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Here are Sexy Text Messages to Help You Talk Dirty with Anyone


You want to send sexy texts messages? These 25 subtle, sexy text messages will set the tone for the naughtiest conversations.

Every relationship has its parts. We’ve all been there. Here’s the problem: It is something that almost everyone has a problem with. A huge problem! This is a huge problem!

How to send sexy messages to someone

It’s like going intimate for the first time, sending sexy, sexually explicit text messages to someone. You’re anxious and stressed about it.

What if it wasn’t as difficult as you think? Imagine if you could just drop a line in a text and you’d be sexually excited and horny five minutes later. !

Use sexy texts to seduce someone you like

First, these are the two things you should know if you’re looking to seduce a friend, lover or new partner, or to get started with text messaging.

Start a sexy conversation with by sending sexy text messages

Your sexy text messages should be flirtatious and not too mysterious. This makes it more fun to exchange texts with your partner because they won’t know what you’re thinking. Although they may be aware that you are flirting, they would not know that you have been engaged in sexting for a long time.

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They’ll think they’re building the sexual texts through the right questions. But in reality, it’s you who will actually start the whole sexy thing by saying the perfect opening line!

It doesn’t matter if you initiate the conversation. All you have to do is to slip one of these lines in the conversation and watch the conversation take off.

Are you ready for some sexy text messages? Use these subtle, sexy messages to text and just go with it. Remember to be sexy and speak sexy during texting.

Here’s Sexy Text Messages to Help You Talk Dirty with Anyone

1. Oh my gosh! My fly was open all the time!

2. Even though I am covered in blankets, I feel so cold. Let’s not rush, let me put on my clothes.

3. I am so bored… I wish I could have you with me now.

4. I’m looking at a sexy clip of a girl/guy that looks exactly like you. (You can share a link for an explicit video with someone really attractive so they’d be humbled even if there is only a slight resemblance).

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5. What are you wearing now?

6. Can you guess what I am wearing right now? This can be spiced up depending on your taste.

7. It’s a great day to snuggle up with someone and spend the day in bed.

8. I just purchased new underwear, and can’t wait for you to see it.

9. Where would you like me to touch you if I was right now?

10. I am watching porn.

11. Although my hands were full, they took a moment to text you.

12. I imagine you are right here with me…

13. I am trying to fall asleep, but I cannot stop thinking about all the things that I could do for you right now if I was with you.

14. I am looking for online sex toys…

15. Last night, I had a naughty vision and you were in my dream…

16. Do you believe that kiss and tell is possible? Because I want you to make me feel special.

17. I’m bored and lying in bed. Are you ready to play Never Have I Ever again?

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18. What do you think of me doing after tomorrow’s date?

19. Outside my window, I can hear two cute little pussies meowing. I can hear them meowing so loudly that it is hard to fall asleep.

20. Do you want to play a game?

21. I feel so horny and don’t know what to do.

22. You were so sexy, I couldn’t help but think of you today.

23. It’s been years since I last had sex…

24. I just bought this dress/shirt and am currently trying it on. Would you like to see?

25. My body hurts so bad that I wish I could get massaged right now.

26. Let’s be truthful or we will die

27. Which color undies should I wear today? (or to our date).

28. What would you do if you were left in a room?

These lines can be used as a conversation starter in sexy texts. It will instantly send the other person into sexual overdrive.

After that, you just need to play along and answer all the questions with sex in your mind. You’ll be both hot and bothered before you know.

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