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Flirty Emojis You Can Use To Tease In Your Texts


The digital world has changed the way we interact with each other. The days of “hi, how’re you” in person are long gone. We now have flirty emojis.

It can be difficult to understand the subtle flirting and teasing when you first start texting someone. You can also use flirty emojis. It can be difficult to know where and when to use them.

When you first send someone a text, should you use an emoticon? Do you need to use flirty emoticons often? Do you need to use it only once? The biggest confusion is: what do you do if flirty emojis are being used by someone you’re texting? !

Although text flirting can feel like a maze of steps, it is actually quite simple once you learn how to do it correctly. We have emojis that allow us to express our emotions in clear ways and flirt with our way into someone’s heart.

The top emojis to use to improve your flirting

Emojis have made it a million times easier and more fun to create flirty messages and other types of text messages.

Simply adding an emoji in a text line can change the meaning of the phrase. It’s quite remarkable. If you are a complete failure at flirting, such as myself, text flirting could be the way to go. Here are some top flirty emojis to help you send flirty messages like nobody’s business.

1. Winking face

Yes, peeps, we all know how powerful it is to wink in real life. But, the same power applies in texting. A wink can make a sentence more memorable. It’s perfectly acceptable to say “Meet me at WalMart later”

If you put a wink in there, it becomes “Meet Me at Wal-Mart Later.” This will make your evening a lot more fun, because it adds a new sexy meaning to the sentence.

2. Winking kiss

With the wink! The flirty winky kiss emoji makes it a lot less seductive and much more sweet and cute.

This is a warm gesture that shows you are kind and caring. It will likely make the recipient smile at their phone or say “awwwww!” The winky kiss is always a great idea and very useful when flirting via text messaging.

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3. Heart eyes

This one is obvious. This basically means they are so in love with you or happy that you make them smile. This emoji can be used to talk about avocado toast or sushi, which is quite versatile. Let’s face it, food and love can be interchangeable. It all depends on how you use it and what mood you are in when you drop the emoji.

4. See no evil

This cute, flirty little monkey Emoji is adorable. This can be used to make the recipient or you blush.

This adds an extra layer of “awwww” and flirty to the conversation.

Let the other person know that you are shy and let them know it in a text. This will make him/her smile, which will encourage more conversation.

5. Crying or laughing

Let’s be real, people love to believe they are funny. You will always laugh at the painful jokes of someone you love if you are in a relationship with them.

This emoji can be used to flirt because it expresses laughter more effectively than any other – you are literally crying because of how hard you laughed. This is a great way to flirt in text conversations if you don’t yet have a partner.

It’s like saying LMFAO. This used to be hugely successful for whatever reason. We are not the internet police.

6. Smile or laugh with rosy cheeks

This is by far the most subtle and flirty emoji. You can use it in any conversation, even those that aren’t flirty.

This emoji can be used in many contexts and is sweet and joyful. It leaves the recipient wondering whether you mean “smiling”, “blushing” or some other expression.

7. Two hearts

This is a nice variation on the traditional red heart. This will catch the recipient’s attention and show their warm feelings towards you.

It’s an emoji of “I’m thinking of you” or “I care about your.”

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8. Sassy girl

It’s a flirty emoji that attracts girls’ attention. We don’t really know why. It’s silly and goofy, which is what girls love.

This could work for a male to send, depending on the context. However, it is certain that females love to receive this text emoticon along with a fun statement about themselves!

9. Tongue

Although it is often used in flirty conversations, this emoji tends to be more intense. This emoji falls more in the category of sexting.

The first is funny, while the second is a little more sexual. These emojis can convey whatever message you wish. *.

10. Peach

They love your BOOTY! This is a sign that they like your BOOTY! You can take it as you like, but they are completely into you.

11. Do you want to drool on your face?

They are so in love with you that they cannot stop thinking about you. Although it’s bold, it gets the point across. *Especially in response to a sexy photo! *

This is one of the flirtiest emojis you can send to someone. It will leave them wondering what your thoughts are. [Read: Seductive selfies–34 best sexy selfie poses. Tips to show off your self]

12. Crazy face

It’s playful, flirty, and shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s easier to convey the true meaning if you send it after you have said something sarcastic, funny, or both. This makes you seem cute and fun. Why not send flirty emojis or texts?

13. Face hungry

What are they looking for? This is what you will think if they send you this flirty emoji. It’s important to keep the message in context. They may think you’re hungry and misunderstand the meaning of the original text.

This one has a multifunctional design that allows you to flirt with many people. [Read: 20 No-Fail Signs to Tell if a Guy Likes You Through Texting.

14. Aubergine

Yes, we had no choice but to go there. It’s one the most used emojis, and has a very sexual meaning.

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Although this is probably a flirty emoji and not sexual, if it’s the direction of your flirting and you don’t think they will be offended by it, then go for! You can take it further by adding a water droplets emoji to let everyone know what you are thinking!

15. Use sweat droplets

This one is not hard. It all boils down to context. This is a way to show them you are hot. Sexy, no?

It can also be used as a joke emoji when you’re hot, after you’ve gone to the gym, or just when you want to talk about the weather.

16. Speak no evil

The cute monkey who keeps his hands on his eyes has been seen before. This is his sibling. A cute monkey holding his hands up to his mouth like he just said something wrong or was flirty, and he is worried that he has been caught out.

This is the perfect flirty emoji for when you want to say something flirty or naughty but aren’t sure how your recipient will respond. You can also use it to flirt with someone and then cover it up using a cute Emoji.

17. Sunshine in your face

This emoji can be used in many ways, but it’s a great way of saying “hello sunshine” to someone you love. Everyone loves the sun, right,? This one is a great choice. [Read: 25 cute and casual ways to say “hi” in a text message]

18. OK sign

This emoji has the greatest potential to be used in many different ways, out of all the flirty ones we’ve discussed so far.

It can be used to simply say “okay”, or to indicate that you think they are fine. It can be fun and lightens up a situation. This one should be on your “most used” list of flirty emoticons, especially if someone is just starting to text you.

You now know the emojis. If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment.

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