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How to Make The Perfect Boyfriend Chase After You


These are some things to keep in mind as you search for the perfect boyfriend.

1. Let him know that you are interested

Do you like a guy? Send the right signals to him. Take a look at him every now and again and let him know. Smile, flick your eyelashes, or run your fingers through your hair, just above the ears.

Don’t make it seem that you are in love with him too much. For a few seconds, stare at the man you like and then ignore him for a bit. You can make him want you. Make him work for you. Never let him know you are interested in him.

2. Get him to crave your attention

Make him want to be your focus and attract you. How to get a boyfriend that all girls want is to draw him and make him laugh, while never letting him know that you’re the boss in flirty games.

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Do not tell your friends or giggle as if he is your school crush. For a few days, ignore him and stare at him intently every now and again. This game is easy if you hold the controls. He’ll be running towards you in no time.

3. Be sweet when it matters

Once you’ve got his attention, get him to come to you. If he is at the opposite end of the hall, smile at him but ignore him when he is close by. This would confuse him and make him crazy about your actions.

Avoid flirting with too many men, as he might be jealous. You could be making him think that you are only looking for attention. It’s okay to be rude to guys, even if they try to misbehave around you or try to get you to date them. You can’t ignore other guys who are interested in you. This makes the guy you like even more attracted to you.

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Be kind to him when he gets the courage to ask for your company. Let him know that you care about him and make him feel special.

You don’t have to do it all, but make sure he feels good about having a conversation. If he talks about you looking at him or smiling at his face from across the hall at all, don’t be too harsh and start to get fussy.

Don’t let him know you are open to making the first move. At least, not until you start dating seriously. It should always look like he and he alone made the first move to talk to me. This is how you can play sweet, fussy, and difficult to get everything at once.

4. Do not delay!

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Yes, I know. I’m sexist. Why can’t a girl go on a first date with a guy who can sleep with her?

Of course, you can! Here’s the problem. You don’t have to sleep with men on your first date. If you really want to be with them, I suggest that you avoid sleeping with them on your first couple of dates.

5. Do not ignore your life to find the right man

This is crucial. Your life is what defines you and the reason why the guy you love finds you fascinating. Don’t sacrifice your life for a man in search of the perfect boyfriend. You should live your life and let a man be an occasional part of it.

These simple steps will help you not only get a boyfriend but also how to draw the attention of any man you like and make him love you.

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