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Flirty And Fun Questions You Can Ask Your Boyfriend


Sometimes asking silly questions can make two people get to know each other better. Do you know this? Is your relationship new? Are you unsure where to begin? These are some fun questions you can ask your boyfriend/partner.

Nothing is more enjoyable than the “getting-to-know you” phase. Do not despair if you feel that things are getting stale or you have run out of topics to discuss. These questions are fun to ask your boyfriend and can help you learn more about each other.

It’s important to keep things light and have fun. Men hate getting the first degree. So make sure you don’t ask for anything that might raise suspicions. You want to get a non-complicated, lighthearted response.

1. How did you feel about me when you first met me. It’s interesting to think back on your first impressions of each other. You may have been the first person he saw and thought of you.

2. As a child, did you have a friend imaginary? What kind of friendships did you have with him? Did he have a lot of friends?

3. Which superhero was your favorite? Each superhero has their unique cool thing. What would he do to make the world a better place? From what he has learned in his head, you can tell his personality. Ask him.

4. What was your dream car growing up? Did he love the Lamborghini and muscle cars, or the Mazda his father brought home in second grade?

5. Ask your boyfriend what is the most embarrassing moment. He may be willing to share these embarrassing moments with you. This will give you a better understanding of your man.

6. Ask your partner what is his greatest achievement. Find out what they value in life.

7. Which was your first memory? What memories do you have that will stay with you? He is more likely to remember only the bad things. He may be more proud of his achievements if he can recall that he won a drawing contest. He may also recall the expression on his mom’s faces when he was happy about something that he did.

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8. Who was your first crush? A guy’s first crush can influence not only the women he chooses but also how he enters into a relationship later on in his life.

9. What was your career goal as a child? While we all want to do something as children, many don’t get the chance. Ask your boyfriend this question to discover what he dreamed to be as a young man. This will tell you if your boyfriend is more pragmatic or more open to pursuing new ideas.

10. Do you like school? This question will help you discover which direction your man leans.

11. Which was your childhood favorite movie? Did he prefer to be a fantasy man, a slasher fan, or a regular comedian when he was younger? What is his favorite thing to do? Is it his desire to laugh, cry or be inspired?

12. What would your superpower be? Would he use his superpowers for good or evil …??

13 How long did you believe in Santa? What was his childhood like? It speaks volumes about the innocence of a child, and also reveals his vulnerability and tenderness.

14. Do you ever feel nervous around girls? Did he start out as a gentleman or were you more of an observer? A boy who is comfortable around girls will usually remain that way. It is possible for a man to be more reserved and have difficulty communicating his feelings.

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15. Are you a late or early bloomer? Most of us are very unhappy in puberty. You might feel awkward if you grew too quickly. But if you were the youngest member of the group, then you could have something to prove.

16. Which song was your favourite in high school? Did he want to be the Dead Head wannabe or the grudge guy? Or was he a pop star? Music is subjective. This fun question you can ask your boyfriend will reveal a lot about your personality.

17 Have you ever been a momma’s son? Normaly, momma’s boys don’t change. He may be one, but if he can admit it, it’s more likely that he will have better control over any relationship issues that might result from this trait.

18 How did you win your first trophy for He was a great athlete or did he participate in the sport to earn his first trophy?

19. Who was the one who taught you about bees and birds? From where did he learn about the importance of a relationship? He probably learned the entire “respect” conversation from his parents. He probably learned it from his parents, but he likely learned it in the locker-room.

20 When was your first drink People who are more adventurous might be more inclined to take risks early in life. He might still be waiting for his first beer.

21. Have you ever had a summer romance? There are many types of summer loves. These are the people you love so much that you will abandon all your other relationships and fall in love with them. Is he a man who has ever let go of his long-term relationship and given up all his possessions for a brief affair with a woman?

22. Which is your favorite meal? Are you a meat-and-potatoes guy or do you prefer good soul food?

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23. What makes a house feel like home? Is he attached to the physical places and people within them? He will feel closer to the people he loves if home is his family. He considers home an address and does not care about the people living there.

#24 Was it difficult to leave home? Did he consider himself a homebody? Or was he someone who wanted to set the world ablaze?

25 If you could spend a night with any person, real or false, who would it be? Is there anyone who is worth his time? What knowledge would he like to acquire if he could speak to anyone?

26 Who is your greatest hero? Are you a comic book author or your dad? Is your hero someone who wears a suit everyday and walks out the door, even when it’s not necessary? Is he able to see the extraordinary in the ordinary or the extraordinary in the everyday?

27 What do you want people saying about you when you’re gone? These are fun questions that you can ask your boyfriend and they’ll reveal a lot about how he wants his life. What is he most passionate about?

28. What do you see yourself as when you reach 70? What are his goals? What are his goals?

29. What point in your life will you say “I’ve made strong“? When will you feel satisfied enough to say he has all he needs, that he can’t ask for more or that he accomplished everything he set out to do?

30. What is your most memorable childhood memory? Is it about him, his friends, and the time they spent together, or his family vacation?

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