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How to Get a Girl That Liked You Once To Like You Again


You believed that she loved you. But then, suddenly, she acts strangely and rejects you. What can you do? Here’s how you can get a girl back to like you.

Step by Step How to get a girl to like you again

It can be a wonderful feeling to have your girl crush. It can be even more wonderful when you start to talk to her and discover that she likes your back.

What do you do if she suddenly starts to ignore you? Worse, what if she starts to ignore you for no apparent reason?

How to get your girl back to you in the most natural way possible!

You’re not alone. If you are wondering how to make a girl like you again after she has snubbed you, you can still find a way.

These are some ways to make the girl fall in love with you again. It’s almost guaranteed to work in your favor if you keep it simple and slow. It worked for me!

1. What went wrong the first time?

Recognize where you made mistakes the first time. You may have made it seem easy for her to love you too much.

There is a fine line between pleasing your loved one and acting like her servant. You must not cross this line or you will lose all self-respect.

2. Give her space

Ok, so she has decided to give up on you. Although it is annoying, almost always, she doesn’t respect you and doesn’t think you are worthy of her respect.

If you want a girl who likes you back, you should stay away from her. You can give her some space and even let her go for a while so that she grows to respect you. She will treat you as a stray dog if you don’t pursue her right away.

3. Impress her even if you are far away

Be a great man. Allow her to see the opportunities she is missing. Do not act depressed or brokenhearted. You don’t have to be sorry for her. She will only see you as weak and pathetic.

Have fun. Enjoy yourself and be the cynosure at your workplace. She will secretly crave your company and attention again.

4. Inform her that you are still interested in the matter discreetly

She knows that you love her very much and is confident in throwing you around. Although she may love you, she might be forced to treat you badly to convey that she does not want to date you.

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If you don’t want any girls to love you, you can make it seem like you aren’t interested in her.

Take a look at her now and again, but don’t forget to look at yourself. Do this with subtlety and avoid being obvious. Ask her if she’s still interested and doesn’t let her know that you are stealing her stares.

5. Have pride and an ego

After that conversation, don’t ask her out again. Do not send her long, sentimental messages or emails asking for forgiveness. You will be treated more lightly by her.

Respect yourself and keep your distance. Do not like too many of her posts and stop commenting. You can talk to her on a casual basis but make sure you keep it short and ask for more.

6. Be sweet with her

Sweet talk her to make her regret the guy who flirted with her. You threw her out. Make her regret it.

Do not be rude to her. Instead, talk pleasantly with her but do not flirt with her. Your goal is to appear superior to her, so that she may regret making the wrong decision.

You don’t need to sulk or throw a fit if you want to make a girl like you again.

7. You will make her miss you.

You may eventually get along with each other on friendly terms. Spending too much time together is not a good idea. Even if you are having a great conversation, you should excuse yourself and leave the room as if you were busy.

If she doesn’t like you again, she shouldn’t get the privileges of past behavior.

8. Make her jealous

It shouldn’t be obvious. Do not flirt with other girls, or give them too much attention. Even though she may resist, she will get mad at you for not paying attention to her.

You can’t ignore her. She will be more interested in your attention if you don’t. Don’t let her flirt with other men bother you. This is her way to try and hurt you.

9. Work on your self-esteem

Ever thought that she might be avoiding you because she has low self-esteem? This could be a real possibility. It is easy to sense someone who lacks confidence and seems a little desperate.

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This is a very unattractive trait, especially for a girl. Many girls like to call themselves “bad boys” because they have an attitude that is superior to most people. This doesn’t mean you have to be a “bad guy”, but it is a good idea to learn from them. Take responsibility for yourself.

10. If possible, talk to her friends

You can have a conversation with your mutual friends about how wonderful your life is even if you don’t know them. While you don’t need to call her by name, you can tell them how you are doing since she rejected your proposal. How are you?

Do not dwell on how broken you are. Tell her friends that you’re enjoying life, not pleading for her. They will undoubtedly tell her what they said. This will make her wonder why she doesn’t miss you anymore.

11. You have to work hard to achieve your goals

Although playing games can be a bad strategy sometimes, it is possible to work hard and win. What is the reason for this? It’s human nature. We all desire what we don’t have. If she believes she cannot have you back, it will make her want to be with you.

Do you want to learn how to get girls to love you again after they have rejected you?

Let’s assume you are still friends or work together. You can politely say to her that you would like to have lunch or a drink.

12. Are you seeing her warming up?

Are you ever able to see her staring at your face? Do you ever notice her taking an interest in your appearance? If she is attracted to your actions, you can’t make a move. Otherwise, all the efforts you made to get a girl back like you would be futile.

You can find out if she is interested in you by her behavior. You may notice that she is more interested in you if you have mastered the previous moves.

13. You must make sure she loves you back

If she seems to be coming around and may want to go out again with you, you need 100% accuracy. She may be friendly, or she might be warming up to your face. It’s important not to misinterpret what she means.

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You don’t want her to misinterpret your intentions. It’s hard enough to be rejected once. But do you want that to happen again? You probably won’t!

14. Ask her again

You may be convinced she likes you back or feel that she has become more open to you, so try to get some time alone with her.

Do not cold-shoulder her, but instead flirt with the woman and see if it reciprocates. Cross your fingers and ask her casually if she’d like to go out after work.

15. Avoid making the same mistakes again

You should be different if she agrees to go out again with you. This feature’s first point told you to look back at what went wrong first. You will hopefully have figured it out by now and will not do it again.

You will make the same mistakes over and over again and the relationship will end exactly where it was before she rejected you. You have to be different.

16. Do not overanalyze

Let’s assume you now know how to make a girl like you again. You don’t want her to be overanalyzing everything she does and says. You are sure you’re scared and you hope she doesn’t reject you.

If you start to think too much about things, you may feel depressed again. Be cool and let the flow take you where you want to go. You can accept it if it doesn’t work out this way.

17. Accept the result and move on

You can accept the fact that she did not agree to go out again with you, or she rejected you twice. Your life will not be happier if you keep looking for her or are brokenhearted.

You will eventually have to move on. Many other girls would love to go out on a date with you. It’s up to you to decide if you would rather go out with a girl who isn’t interested in you or with one who does. This is a simple decision.

If you follow these steps correctly, you have a good chance of her falling in love with you again. This is a risky way to get a girl back to love you.

This is the best way to get a girl to love you back. It’s safe, you can always go back if she doesn’t like you. We’re glad you tried it!

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