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Get Him Talking With These Casual Conversation Starters


How do you start a conversation without making a fool of yourself? It’s easy, just a few conversation starters to share with a guy.

It’s easy for a girl to attract a man’s attention. All you have to do is a glance at the guy that interests you. Sometimes, however, the guy who is interested in you may not be aware of you. This means that you have to be bold and learn to strike up a conversation with men – it can be scary, right? You can still be yourself by learning some conversation starters to use with your favorite guy.

You don’t always have the man who makes the first move?

We girls expect men to approach us as girls. You have probably ever tried to approach someone from the other sex. It can be difficult to know how to initiate a conversation with someone, but it becomes easier once you learn how.

But you shouldn’t expect men to be the first to move. What happens when you have to deal with someone awkward and shy? If you wait for them, a conversation will never occur.

It’s okay to approach a man first, as we are well into 2020! If you feel confident and charming enough to approach a guy first, why not? You might find it attractive that he approaches you first.

Simple steps are the key to great relationships.

It’s possible that your crush has something in mind before inviting you on a date. You can avoid awkward or shy guys by making the first move. You’d do them a favor if you initiated the conversation.

It takes all your anxiety and fears out. Fear of rejection and fear that they won’t like your back will keep you from moving forward. You won’t know the answers if you don’t begin the conversation.

How to strike up a conversation with a man – The art and science of being subtle when using conversation starters

It’s not difficult to start conversations with a man. But if you make it too clear that you like him, he might be more inclined to play hard to get to you.

You don’t have to be aggressive if you want to get to know a man and start a conversation.

It’s a man thing. He may think he can get a girl quickly and take it for granted.

If you can get him to talk to you and make him want your attention, you can still get him to fall hard for you.

These are the best casual conversation starters you can use with a man

These conversation starters can be used with any guy you like if you want to keep it simple and not let him know you are interested in him.

These conversation tips may seem obvious at times but they will allow you to maintain complete control over the conversation.

1. Are we still in touch?

With a hint of fake recognition, look at the man you like, then walk up confidently and use this line. “Hi, I’m sorry. Do I know you ?” Although I feel we have met somewhere, I cannot place you in my head.

It’s simple, and even though he may doubt your recognition or your intentions, he would have to ask some questions in return. This will lead to many more questions that will help him find out if you know each other.

2. Eye contact and flirty smiles are key to making eye contact

This is a great way to get things warm if you’re sitting together in a room. You can exchange glances every now and again, then look away. Don’t be distant.

To show your interest in him, be friendly and approachable. Conversation starters are not just about words. It’s about non-verbal communication as well.

To make it easier for him, walk past your friends and stand alone in a space that resembles a place where you are trying to make a call.

If he’s interested, then he’ll certainly take the chance to say hello if he’s available!

3. Could you please help me?

You can make a man feel like a knight wearing shining armor, and he will be happy! This step can be planned ahead and when the man you like approaches you, ask him for help.

You could have heavy bags, a breakdown of your car, or help to open the car door or pick up the keys that were accidentally dropped under your car.

If you show your sincerest gratitude, he will be happy to continue the conversation.

4. Can I use your smartphone?

If you create an emergency, any man will be willing to help. The phone trick is one of the most common conversation starters.

Ask the man if he can borrow his phone since yours is dead. To make your act more authentic, you can fumble with your smartphone in a location where he can see it for a minute before you approach him.

Another trick is to pretend you have lost something and look around. Then, pretend to look around like you have lost something and then walk up to him and ask if you can give him a call. This will get him your number.

5. Assume he is someone else

Speak to him and then say “Oops! I’m sorry, you thought you were someone other!” Tap him on the shoulder and begin talking, while simultaneously looking at your phone. As soon as he looks around, be startled and say this line.

You can apologize to him but you should continue to ask for his help.

6. Smile and invite him to you

Do you see a guy that interests you? You can exchange flirty glances for a while with him, or you can use the help of your close friends to show that you are interested in him.

