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How To Turn Women On


There are many ways that women can be turned on because of the differences in each woman, but there are some basic principles that they are all alike.

This post will show you some tricks and tips that can help you turn women/ladies, or your girlfriend on.

Although you might believe you know what makes girls smile, the truth may surprise you. Each woman is unique, so get ready to learn.

What turns girls on
Many guys believe they know all there is to know about how to make a girl sexually happy. They lose the best girls to other guys. Why? Why? They didn’t know what turned them on.

You might find that she is attracted to your words. You might find that she is more interested in what you have to say than what you are. You have to see the whole picture, which many men don’t seem to get.

Why women and men are different in the bedroom
You may not be able to see the difference because there are many parts. The difference is more psychological than physical. While visual stimulation is more stimulating for men, it’s more stimulating for women to feel touch and emotions.

The emotions that girls feel are more important than what you do, such as if you’re barefoot or naked. Most men have problems with this because they don’t know the difference between what makes women hot and what makes them happy.

Men are simple. A beautiful face, a strong body, and a warm smile will make her a man’s dream girlfriend.

It’s hard to get along with women. It’s not easy to be the most handsome man on the planet, but it’s difficult to find a spark with women.

Here’s a quick list of what turns women on

1. This is a masculine scent
This familiar smell on our man is enough to make us swoon.

It doesn’t have to be this scent. It could be your mouthwash, aftershave, or the scent that you use to introduce yourself.

If you can smell good and have a good understanding of personal hygiene, you will be a quick turn-on.

2. Blinding smile
Love is blind, they say. A dazzling smile can blind a woman to your love.

It doesn’t matter if your teeth are perfect. You can still win some female hearts by flashing a smile. Your smile will be a lot more attractive if you keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh.

3. Suit up!
A man who can put on a nice suit is something special.

It doesn’t have to be a suit. A man who can wear a t-shirt with shorts and still looks dashing is as good as one wearing a suit. It’s all about knowing what to wear for the occasion.

A suit is not going to do you any good if your plan is to spend a day on the beach or on a boat at the sea.

4. An edgy accent
One cannot resist a man with a foreign accent.

An accent is something that women love to hear.

5. A bookworm
Men who read books are able to turn women on.

Some women prefer men who read books over reading devices. Others are less picky. You’ll attract women who love brainy men as long as you read.

6. Passion
Men who have fire in their stomachs are hungry for something valuable (and not whiskey).

Women will see you passionately interested in the little things if you’re passionate about them. A man who helps out in a soup kitchen or teaches kids how to pitch a baseball on weekends is more attractive than one who does.

7. Talent
Like birds, women are attracted to their husbands’ dancing and singing abilities.

Although you may not be the best basketball player or quarterback, women will line up to meet you if your electric guitar riffs are impressive and you can hit the drums.

8. Humor is essential
A few laugh-out-loud moments can transform an otherwise ordinary man into the man she dreams of. It could be something you did, a joke shared or a story that makes a woman smile.

You are halfway there if you can get her smiling and laugh and make her smile with joy.

9. Complementary
You can make her feel happy by complimenting and acknowledging her. She will love it if you smile and give her a wink. She will appreciate any compliment that you offer, so long as it is genuine and from the heart.

Let her know that she looks great today.

10. Genuine conversation
Women love men who are able to have real conversations with them that go beyond just getting them into the bag. Talk to her about what you like and what you share in common.

This is a great way to make girls feel heard and acknowledged, rather than just inviting them into the bedroom. You don’t have to be a jerk to get her interested, but it is worth talking about your interests. Who knows? Maybe you will find common ground.

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11. Being listened too
Women love to feel valued, so make her your only focus when you are together. Listen to her and be honest about it. If you don’t pay attention to even one word, no woman will want to be in your bedroom.

You won’t want her to get intimate with you even if it happens. Mindful listening is a key turn-on for girls.

12. Work out together
It is a great way to motivate girls and it often goes unnoticed. You can exercise together and you won’t be sexual.

She also gets a better view of your body and associates you with the feel-good endorphins that come from a workout. This is a great way to have fun with your partner and share in productive activities.

13. Playing with her hair
Touch her hair if you’re looking for something more physical but unassumingly innocent. You can brush a stray hair behind her ears or pretend that you are removing some stuff from her hair.

Do you remember that romantic scene where a man touches her hair in a romantic setting? It’s her non-sexual turn that makes her feel valued.

