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If You Love Someone, You Let Them Go? True/False


Are you a believer in the phrase “If you love someone let them go?” They will always be yours if they return. “If they don’t return, they never were.” It’s false.

Did you ever allow someone you loved to leave you? One person once said, “If someone is your love, let them go.” They will always be yours if they return. If they don’t return, they are not yours.

There are many variations of this line today, and nobody knows who invented it first. They all emphasize the same points. Yet, how true and valid is this statement in today’s world of technology?

Let someone go if you love them

First, your partner is not in a cage. You are not allowing your partner to go. Secondly, how about the long, painful wait for your loved one to return? This is going to be a problem for you and your relationship.

What does this really mean?

There are many temptations in the world. Even if you are in a relationship, your partner could still feel tempted to fall for another person every now and again.

In such situations, it is important to not try to hold your partner back. Let them have fun and bang on other people. While they are at it, you can keep your fingers crossed.

If your lover has shared a bed with many other lovers, they will hopefully come to realize you are the better partner and return to you again. Is that supposed to make you feel better, seriously?

Think about it, cheating partners are always outgoing. They always return, aren’t they? Is this to say that cheating partners are loyal and truest of lovers?

Love is not a test

In the past, people could put their lives on hold and write sad poems and break hearts. They could also get drunk and wait for their beloved one to return. How long can you wait for your ex to change their mind? Love is not a test. It’s over when it’s done.

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There are many distractions these days. Even the most loyal people find other people attractive from time to time, whether it’s in person or via social media. It’s not easy to slip into someone’s DMs when everyone is so thirsty. You know what? A happy, committed couple can navigate these distractions with no problems or disputes.

Do you want to know the secret of happy couples not straying? This is because happy couples almost always adhere to these 25 rules for a successful relationship.

People aren’t afraid to try new things once in a while.

It’s not because your lover feels like they have to try other mate potentials. Your perfect relationship is starting to show cracks and one or both of them have not tried to mend. Your lover may think you are a suck and can find someone else.

Even if your partner comes back to you after having dated other people, it is not because they are the best. They couldn’t have gotten along with anyone better. It could be a compliment. You might be shocked at how desperate your partner is to get involved with someone worthy.

You cannot force someone to love or stay with you.

You’re not letting your lover go. Your lover is going. There is no way to stop your lover from leaving you. If you’re fortunate, maybe another chance. There are many reasons why a relationship fails.

If your lover tells you that you’re leaving them, it is because they think you’re too good for them. It could also be because you are a bad lover.

Do you ever have to let someone go?

You should never give up on someone you love. Don’t forget to tell your lover if you aren’t in love anymore. If you have a special relationship, tell your partner how you feel about the impending split.

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You’ll never feel that you did enough to make the relationship work if you allow your partner to walk away while you stand still.

It will take you a long time to wonder if your relationship could work. You’ll be left wondering if you haven’t finished your sentences and will spend the rest of your time imagining situations in which you could tell your lover how you feel about them.

Waiting for your lover’s return

If you wait for someone to return after you have let them go, it will only make your life worse. You’ll only make your heartbreak worse if you keep waiting for your lost love to return.

You may find a new lover, or even begin a new relationship with someone you love. You’ll be the one who waits patiently for your true love to return.

Do not be a martyr

Some people inflict pain on themselves to feel better. Do not be one of these people. You may have heard it said that you should give up on someone you love. If you truly love someone, why would you ever want to let them go?

A lot of people feel satiated by inflicting pain on themselves, especially when they are in love. Instead of trying harder to make the relationship work, we retreat into a shell, accepting failure when it isn’t our intention. It makes us feel happy, and we feel like martyrs. Our happiness was sacrificed to make someone else happy. Because you did such a great deed, it makes you feel like a saint. Your partner won’t see it. Your lover will think that you are too lazy to pursue them.

If you are a true romantic and believe that your partner is the right one for you. You can only make it work if you put your efforts into it.

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Egos can enter the picture

Sometimes you might have to let go of someone you love. You may do this out of love but also because of your enormous ego. If you both don’t want the first step to making up with your partner, you may not be in true love.

There are times when your lover should be let go

1. They are in love with another person.

2. Your partner is not interested in making the romance work.

3. If you can’t make one another happy.

4. Your partner is constantly leaving your life and returning with new and different ideas.

5. Your lover isn’t going to love you anymore.

How to say goodbye to someone you love

It is not a good idea to walk away from your partner without giving it all you have. You don’t have the right to leave your partner if you’re not in love. If you do truly love your partner, you can try to win them back by reliving the happy moments you shared at the beginning of the relationship.

It’s better to love and lose than to never have loved. This is a better way to live in love.

Look for ways to revive the romance in your relationships. You can help your partner to see the beauty in life together. Even if your love is lost, it’s a good sign that you tried your best to show your partner how much you care.

If you truly love someone, don’t hesitate to let them go. Only after you are certain that they will not change their minds. You will feel hurt, unhappy, and regretful for a long period of time if you do not follow this path.

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