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If you feel he is addicted to the staring game enough, leave your friends and go to a quiet spot to play with your phone.

Look at him and smile. Then, gesture towards him by pointing your index finger in a “come here” motion. Play coy and be soft, but don’t try too hard to be bossy.

7. Would you mind if I sat here?

This is a phrase we hear all the way, whether on the bus, train, or airport. If you are looking to strike up a conversation with a man, you can use this line to approach him and place your hand next to his.

Just as you ask him that question, smile warmly at him to let him know you are a friendly and warm person. Before you know it, he will try to strike up a conversation.

These lines are great conversation starters for guys because they make it seem like you are being polite, not flirting with him.

8. If I could, I wouldn’t do it.

This is a great line to use when you meet a guy at a familiar place. Do you feel the guy is doing something that may be regrettable later?

You can’t be too creative and you should just stick to this line. The conversation will continue.

9. This is so boring!

Or, how amazing is this? The circumstances around you are a great way to spark a conversation.

This line is for if you are next to the guy that you wish to chat to but too close to each other to attempt exchanging glances.

You can just lean towards him and say something to no one. Then, relax and enjoy the moment. If you wish, you can smile and turn toward him. He will do the rest.

10. Walk past him and say “hi”.

You can also smile. This is a great way to talk to someone you meet often and have chemistry with.

As you approach this man, whether he is on a flight or in a crowded hallway of people, suddenly look at him and say hello. Then, walk forward as if you have done nothing wrong.

Do not hesitate to say yes, and do not look back. Don’t hesitate to say anything the next time you meet him. Take a moment to look at him. If he feels for you, he will immediately smile, start a conversation, or give you a wide grin.

11. It’s my first time here

“I’m lost.” This is how you appear when you’re lost in a new location, such as an office or anywhere else where it’s possible to get lost. This line can be used to approach a man you are interested in if he is nearby. Don’t go into explanations. Wait.

Before you knew it, the dashing knight would grab you by the hand and rescue you.

12. Let him have something fall on his head

This is a great way to start conversations. You might accidentally drop a pen, or your scrunchie near him as you walk by. He’ll pick it up as soon as he notices. Show him your most adorable smile and say thank you for his help.

You can either continue the conversation with him or smile at his face. Even if you don’t strike up a conversation with him initially, you can still talk to him next time you pass him. Your little trick only gave you an introduction.

13. Shop for him!

Although this may seem bold, it’s not a good idea for everyone.

You can hold two girls’ tees against you and watch if a man is looking at you.

When the man you are interested in looks at you, raise the t-shirts slightly and raise your eyebrows in a curious manner. If he is interested in you, he will help you choose and start a conversation.

Even if he doesn’t make an effort to speak to you, there’s nothing to lose. Did you really ask him for his opinion? You were not looking in the mirror.

14. In a queue

Brush him if you are standing in a crowd or waiting in line. As he turns around, smile at him and says sorry. This has set the stage. You just need to be warm and approachable and he will talk.

15. Ask for directions or the time to get there

Although most people keep their phones with them all day, they may not be able to check the time or find the location. Your maps are not working! There are many reasons your maps might not work.

It’s a great way for a man to ask for directions or the time to a specific place.

It’s also quite innocent, so if you don’t get a vibe from him you can easily cut your losses. You won’t look like you lost your mind.

16. Are you familiar with …??

Ask him if you know a certain person. Perhaps he’d say that he knows your best friend, or that he worked at a certain place.

You may be lying, but he doesn’t have to believe it! It’s possible for him to say he doesn’t know the person, but it’s not necessary. Once you have started the conversation, it’s much easier to continue.

17. How can you learn …??

This is a great question to ask at parties because it allows you to get to know the host. It’s simple enough to ask, and you won’t be in any awkward situations.

You might not be familiar with the host, but that’s okay. Then you can explain your knowledge to them and the conversation will flow naturally.

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18. Do you have any recommendations?