14. Chivalry
You can show her that chivalry does not die and that you are a brave example. Be sure to make her feel safe, secure, and comfortable when you are together, or when you are apart.

You don’t have to be romantically involved with her just because you love her. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show her respect and chivalry. You can show her what makes you stand out from other guys that she has slept with. That’s how to turn her on.

15. Kind, gentle touches
Although we are not referring to sexual turn-ons in girls, touching can have a negative impact on girls’ mental, physical, and emotional health. Particularly if her love language is touch, it can make her feel loved as well as turn her on.

You can help her get into a car, guide her to it, or just touch her.

Be sure to pay attention to her body language. If she appears uncomfortable, you can move on.

16. A clever mind
A guy who is intelligent and not arrogant is another great asset for women. It is important to have a broad knowledge without becoming too geeky.

This is one of the most attractive things about a man’s conversation style.

17. A little mystery
Don’t get too attached to her. Keep your cool and be mysterious.

You don’t have to reveal everything right away. But, you should always keep it mysterious so that she will want more. She will be drawn to you for your ability to be mysterious without putting it off.

18. Surprises that are well-timed
Surprise her with something that makes her happy, whether it’s a simple gesture like a bouquet of flowers or something more extravagant such as a vacation.

You don’t have to spend a lot to make your loved one happy. It’s the thought that matters – the simple act of going out of your way to make her happy. That is all that matters to her.

19. Home-cooked meals
You may be wondering if cooking for her has anything to do with attracting girls. A guy who is good at cooking can be a man who takes care of her.

Women desire to be able to sleep with someone who isn’t only interested in their physical health but also can care for their mental and emotional well-being.

20. Contact lenses
Eye contact is more powerful than you might think. If you want to impress a woman, look at her eyes. This is something that men rarely do and it is why you should.

Look into her eyes if you want her to feel loved, appreciated, and seen.

21. Whisper in her ears
It must have some science to it but women’s ears are one of her favorite spots. You can warm her up by moving closer to her and whispering into her ear.

It doesn’t matter if it’s trivial or not, the feeling of hot breath on her ears is a sure turn-on for girls. You’ll get her into physical intimacy with you.

22. When the time is right, a little bit of dirty talk
Talking about sex is a great way to get people talking. You can also add some thought-provoking ideas that will get her thinking about how she feels in bed. You could dance with her, and make suggestions about how people relate to dancing and how they move in bed.

Talk about sex to get her creative and have fun!

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23. Triangle gaze
This method, which pick-up artists call the triangle gaze, is used by many. Look at her lips and gaze for three seconds in her left eye. Next, look into her right eye for three more seconds. Repeat this subtly to convince her that you want to kiss her.

This is basically how you tease her.

24. Sensual massage
Massage her back after a hard day. You’ll make her feel good about touching other parts of her body.

You’ll be able to turn her on quicker than you think by the fact that you are putting your hands in and being sensual and slow about it. It can be therapeutic for her, but also turn her on.

25. Warm hugs
If you allow it to linger for a few more seconds, a simple hug can turn on the power in your heart. She will feel your warmth and be more comfortable around you.

Although it may not be as extravagant as some of the other sexual turn-ons for girls, it is just as effective. A hug can make her feel at ease with your touch.

26. Unbelievable kiss

When you can see that she is flushed and turning on, it’s time to come in for a kiss. Make it special. You want to make her feel special and appreciate all of your teasings.

Never underestimate the power and beauty of a special kiss.

27. Partner who is familiar with their erogenous zones
You don’t have to kiss her on her lips immediately. You can make the moment even more intense by kissing her in her erogenous areas, including her neck, throat, and collar bone.

There are seven erogenous areas for women; be sure to know which ones will turn her on.

28. Taking your sweet time
Take your time, be consistent, and slow in undressing her. Then, kiss her gently as you go. She will explode from excitement.

Do not rush through this part. It takes away the excitement and anticipation that will turn her on. Take the time to enjoy this moment with her and not rush it.

29. Share your feelings honestly
You can tell her what you feel. This will turn her on. But don’t tell her to just get in her pants; she’ll be able to see it.

Only tell her that you love her if it is true. Telling her that you love her is a great way to get her excited about being intimate with you, whether it’s before, during, or after.

30. Your confidence
For any girl, confidence is a big turn-on. Confidence is more important than cockiness. If you are with a girl, don’t be afraid to show your awkwardness or be nervous. She will love you for it.

