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How to Propose to Your Girlfriend In a Dramatic and Beautiful way


You are ready to get a ring and want it to be memorable. You can learn how to propose to your girlfriend, and you’ll get a big, fat “yes!”

You know it’s the right time, and you are certain of that. You’re ready to ask the big questions and plan a solution. Problem? The problem is that you don’t know how to propose to your girlfriend.

When asked by friends for advice, I always tell them that every girl is unique! A girl may not be interested in a lot of fuss. One girl might be more interested in big romantic gestures and doves. It’s not hard to be confused and want it all right.

Let’s just say what you feel and then ask the question. It doesn’t really matter what the rest of it is, does it?

How to tell when to propose

You might also wonder when you should propose to your girlfriend. First, you should be ready. If you are unsure about the exact time of day, feel free to go ahead and do it when it feels right. It doesn’t make sense to plan. You can wait until it feels right for you. This is just my opinion. Maybe your girlfriend prefers a romantic setting that she can remember forever. Your girlfriend knows you better than I do!

But I can offer you some tips to help you propose to your girlfriend in a way that she will love and treasure.

What makes a proposal unique?

It is important to understand what makes a proposal special when you first learn how to do it. It’s not about how to ask the girl out, but the meaning behind the words. Do not just say “will you marry me?” This is what makes the moment memorable.

It is a declaration of love. This is why you asked the question. This is to let her know that you are serious and that you are confident about everything. This is the most romantic thing you can do.

Do you need to get down on one knee?

Not necessarily. You might have dodgy knees. In which case, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you’re looking to be traditional, and your girlfriend will appreciate it, go for it.

To stick to tradition, even more, you should be able to sit on your left knee while holding the ring box in your left hand. It really matters, or not? It doesn’t seem like your girlfriend will notice which knee was on the ground.

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The right words to suggest

The words and their meaning are what make a proposal unique. Setting can be helpful, but not always necessary. You can make it just as memorable in your living room as on top of a mountain.

Are you able to propose without a ring?

It is nice to do so. You might know your girlfriend would prefer that she chooses her own ring or that you pick it together. You are showing that you thought through the purchase of the ring and made the effort to choose the right ring for her.

This is your choice. You can choose what your girlfriend prefers. You could always ask a close friend to help you decide, provided you aren’t going to reveal your plans ahead of time.

How to propose to your girlfriend

There is no one right way to propose to your beloved, but there are some general guidelines you can follow. This will increase your chances of a resounding ‘yes’, and make it a memorable proposal.

1. Pick a time when you are most comfortable

It’s okay to be spontaneous and encouraged, but you shouldn’t pop it when you aren’t comfortable. You will be able instantly to tell. This moment is important to you.

2. Consider what you are going to say

Although I don’t like prepared speeches, you should have an idea about what you want to convey. You must remember that the words you speak will tell her what you feel and why she wants to marry you. So make sure you are speaking from your heart, not from a book.

3. You need to ensure that the setting and timing are right for her

You know her better than anyone. It is important to understand if she would be happy with the setting and timing you have chosen.

4. Purchase a ring

Although it’s not a requirement to purchase a ring before getting married, it is a good idea. There are two issues here: sizing and the actual design. You know her well enough to know exactly what she likes. Ask a friend for help if you aren’t sure.

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Can you borrow one of her rings and then return it to her jeweler? You could also bring up the topic of the ring size in the conversation. This is a tricky topic, but your jeweler should be capable of helping you. If there are any problems, most rings can be resized.

5. Take a moment to appreciate yourself

Take a deep breath and be sure to keep your head straight before you go. Keep in mind what you want. It will help calm you down.

6. It’s possible!

Ask. Seriously, just ask. If she is in love with you, you can be sure that she will say yes. There is nothing to be worried about. This is a wonderful moment in a relationship. The only thing you need to overcome is your nerves. Don’t be afraid to let go of the bandaid and just do it!

How to propose to your girlfriend

It’s not just about knowing how to propose to your girlfriend. Recently, I was asked how much a proposal should cost. It was a silly question. It doesn’t have to cost anything and it can still be the most memorable moment of your life. A proposal is not memorable because of its cost, but the meaning and sincerity do.

While my friend was making dinner, her fiance fell on one knee. They ended up ordering takeout because she was shocked at how much pasta she had dropped on the floor. She tells the story as if it were the most romantic thing she has ever done.

It was the element that surprised me, the fact that something ordinary and every day was taken over by something special. Even now, she can’t make pasta without smiling!

A friend of mine was also proposed to by her partner. Although she said yes, because she loved him and wanted him to marry her, she still regrets that he did it in front of her whole family at her sister’s party. First, he stole the spotlight from her sister’s birthday, something that her sister has never forgotten. Second, my friend doesn’t love the spotlight. It would have been embarrassing if her partner hadn’t thought it through and made it personal to her.

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Empathy and empathy are key to understanding your partner’s point of view

Think about your partner, and what they’d like. Not what you want. Don’t be too pompous or showy. If you are sure that your girlfriend prefers a more private moment, don’t perform it in front of many people. Also, don’t give a speech pre-planned. It doesn’t feel natural.

It doesn’t matter how many times you practice it. Just say what you feel. If you use song lyrics or a speech that you found online, your girlfriend will appreciate you putting in the effort. The moment will be unforgettable if you just tell her how you feel about her.

A few words about social media and proposing

Social media! Online platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Twitter are a love-hate affair for me. They are wonderful on the one hand. These platforms allow me to connect with people close to me as well as those further away. However, they can also be used to over-share and make other people feel bad.

After you have figured out the best way to propose to your girlfriend. Don’t post it on your social media in an outrageous manner. It’s just plain stupid and makes everyone around you cringe.

You can share it, change your relationship status, and even shout how happy you feel. But avoid large photo collages or long paragraphs proclaiming your love. It is not necessary. It’s better to keep it simple and not spread the best ideas around for the sake of retweets and likes.

You may disagree with me on this one. But isn’t it better to think about how you will propose to the world than what you’re going to show the world? I don’t mind reading about my friend’s engagement. I will enjoy it and send them a congratulation, sharing in their joy.

Do I really need all the details and a collection of photos that have been filtered down to the last inch of their lives? You don’t want it. This is not for your friends. Keep it to yourself!

It’s not about how you propose to your girlfriend, but what you say. It’s possible to plan everything down to the last detail, but what you really need to keep in mind is her expression.

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