You might ask a man in the queue at a coffee shop for his opinion about which drink to order.

It could be that you are stuck between a coffee or hot chocolate, and you don’t know why. Ask him for his recommendations if he has been to the coffee shop previously. This works not only in coffee shops but also in bars, restaurants, and cafes.

19. Are you able to predict when the next bus will arrive?

Public transport is so annoying, but it’s also so helpful when you want to have a conversation with someone.

Public transport is a great conversation starter with men because it’s easy enough to talk about, and there are many opportunities to expand the conversation into other areas.

20. It’s best to be clear

You can exchange glances with him for a while until you feel that he is interested in you. When he is alone, walk up to him and say “hi” or “I see that you’ve been looking at me .”

It is flattering and makes a man feel happy.

21. Classic accidental bump

Another subtle way to strike up a conversation with a man is this. You might “accidentally” bump into him while walking, or at a bar. Or bump into a guy as you’re getting drinks.

You can say sorry and smile to give him the opportunity to reply if he is interested. This eliminates the need to come up with a funny conversation starter. It might turn into a full conversation that leads to a date invitation.

22. Be kind to your mutual friends

Are you able to recognize him? Are you a friend of someone? Start the conversation by asking him these questions. Since he is not a stranger to your family, you don’t have to be nervous about speaking to him.

This is a great reason to start talking to him. If you have the same vibes, your mutual friend may invite him to more parties and hangouts.

23. Technological failure

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, no matter if your phone isn’t working or your laptop has stopped working. Try to act like a damsel who is in distress because of a technical problem that you don’t understand.

Most likely, he will say yes. Now you can talk about anything in your head!

24. Social media is your friend

Social media is your best friend and salvation grace if you’re looking for ways to strike up a conversation with men. You can comment on any photo, tweet, or story they share on Instagram.

This is a great way of starting a conversation. It skips the awkward and frightening parts of actual conversations.

Do you want something subtler? You can reply to any comment made by the guy you like on a post of a mutual friend or on a random post that he has commented on. Although it is subtle and slow, it will attract his attention.

25. Is this the only available seat?

It doesn’t matter if you are in class, on a bus, or at the doctors. Ask him if the next seat is available. This is a subtle but effective way to strike up a conversation with men. You can discuss anything and everything once you are seated next to each other!

Be sure not to share awkward silences together. Talk about anything and everything, and the rest will follow.

26. Dogs must be loved

It’s impossible to not have a conversation about a dog with someone. This is a good idea for everyone. This is why strangers often approach you when you walk your dog.

Don’t be afraid to ask a man to pet his dog if you see him walking it. You have the chance to strike up a conversation with him and establish a relationship. It doesn’t have to be just about dogs – you can talk about anything!

27. Ask about the music

You can easily have a conversation with a bartender or coffee shop owner about the current song. This is a safe way to start a conversation.

He won’t ignore your question. Music is a common interest, so it makes a great topic for a conversation starter.

28. What is he reading?

This line is great for bookshops and coffee shops if you love books! This line is for you if you have ever wished to meet someone special through books. Perhaps he is on the bus, or at the airport, and he is just reading a book.

Wait for him to turn his head and then ask him which book he is currently reading. You can ask him about his book.

29. What is the score?

Ask the bartender what the score is if you are at a pub where the game is on. You should make sure that it’s something you are semi-interested or you might have to listen to his gibberish about defense and offense.

Many guys can talk for hours about sports and games. Make sure you share your passion! You might become bored to death otherwise.

30. Dance!

If you are at a club, house party, or another event, this is not possible. You can dance with him, or even grab his hands. This is a common way to strike up a conversation with men.

You can have fun, show your playful side, and also demonstrate your dancing skills. If he is interested in where the conversation takes you, you can ask him his name.

31. Complement him

Although it may seem strange to you, let him know you like his shirt and hair. Even for strangers, compliments can be a great way to start a conversation!

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Men rarely get compliments on a regular basis so it would be a great idea to give him one. Everybody likes to receive compliments, so why not use this as a way of talking to him?