31. A man who will pursue her and make her feel special
This is very important. This is very important because girls love being pursued and wooed. It’s a great way to show your appreciation for her by giving her a chase when she teases.

32. A man who is in control of his own life
Are you clear about your goals? Are you able to have a stable job and a balanced lifestyle? Women love to be able to confide in a man who is in control of their lives and finances.

33. The Alpha male
Alpha males are the most attractive to girls. The alpha male is the leader of the group and the guy who has complete control over the situation. You want to have the best girls in a group of girls.

34. She feels secure with a man she trusts
When a girl is with you, be protective. It doesn’t matter whether she’s your friend or your girlfriend. Before you worry about your safety or wants, always focus on the girl’s needs and safety.

35. Being able pay your bills
Although this is not something that many girls would agree to, it can make a big difference in how you pamper your girl.

36. Self-respect
Never let anyone take your worth for granted, even the girl you love. Respect your family members and colleagues.

Do not let anyone make your manhood less than it is. Avoid friends who enjoy having a good time and taking pleasure in making you laugh. This will only harm your self-esteem and ego.

37. Surprise PDAs
All of us know that men don’t like being all mushy and gushy with women. Surprise PDA is what really turns us on.

It’s very meaningful to us to have you give us a random kiss in public. You can bet that we will get turned on by it! It’s a great way to show your love for us, even if it’s in front of strangers.

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38. Your part in chores
This is something we can’t stress enough. Your woman will be very happy if you do all or a small part of the housework. To make the house look good, we have to put in a lot of effort. If you do this for us, then we will be ready to go.

Bonus points if she has had a bad day and you take care of all her chores, including cooking dinner. This is a sweet idea and it is a big turn-on. It is also very entertaining to see you doing this. This is the one that will make women swoon.

39. Date nights carefully planned
We ladies plan a lot. It’s true. We’ll be able to relax and forget about everything if you take it all away. We love it when you plan the entire date night.

40. Showing her love
Every girl longs to hear her man tell their friends how wonderful she is. It not only boosts her self-esteem, but it is a great way to show that you love your girl and want to let everyone know.

41. Give her some alone time
Girls need to be alone. All of us need some alone time to relax, decompress, and pamper ourselves.

We’ll be more open to doing small things to make life better and understand how we spend our “me time”.

42. Trust her, a man who can
Sometimes, we need to trust others. You can tell a girl straight away that you trust her 100%. She’ll be instantly converted. We are grateful for the trust we have in a world that is so lacking. It keeps us going.

43. Patience
Rarely is a man patient. This is because women are genetically programmed to be patient. But if a man is patient and understanding, it’s what makes women happy.

44. You have the ability to be silly
To turn us on, you don’t need to be serious or sweet. You can be a total goof around women, which is what turns them on the most. We’ll be most entertained if we dance to silly music and goof around.

45. Keep an eye out for the little things
It is easy to add a large event to her calendar on your phone. We’re all more likely to be grateful for a “good fortune” message she receives on a day when she has a big presentation. Women are more likely to remember the little things that mean something special to them.

46. Looking good naked

Get naked and work out. This is the best way to get girls excited and make them want to do it. You’ll be able to make your bed with a flat stomach, and a beautiful body.

47. A man who knows how to use his tongue
Many guys are happy to have a good blowjob, but not interested in receiving the compliments. You’ll make her moan even louder if you learn to wrap your tongue around her pleasure points.

48. Selflessness in bed
Do not let yourself go. You can let her know a few minutes in advance if you feel you are unable to hold on.

49. A man who is able to see the big picture
The art of sex requires constant exploration. There is no way to know everything. What works for one person might not work for another. You should be aware of the things girls love in bed and what you can do to please them.

50. She will be dominated by a man who can control her when she asks him to

Women like to be in control of their beds. Men love that, but women will appreciate it as long as she is allowed to take the reins when she wants. You shouldn’t play safe when you are in love. Sometimes, both of you will feel more sexually stimulated if there is a little pain.

Pull her hair back, pinch her, and then take it in turns to hold her. It’s sure to be a hit with her.

51. Innovation in bed
Be ready to learn a few new bed tricks and have fun with them. It doesn’t have to be a one-sided affair. Be creative and original and she will love you for it.

52. A man who is desired by other girls but has only eyes for her
You can bet that if a few girls find your attractive and sexy, many others will too. If you can charm a girl with your personality, your charm, and maybe even in bed, other girls will want your attention.

These tips will help you be a great man who can make any girl fall in love with you, no matter what he’s doing.

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