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Fake & Real Things You Want in a Relationship (Couple Goals)


The term “couple goals” is thrown around often however, what exactly is it? What are the most important couple goals that you should be doing?

There are many who are unsure of what the couple’s goals are. Many bases their views on faith, social media, or simply on the information they were taught as children.

It’s difficult to figure out what to be looking for in a partner. Because couple goals are now a common thing but they do not really portray an actual couple in the workplace.

The concept that couples have “couple goals” has been all across the Internet. But what exactly are these goals really displaying? Numerous social media platforms discuss this subject and only show photos of models posing in a very cute couple-like image. But the problem is that they aren’t true. What are couples’ goals?

What are your goals for the couple?

Couple of goals are what you’re trying to achieve in your relationship. These are the goals you would like to see from your relationship. That is what you strive to achieve.

However, just as many people want to earn a lot of money but they soon realize that connections, experiences, and relationships are far more important. The goals of couples are no different.

What we think of as couple goals, particularly online, aren’t the things that a healthy and genuine couple is striving for. Couple goals are basically the things you display rather than what you are as an individual couple.

Why do we want couple of goals?

We are SOOOO in love with adorable couples that seem absolutely stunning and content with one another. We look at pictures on the web of happy couples that have been posed to appear intimate and we just can’t be enough of them. What’s the reason?

It’s because we think that’s what reality is, and we’d like it to be ours. We would love to have someone to hold us like the woman who holds his or her “loved one.” We believe we can have this reality and dream about the specific goals of a couple.

Fake goals for a couple

The thing with couple goals is that they’re generally pretty superficial. They appear stunning but lack depth. We often think of these goals as couples when we’re not married.

If you don’t have anyone that makes you feel comfortable and you think you’ll be what others have. If it’s a real couple’s highlight reel or a collection of models, your couple goals should revolve around being a happy, healthy couple, not about how you appear to the world.

1. Fantastic photos were taken together

We see romantic images of a couple enjoying an idyllic beach, holding hands with golden hour light and it brings us to tears. We desire that romantic feeling and love. We don’t know that the photos behind them are two models in a freezing cold, feeling uncomfortable.

2. Traveling to exotic destinations

The most expensive and extravagant vacations might look stunning in photos or videos but won’t create a happy couple. I’ve seen couples who went on these incredible things and had amazing adventures but returned unhappy because of one another. It’s not about the place you go, it’s about who you’re traveling with.

3. Getting engaged

Engaging in a relationship is beautiful when you’re with someone you love. I’ve witnessed many engagements fail because people were more excited about that time, that ring, and the wedding, rather than having a lifelong relationship. The symbols are lovely, however, only when you have the proper base to support them.

4. Change your partner for you

It’s an idealistic idea that you should switch your partner, or that they would love more if they switch to you. But it doesn’t work. We’ve all seen television films and shows in which the girl who is good is trying to make a difference to the bad boy. And when it doesn’t work then she’s an unpopular boy to him. *WE SEE YOU, GREASE*

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This is never a good idea. It is always anger and falsehood that can appear amazing on the surface.

5. All the time being together

Couples who are constantly together aren’t the perfect match they’re made out to be. Spending so much time in a relationship with just one person can be a recipe for failure, no matter how great they look. There may be some couple goals to take a man out to eat dinner with his girlfriend and friends but it’s really an indication of insecurity and even manipulative behavior.

A couple of goals you must have

The issue with all the couple-goals photos that are posted on Instagram is the fact that they aren’t authentic. Sometimes, yes, they’re real but, even so, there’s a scene in their lives. No one posts photos of all the difficulties that relationships go through.

Some of these photos are filled with junk, However, there are some that are. Certain of them depict realistic goals for couples to model within their relationships. However, most of the time the actual goals you must set to achieve in your relationship aren’t visible from the outside, but are felt in the heart. Here’s what you should be striving for in a relationship.

1. Sometimes brutal, but sometimes real honest, sometimes brutal

Real goals for a couple include telling your partner that they’re acting like a little twit. Then, you can proceed to help them change their behavior. Tell the truth about your life with your partner!

If it’s just about something small, or revealing the truth when you’ve been hiding important information Your goal should be to find someone who you are honest and open with, regardless of how hurtful the truth could be.

2. Trust that is unshakeable

Without trust, you won’t be able to have an intimate relationship. If you would like to be a couple with real objectives, you need to completely trust your partner and they should be capable of trusting you as well. If you can find this type of affection, it’s more valuable than any other thing.

3. Open communication

Talking to your spouse about anything is essential in the course of a relationship. Realistic goals for couples let you bring up any topic that you want to discuss whether it is serious or light and be able to get through it with ease.

If you’re able to communicate openly it will make fighting quicker, have your requirements fulfilled as well as bond and be connected to your spouse in a more intimate way. This all leads to an even stronger relationship.

4. Being yourselves

This is possibly the most important goal that you can achieve as you enter into the relationship. Each of you has to be 100 percent yourself with each one another, regardless of the circumstances.

If you’re one who tears up during sad films, then you should be able to let your tears flow over your partner. If you’re a complete emotional slob when you’re hungry — like me, then you need to find someone who can accept it without hesitation.

5. Be concerned about the safety of each other.

This could be a couple’s goal that you’ve seen on cute couple’s Instagram accounts with a photo of a text exchange in which the man is saying, “Drive safe,” or “Let me know when you’ve made it home, okay?”

These aren’t just cute. They’re actual goals for couples also. The idea of taking care of one another’s security as if it was your personal safety is the kind of relationship you’d like to have.