32. Chatter from the airport

Are you looking for a way to strike up a conversation with your man while on vacation? Ask him where you are going if you’re traveling by train, bus, or plane. This is one of many ways to strike up a conversation with a man while traveling.

You never know what you might become, or if you’ll be travel buddies. Two of you can share travel stories, and possibly even contact information.

33. You look like…

It’s a good way to get people talking. It’s important to ensure that the celebrity is attractive.

You could even take it as a compliment and make him feel completely satisfied. Don’t say that he looks like Brad Pitt, but he clearly doesn’t.

34. Weather

Are you feeling the heatwave in your area? It sounds stupid, but it’s a good excuse to chat with someone. This is a great way to get a guy’s attention, even if it’s the lamest starter you could think of.

He won’t notice if you are just trying to have a conversation, especially if it’s extremely hot.

35. Tattoo

Ask him about his interesting tattoos and if it’s visible. It’s common for people to have a story behind tattoos. This is a great way to get to know a guy.

You can use his story as a starting point for other topics once he has told you the story. It gives you an excuse to look at him without being creepy.

36. Send him a glass of water

We appreciate you doing this. Send him a drink if you are at a bar or restaurant and have looked at each other. We live in modern dating culture. It’s okay to buy a man a drink.

He’ll at least know that you’re interested, and perhaps he’ll be interested in you, too.

37. Joke:

Jokes are timeless, especially when it comes to starting a conversation with a man. It’s a great way to make a connection with a guy without making it awkward.

You can use sarcasm or pick-up lines to make them laugh, no matter what. This is one of the best ways to start a conversation.

38. Are you working on something exciting lately?

This is a great conversation starter if you’re trying to find out how to strike up a conversation with men. It’s great to use, especially if you’re at an office event or with corporate employees.

This question is a way to ask them what their day looks like. It’s a great question to ask a guy because people love to talk about what excites them and they enjoy it!

39. Have fun!

This line must have been used on you if you’ve ever been left alone at a party. It’s a great idea to ask a guy you see at an event or party if he seems lonely.

This is a better question than asking someone how they are. Let’s face it, how can you honestly answer the question “How are you?”

40. Tell us about your story.

We know it sounds intimidating, but this is a great conversation starter! This works best in a bar setting. If you ever see a man drinking in a bar alone, don’t be afraid to ask his story.

This is not only a good way to strike up a conversation with a guy but also a very interesting one. It’s a question with substance and meaning.

41. It’s my first time here

Nothing is more welcoming than being a lost woman *remember how men love to help and be the hero*. This question allows you to let him show you how to navigate you through a new location, event, or situation.

What should you not do when starting conversations with a man?

It’s not about what you shouldn’t do, but it’s also about what you should do.

1. Interrupt!

Don’t try to have a conversation with someone who is talking to you or on the phone. It’s bad timing!

2. Be polite

Although you might believe that you are being confident, it can sometimes come across as rude. The best advice is to be yourself.

3. It shouldn’t be difficult to see

You’re trying to strike up a conversation, so have fun with it. But don’t be too obvious. If he is already in love with you, he will be disinterested.

4. Make sure to verify if they are with someone.

While you don’t know if someone is with a partner, you can verify if they are.

It’s best to wait if they are with someone else in a cafe, shop, bus station, or another public place. You don’t know if they are together but it’s not cool to step on another’s toes.

5. Don’t let your nerves control you

It is normal to feel nervous. Nerves will ring when you are in love with someone or if you feel that you only like one person. Take a deep breath, and resist letting them control you. This is possible!

You need to have the confidence to strike up a conversation with a man

You might find yourself not being very chatty if you even think about starting a conversation. But take a deep breath, and just go for it! This might be the man of your dreams.

These conversation starters will help you to get started and then let the conversation flow.

These are some great conversation starters that will work for you with a guy. These tips will make it easy to have a conversation with any man you want in no time.

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