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Interesting Mobile Games For Couples Close or Far From Each Other


You can connect with your partner by playing phone games, regardless of whether you’re in a long-distance relationship, or if you live together. These games can spark your love and strengthen your bond.

These games are great for long-distance relationships. They can keep you in touch with your partner, and help you feel closer.

Mobile games can be a great way to strengthen your relationship, whether you want to get to know your spouse or spice up your romance. Enjoy these amusing games for couples and have fun.

12 Best Phone Games for Couples

1. Happy Couple

Happy Couple is a quiz-style game that acts as a jumping-off point for new and long-distance relationship-building conversations. This Android-compatible game allows couples to get to understand each other. You and your partner will each answer five questions about each other from a six-category list (sex, emotion, communication, information, and responsibilities). Then, we’ll discuss your answers. To unlock new challenges and earn points, you must correctly predict your partner’s answers to personal and relationship questions.

2. Bounden

This game will inspire you to dance. Bounden lets you dance with your partner using the motion sensors on your iPhone. Your smartphones are held at opposite ends. You then tilt your phones around a virtual sphere following a trail. You suddenly find yourself dancing as you move your arms and your body around. Bachata and Tango are some of the dance styles. Dancing with Bounden is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your loved one. Get your dancing shoes on and get ready for an exciting ballet simulation.

3. The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile is an Android simulation game. You can create your own virtual world. This includes finding love, building your dream house, creating your society, and doing just about everything else you do in real life. You can even get married and start a family. The game is full of action and immersive gameplay. You may meet new Sims as you play the game. You can also collaborate with other Sims to earn rewards and reward your favorite Sims with stickers. Connecting with your friends and loved ones is the best part of The Sims Mobile.

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4. Couple Game – Relationship Quiz

Couple Game is a great game to get to know your partner better. This game is optimized for iPhone and features many questions about any topic you can think of, such as hobbies, holidays, romance, and kissing. Only answer a few questions, then wait for your partner’s response. Then, you will try to guess the answers of your partner. You then have to guess which partner has the highest score. However, both partners are winners in this couples’ game.

5. Friends, Words

This scrabble-inspired game will be a great choice if you like word games with your partner. Each word you choose earns points based on its length. Words With Friends multiplayer game is interactive and tests vocabulary skills. It can be played with your friend or partner. You will naturally fall in love with words. But you may also find romance by inviting your iPhone partner or going to the Google Store to download it for your Android. Let your inner wordsmith out and tell your better half sweet things.

6. Boxes and dots

Connect the dots to spice up your romance and discover your true love. Although Dots and Boxes can be challenging, it can also be a rewarding and engaging experience. The Android game’s basic concept is to connect dots and create squares of the same color. Each dot is worth 1 point. The goal of the Android game is to connect dots to create a square. The player who completes the most boxes wins the most points. Play Dots and Boxes to find out who’s more logical. Download this game and connect the dots to fill your life full of love.

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7. Virtual Families 3

If you want to see how families come together to achieve a common goal, then virtual families is for you. This game helps couples manage their family in a humorous and fun way. You can adopt, marry, and raise your children together in this couples game. You can also teach your children how you care for their homes, and help them make smart decisions throughout their lives. You and your spouse will be placed in different situations and faced with obstacles by the iPhone simulation game.

8. Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light, an Android game about connecting and giving to others, is available now. This phone game for couples allows you to interact in real-time with your partner by holding hands, giving gifts of light, and many other methods. The goal of the game is to rescue lost spirits and revive the world as players fly through an airy kingdom. You’ll likely meet other gamers while exploring Sky’s universe. The game features stunning graphics and an amazing soundtrack.

9. Crossy Road

Crossy Road, a simple iPhone game with bright visuals, is great for couples that can work together to cross the street. You must travel as far as you can without getting tangled up in roadblocks. This phone game is for couples. You’ll find bustling roads, natural waterways, and logs floating on top. You can control your character through the randomly generated world by tapping and swiping. You must overcome obstacles to live as long as possible and receive bonuses along the route.

10. Desire

This intriguing game is for couples and can be played with your partner even if you are not connected to the internet. This Android game stimulates creativity and encourages you and your partner to explore new ways of interacting with each other. There are hundreds of dares you can choose from and send to your loved one. You can earn points for each dare. Points are awarded when you complete the dare on time. Desire has a scoring system that unlocks more difficult missions.

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11. Draw Something

Grab your pencil and get started with drawing your partner. Artists don’t need to be Picasso or Da Vinci. Drawing Something, an iPhone app that’s based on Pictionary allows you to express yourself in a variety of colors. Each player draws a picture of a phrase. You and your partner must then identify the phrase from the drawing. The other players will guess the phrase you have drawn and vice versa. Coins will be awarded to the player who correctly guesses. Draw Something is a game that allows players to make new friends by sharing their art.

12. Pokemon Go

If you and your partner are on a quest to “get them all”, or if you just want to have some fun, then Pokemon Go is for you. This addictive iPhone game allows you to search for and capture Pokemon characters at parks and other locations using your smartphone. Take your companion along and go on a walk with your pet friend to find your Pokemon. You can talk about various topics while playing Pokemon Go on your smartphone, including the game’s quirks and which Pokemon are the easiest to catch.

It can be fun to play games with your partner. These mobile games for Android and iPhone can be played in any room, regardless of where you are located. These phone games are perfect for couples.

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