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Good Reasons to Date a Gamer


These reasons will make you wonder what it’d be like to date a gaming partner.

There are many reasons why you should consider dating a gamer if you have met a cute gamer girl or guy. Real gamers will invest in their gaming on any platform, PC, or console. Many gamers will attend comic cons and gaming conventions. They also spend their time listening to podcasts and searching online for cheats and hacks. This level of commitment can also be seen in their relationships.

Dating a gamer is a great way to enjoy the perks

Don’t believe me? Continue reading to learn more about why you should date a gamer.

#1 You will know where they are. You won’t have to worry about a partner who disappears for hours at times if you’ve ever been there. Gamers are often right there where you left them, in front of a computer screen. This can create a strong sense of security in your relationship and ensure that you always have someone to go out with for a night.

#2 They want to win. Your gamer boyfriend/girlfriend will do whatever it takes to win your heart. They’ll also make sure you keep it once they have it. They won’t take losing lightly and will treat you like royalty to ensure your happiness. They are looking for a win-win situation.

#3 They will fight for your cause. Gamers are used to fighting and challenge in games. This fighter mentality can be transferred to your relationship. They don’t fear conflict or fights and will fight for their relationship.

#4 They are big kids at heart. Gamers are just big kids at heart. This means they will be fun and down to Earth. They will enjoy having fun and laughing together. Your relationship will not become too formal or monotonous, it is certain.

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#5 They are driven to succeed. You will quickly realize when you are dating a gamer that they want to succeed in everything they do. This applies to their relationship with your partner. They want everything to work and won’t let go of a great deal while they still have it.

#6 They are not quitters. Gamers are used to putting in hours of work to improve their skills, beat difficult levels, and complete raids successfully. This means that gamers are not quitters. If they can make a difference, they will not let your relationship fall apart. They won’t quit on you.

#7 They are tech-savvy. Your gamer friend or relative will know more about technology than you. They are usually able to fix a problem or install a TV quickly.

#8 They’re patient. Gamers have a tendency to spend hours playing a single game. They aren’t likely to be impatient waiting for someone else to finish. Gamers have so many entertainment options that they don’t realize how much time has passed since you left.

#9 They can understand your need to have space. Because they also need space, a gamer will be able to understand their partner’s space needs. They need to be able to catch up with their games after spending so many hours together. They will not mind you taking some time or several days off.

#10 They’re multi-taskers. Gamers are skilled at multi-tasking, which is a great skill.

#11 They’re intelligent. Gamers are extremely smart because they solve problems every day and do it for fun. Gamers have great mental skills and are able to think strategically. They can also share all kinds of interesting facts they have learned in-game.

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#12 They are able to use their hands. This is a wonderful trait to have in the bedroom.

#13 They are low-maintenance. Gamers don’t need much, other than food, drink, and a bathroom nearby. These people won’t go bankrupt, except when it is time to buy them any new technology.

#14 They can make the best of what they have. Gamers are resourceful and know how they can make the most of what they have. This could mean fixing up a piece or taking care of your bedroom.

#15 They are able to make the calls. Gamers know how to strike the right balance between being in control and being relaxed. This allows you to be a flexible partner, who can be both calm and passionate when you are provoked.

#16 They are funny. Gamers are known for their quick wits and great sense of humor. You will find every day is different with them. You will have fun and laugh together.

#17 They are cautious in love. A gamer girlfriend or boyfriend is likely to be careful not to hurt their partner. They are aware that relationships do not have a reset button and will make every effort to fix things the first time.

#18 They can stay awake all night. This is useful if they are putting in a lot of work before a test or need company. Gamers can stay up late when needed.

#19 Gifts are easy to find. Gamers will love any gift that is related to their favorite game. It’s the perfect gift for gamers who are excited about a new game. It’s easy to forget about jewelry or clothes.

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#20 They pay attention. Gamers understand that details are crucial in games. Failure to pay attention or missing an important piece of information could make the difference between success or failure in a mission. They will be more attentive to your feelings and needs and be more understanding.

#21 They will work for what they want. Gamers enjoy overcoming challenges and reaping the rewards. Gamers know that they must put in the effort to achieve their goals. This group is not for slackers!

#22 They learn from their mistakes and become stronger. Gamers understand that mistakes are part of learning and will strive to not make the same mistake twice.

#23 They are extremely loyal. Gamers are almost always at home. Gamers would rather play their games than go out on dates. If someone flirts with them online, they will only reciprocate if they have a rare item they desire. However, this flirtation toward other players ceases outside of the game.

#24 They love exploring. Gamers enjoy leveling up and learning new things. When it comes to sex, or simply exploring new places together, this hunger to explore is a great thing.

#25 They can be quite social. You may believe that gamers spend their time playing video games at home, but many of them enjoy attending conventions. Expect to be amazed at how fun and interesting the gaming community can be when you attend a convention with one of your friends.

Are gamers considered to be losers without a social life? You might be wrong! It may surprise you how much it can be fun to play with a gamer.

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