6. Being able to spend time with your partner

A couple should not spend every time together and is able to stay in a relationship. It is possible that you end up killing one another by doing this. You must be able to enjoy your time with your loved ones or in solitude.

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Everyone requires “me time,” and when you aren’t able to handle being separated from your partner due to any reason, the relationship can fall apart. Be realistic about your goals as a couple and show your strength even when you’re separated. Learn to grant some space in your relationship without falling apart and separating.

7. Disputing over what actually is important, and that makes up

Yes. Arguments are definitely a couple of objective and one you might not hear or see about often. In reality, it is healthy for couples to debate on issues that are important to them.

You ought to be able to win an argument over something that you are passionate about and leave it with a love for your spouse. Arguments aren’t trivial and you’ll have to figure out a way to work around the obstacles.

8. The sacrifice of certain things to each other

The process could as easy as giving up a evening a week to see them play sports as well as giving up excellent job to get their dream job in the United States.

There are no two people who can live in an enduring relationship without giving up something they love, so long as it’s something that is too important. Couple goals that are real involve giving the things you love for the sake of the other’s happiness.

9. The ability to have meaningful conversations

You’ll be amazed at how many people tell you how much they enjoy “just talking” with their partner but are unable to reply to the inquiry, “What do you talk about?”

One of the goals you should strive to achieve when it comes to your relationship is the ability to chat about important things with one another. You must be able to connect with your partner in as to engage in deep conversations and leave feeling like you’ve gained insight and knowledge. Read: 80 hilarious “would you rather” questions to ask your spouse.

10. Spending time with your friends

This is an objective that almost everyone believes is essential and there are numerous images out there that resemble this. It’s actually real. In all senses, it is important to be with someone who’s your friend. You’re attracted by them evidently.

The idea of being your most beloved friend is romanticized. It is important to have a great friend, but having an intimate relationship with them is two different aspects that are best in their own right. Your partner must be someone you can count on to be there for you at every turn or a person who is never judging your character, and who whom you can spend all day in a trance and enjoy an enjoyable time. It’s the reason you should seek out those traits in the person you live your time with.

11. Always in the process of learning

A key goal to set for your partnership is the desire to not ever stop studying. You could be in a relationship for several years or even years and yet, as two people expand, there’s always something new to be learned.

There’s a chance that you’ll find out some information about your spouse when you celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary. It doesn’t mean you don’t communicate enough. This means that you’d like to continue growing as a couple and not become stagnant.

12. Talking about money

As bleak as it may be it is, money is an essential and essential aspect of living life with somebody. You must be able to discuss it however uncomfortable.

The way you live is through money If you aren’t at ease talking with your partner about it can make you feel unheard or even angry.

13. Try new things with your friends

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You should not only be studying each other But, healthy and realistic goals for your couple should be to learn about new topics together. Take classes together or explore new ideas. You can experiment with new recipes as well as travel together or even begin a new venture. However, doing this will bond you. [Read: Fun things you can do with your partner you can also do this with your boyfriend.

14. Learning your favorite languages

The love language is not popular, but they are an effective one. Understanding how you give and receive love as well as how your partner responds is essential to make certain that you’re giving them the best you can. If you do not, you might believe that you’re putting a lot of work into it, but you’re not letting your partner know if they’re getting the best.

15. Chemistry

While you might not require an instant spark to begin a relationship, the right level of chemistry is crucial for keeping your relationship romantic, not just romantic. The chemistry you have with your partner is what makes you have fun with sex, kissing, and PDA. Without it, relationships may become stagnant. Read: How to develop sexual chemistry that will keep it going to last

16. Support

You can see this as the result of a couple’s goal setting on Instagram. If someone is promoted and then they’re SO throws them a massive celebration party. This is fantastic, but it’s also a gesture to the public. It doesn’t matter when they don’t support their spouse through the long hours of work and long, stressful days to arrive at that place.

17. Laughing and fun

Fun is an integral aspect of relationships that many often overlook. You’d like to appear as if you’re having fun based on your ideal vision of what your goals as a couple include, however you might not be actually enjoying yourself.

18. Future-proofing your plans

Some people aren’t planners It’s okay. It is not necessary to keep an agenda for your week. However, a happy couple should be looking to accomplish something together. It doesn’t matter if it’s something large or small it is important for them to talk about what they would like to see from their lives.

19. Intimacy

Sex is an entirely different thing However, intimacy is so vital. If a couple isn’t intimate enough it can make them appear like roommates rather than couples. Intimacy is about snuggling on the couch or kissing one another gently in sleeping, or handholding at the parks. Be sure that you’re physically connected.

20. Banter

Banter isn’t a must for a successful relationship, but it’s definitely one of the many couples’ objectives that are real and worthwhile to strive for. It’s impossible to make this level of flirting compulsory however you can try to get it from your partner. The back and forth of flirting and laughter puts you at ease and gives you butterflies, no matter how long you’ve spent together.

21. A desire for long-term happiness

You must both desire to see the relationship be successful and you must have the same goal for the couple. If you are pushing in one direction and the other pulls back, it won’t be a good thing.

22. Respect

This could be the most ideal couple’s goal that everyone should strive to achieve. Without respect, relationships can rapidly become disorganized and potentially dangerous. Respect is essential for clear communication as well as authenticity, trust, vulnerability, and nearly every other objective on this list.

With all the couples’ goals you hear about on social media they are the genuine ones you should be pursuing. With these goals for couples in your checklist of goals, you want to follow when you start your future relationship it’s nearly impossible to be a failure.

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