changed the world.

A man who loves you will change his lifestyle and habits to spend more time with him if he truly cares about you. He would even sacrifice his favorite movie or a game to be with you.

13. He is proud of you

If a guy isn’t committed to you, he won’t talk about you with any other girls he knows, even his coworkers at work. If he is serious about you, he will show you off every time you meet him.

14. He’d like to be your guy of choice

A guy who loves a girl wants to be her “number-one”! He’d be offended if you told him about your car troubles or work difficulties.

He wants you to understand that he is always there to help you with any problem, big or small. This is a sign to watch out for if you are wondering if he loves me. If a man loves you, he will be more interested in being your “savior” and play a larger role in your life.

15. He will reveal his secrets to you

Because it allows others to judge you, awkward secrets can be a sign that you are weak. If a man loves you, he will be open to sharing secrets that he hasn’t shared with anyone. This is because he trusts and loves you enough.

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16. He’s on your mind

Even when you don’t ask him to, he remembers you. Even if you don’t ask, he will buy you the thing you love. He may buy you something you love on the way home or meet you.

17. Even if he doesn’t say it, he misses you.

It’s not common for a guy to say that he misses his girlfriend, but it can happen. You’d notice a twinkle in his eye and a wide smile on his lips when you meet him. This is a sign that he loves you and misses you.

18. He is not judgemental

Although he may tease and reminisce about what you’ve done, he will always be there to support you or help you. He won’t judge you or expect anything in return.

19. He will try to bring your lives together

He may do this subconsciously or vocally. Is he asking you to bring a few clothes with you? Is he willing to give you his spare key so he doesn’t have to wait for you when you arrive at his house? Does he even talk about the possibility of moving in together?

These are subtle ways that a man shows a woman he cares and wants to spend his life with her.

20. He is so proud of you!

He will brag about your accomplishments and never stop praising you for what you have achieved. He will celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small or large, with the same passion he celebrates his own.

21. You are the first and only.

If you don’t live together, you’re the first person that he texts when he wakes up in the morning and the last one he texts at night before falling asleep. Although he could fake it by texting another person, over time it becomes easy to discern if a man is being truthful or lying.

22. He will bend over backward

A man who truly loves you will sacrifice his own interests to make you smile.

23. He dreams

He talks about his dreams and all he hopes to accomplish in life. He almost always talks about his big plans and how proud and happy he can make him feel.

24. He humors your bad mood

Sometimes girls get annoyed for no apparent reason. Sometimes, girls are silent and just wait for us to figure out why they’re mad.

If your man loves you, he will not only put up with your moods without rolling his eyes or sulking, but he will also apologize for the wrongs he did.

25. He checks in

Is he constantly texting you to ask if you have reached home since you went out with your friends? Do you get random text messages from him throughout the day asking how your day is going? These things are not for you to play with. He does this because he loves you and cares about you. He also thinks about you all the time.

26. The little things

You may not notice how he shows his love to you every day, but it’s the little things. You may not notice it, but it’s the small things, like offering you a bigger meal, a better drink, or a better seat, and taking good care of yourself when you are sick.

27. He will support you in achieving your goals

No matter what your goals, he is your biggest cheerleader. Want a better job? He is always there for you, searching for new opportunities. Do you want to lose weight? He is a Googler and shares bits of information about health tips.

He is more than someone who congratulates your efforts at the finish line. A guy who loves you will be there cheering you on from the sidelines.

28. He is attentive to your needs

Not the in-from-one-ear-and-out-the-other kind of way. He listens to what you have to say and retains what you said. How do you know? How can you tell?

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29. He will make you feel good

Insecure boyfriends want you to look or feel bad because it makes them feel better about the relationship. A secure boyfriend would want you to look great in all you do. He doesn’t think he is too nice to you. It’s because he believes that he treats you well.

30. He won’t keep secrets that could cause you pain

Because they don’t want you to be hurt, many men keep little secrets from their women. Is he playing video games rather than meeting you? Is he a flirty coworker or is he playing video games instead of meeting you? He won’t keep these things from you if he truly loves you. He’ll tell you the truth and laugh about it because he knows that he has shown his loyalty and love for you.

31. He keeps track of the details

He might be busy. He makes it a point of remembering all the important events in your life. He’s available to assist you if you have a big project.

32. He will give you a heads-up

Are his friends going with him? Is he going to be late for work? He will let you know before he leaves work, regardless of the circumstance. This is not to tell you what he’s up to, but to ensure you aren’t worried about him. He will do whatever he can to make your worries less.

33. He has seen the worst of you and still wants to be with you

We all have our carefully hidden side that only we can see, even the closest person to us. Perhaps you are a lazy person who can’t get out of bed, or you fart like an ogre. Perhaps you have a bad temper and only the closest people in your life can see it. He’s experienced it all, but he still chooses to stay.

34. He holds true to his word

People don’t always keep their promises these days. If you care about someone you love, it is a sign that you are truly committed to them. Your man will do whatever it takes to keep his word if he truly loves you.

If he promises to come over to help you, and your car breaks down, he will walk a few blocks or call a taxi. But he will be there for you if you give him his word. He will never disappoint you if he loves you.

35. He would like to be a part of your life

You might be asking, “Does he love me?”. If he has, then ask him if he’s ever tried to get involved in something of yours. You could do something simple like cooking together, going for a walk every day or even working out together.

A guy who wants to combine activities and make a routine of it is doing it because he wants to spend special time with you.

36. He said, “I love you!”

This is the simplest explanation. Sometimes, if you are dating a man or married to him it is the best way to get rid of your doubts. He probably means it, especially if he tells you he loves and cares about you completely out of the blue.

37. He loves you and shows it

If a man verbally says he loves you, it’s a sign that he is truly in love with you. A man who loves you deeply will go above and beyond to show his love.

You will see how much he cares about you when he treats you like a father. How can you tell? These are the different ways that a man can say “I love you” without saying a word.

Romantic gestures are a great way for a guy to show his affection. If you have ever wondered if your man loves you, you can use these signs to see if he does.

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