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Exchange of presents: a universal language of love


While other religions have their fundamental concepts that are difficult to quantify or assign the value of gifts, they are more tangible in the sense that it is more materialistic.

Many people are inclined to dismiss it as uninteresting or extravagant, instead of acknowledging it as a sign of love.

Our way of expressing our love is instinctual and is traced to the early years. In his book ” The Five Love Languages”, Gary Chapman is able to make a profound observation:

The children are instructed to present gifts to their parents early. This establishes a strong connection between the giving of a gift and affection.

From the time they are infants, the children are taught to view gifts as symbolic images of affection.

That’s to say, the love language used to give gifts doesn’t only revolve around the gift that is being given or received.

The true significance of gift-giving is the gesture itself on its own, as a method to let your partner know that your love is on your mind and that the desires they express are heard as well as that the smile they show is priceless.

Why People Enjoy Gifts

As Chapman says there is an inborn human tendency to give to the people they love.

In the same way, it’s a universal symbol of love that all cultures and societies can comprehend and connect to.

Your partner could be connected to feelings of affection with the making or receiving of gifts.

If you want to please someone who is a fan of the gift-giving love language You’ll have to keep track of the important dates such as birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries to get them an appropriate trinket to commemorate the day.

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Remember that you don’t have to wait until a special celebration to give them a present.

Your partner who is fond of gifts or receiving as their principal love language will want you to show appreciation regularly.

However, before you start adding up your savings, bear in mind that it’s not just the monetary value of an item that is what makes it meaningful.

It’s the idea behind the present and the expression of affection and love which makes the gift a precious memory.

For instance, Better Topics is the perfect present to give your partner. It’s a game of cards specially designed for couples, allowing you to engage in more meaningful and valuable conversations.

How To Identify The Gift Giving Love Language

Do you think that your partner might speak the gift-giving language of love as a major expression of love? Here are some tips that can help you clear any doubts you have:

  1. Do they enjoy shopping to the extent that it’s like an activity rather than an obligation?
  2. Do they like giving gifts? Have they put much effort and thought into creating unforgettable gifts for their loved family members?
  3. Do they cherish presents they received in the past due to their sentimental value?
  4. Do they have souvenirs to take home from each excursion they take?
  5. Do they possess the ability to choose the best gift for any situation?
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If this is the case with your partner It is safe to presume that gift-giving and receiving are (one of) their most loved language(s).

Understanding how the brain is wired to feel affection is vital to ensure their gestures of affection do not get misinterpreted.

There’s more to gifts that meets the eye. If your loved one is a gift-giving love language, it’s likely that they’ll cherish the gifts you give them as sentimental memories more than they will as physical objects.

They can be used to store concert tickets empty chocolate boxes and dried flowers or other tokens that are not traditional due to the emotional connection to an event within your relationships.

To quote Gary Chapman: the emotional emotion that a gift conveys is far more significant than the actual gift.

How to Speak Gift Giving as a Love Language

In the event that this happens to be your main relationship Knowing when and what to get your partner for the perfect gift will come naturally.

If this isn’t the case, then meeting their demands can be an actual issue.

However, don’t be worried We have some suggestions that will act as a “conversation guide” for you to communicate and comprehend your partner’s gift-giving love language.

  1. Listen to your spouse. Are you aware of the is their favorite chocolate? The color they would choose for their outfit (or for the walls)? What’s the one thing they’ve always wanted to purchase for themselves, but didn’t get to it?
  2. Create a list of the items or preferences that are mentioned as they are voiced. You can use it to decide on purchasing a present for them.
  3. Learn to think about gifts not in terms of practical or material worth, but rather in terms of expression of love. A thoughtful, thoughtful, and timed trinket will say “I love you” more powerfully than a costly but unpersonal gift.
  4. It is important to make a habit of giving, rather than using it to strengthen your relationship in times of difficulty. For instance, a modest present without any reason other than the purpose of making your partner smile is a great way to make them smile. More than an extravagant present intended to make you feel better for an error you’ve committed.
  5. Alongside gifts based on your partner’s wants and preferences, you can also strengthen your relationship by giving them gifts focused on you as a couple. Better Topics, our game designed for couples (we also offer free apps available for download) is a wonderful gift to your relationship. Your partner will appreciate using the gift-giving love language and you will have the opportunity to build your bond.
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Is gift giving your dominant love language? We’d like to hear your tips for what drives you.

Do you know if this is your partner’s main method of expressing their affection? Tell us how you respond to your partner’s desires by leaving a comment.

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