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Intresting Questions to Ask a New Friend


Are you looking for questions to ask your new friend? You are in the right place. These are some of the fun and exciting ways you can get to know someone, and create a special bond.

It can be hard to make new friends, especially for adults. It is important to be able to ask great questions of a new friend.

When we meet someone new, and we want to be friends with them, it is often because we have something in common. Perhaps we share a common taste in music or work together.

We can build on the friendships we already have. Here are some fun and easy questions you can ask your new friend to help you get to know them better.

Asking questions is important

It can be difficult to get to know a friend. It’s easy to bond with someone you know over the things that come naturally. But it can be difficult to see beneath the surface.

It is easier to get to understand one another when you have questions ready to ask.

It’s not only a sign of interest but also builds it. It shows that you are willing to listen and understand what someone is saying.

Questions to ask a new friend

You won’t be able to go from being new friends to best friends if you don’t ask your new friend questions.

1. Which is your first memory?

Some people can recall things as young children, while others forget about school.

It takes time to get to know someone. You can build new friendships by asking thoughtful, sometimes funny questions.

2. Which is your most embarrassing memory?

It is very telling to learn about the embarrassing moments of your friend and the lessons they have learned. Be prepared to share your embarrassing story.

Who is your celebrity crush?

This is always a great question to ask. Are you a fan of Selena Gomez or Chris Evans? You might be able to learn more about their love for a different genre.

4. Which book is your favorite?

Books are more meaningful than TV and movies. Knowing what books touch your friend the most will help you learn a lot about them.

5. Which fictional character would you like to be real?

Are they romantic and hot? Is it a superhero? It could be a character who helped you get through your childhood.

6. How was your first relationship?

The first relationship is the one that moves someone into a future relationship. Think about your first relationship. What did this do for your friend? It’s a great topic to discuss because it helps you become closer and can help you be a better friend in the future.

7. Who was your first crush

This could be the person they first dated, or it could have been in elementary school. Maybe it was a cartoon character. Bart Simpson anyone? No? Okay.

8. How can you stay motivated?

This can provide insight, whether you need advice or simply want to find out what keeps your friend going.

9. What’s your secret hobby?

You will be closer to your friend when you learn things that are not available to everyone else.

10. Which TV show is a guilty pleasure?

You might even love the same person. You could meet up every Monday night to watch Bachelor, or you could annoy them by giving play-by-play on a show that they don’t like. It doesn’t matter what, it’s friendship.

11. Which is your pet peeve?

What is it that drives you crazy? This will help you get to know your friend better and prevent you from chewing your lips open or throwing away recyclable bottles.

12. What are your relationship deal-breakers?

People have similar issues in relationships that they don’t want to deal with in friendships. This can prove to be helpful. If they are in a relationship that has many red flags, you can remind them.

13. Are you close to your parents?

This is a very personal question, and it can connect you two. Are you in similar family circumstances?

14. Do you spend a lot of time with your grandparents or have you?

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Many people never met their grandparents and have raised children alone. Who made your friend the person they are today? This is a great question for a friend to ask because it’s something that many people don’t talk about very often.

15. What would you shop at if you could only shop in one store for the rest of your life?

Target? Saks Fifth Avenue? Whole Foods? Are you going to make this your home for the foreseeable?

16. Please describe your dream wedding.

Although it may seem superficial, this can show how invested your friend is in meaningful moments and the people you want to be there with.

17. What would you do to improve yourself?

This will help you move forward in your friendship with your new friend.

18. Which country would you most like to visit?

Do you want to do some charity work? To travel to the tropical islands? Perhaps you can organize your dream friend’s trip.

19. How was your first flight on a plane?

This is a great question to ask new friends. It will probably include a funny back story. Plane rides, especially the first, are always exciting.

20. Which do you prefer, summer or winter?

Do you and your friend like the heat? Or do they prefer to stay warm under the blankets when the snow falls? Are you going to drag them out in the snow or will you be pulling them out of bed to go to the beach?

21. Which was your best year?

The Oder is it already here?

22. Are you ready to have children?

What will your future lifestyle look like? Why not have children if they aren’t interested? You don’t want to ask someone you don’t know, but it can be very deep.

23. Which is the most expensive item you have ever purchased?

They bought a guitar that they couldn’t play, or invested in a real-estate venture. Maybe they bought a house.

24. What is your greatest regret?

This can tell a lot about a person. Perhaps they have no regrets.

25. What would you rather have more time for?

Painting? Family? Sleeping? Maybe you want to spend more time with your friends. That’s sweet.

26. What would you do with your life if money was not a factor?

Traveling? Being a parent? Fostering dogs?

27. Which parent is your closest to?

While some may argue that it is all equal, we all know there are parents with whom you have a different relationship. Talking about this topic can be quite eye-opening.

28. What do you think about your siblings?

You love them. But? You can’t help but be mad at them. This is a great question to ask a friend, as they could be your sibling or the main complainer about your siblings.

29. What is the thing that impresses most about you most?

Work ethic? Faith? Talent and skill without any doubt?

30. Are you a believer in God?

Although it may be difficult for some, this can help you to get to know your new friend better. You can also grow closer if you belong to the same religion.

31. What do you think about politics?

This is a question that you should ask your new friend in order to stop your friendship from deteriorating.

32. Are you a feminist?

Do you really want to be friends with someone who doesn’t understand? Maybe they don’t know the basics of it. It could be a good time to offer some polite and mild education.

33. Who and why is your favorite celebrity?

It doesn’t have to be your crush. This could be a celebrity who is a philanthropist, or perhaps Oprah or Beyonce. To really start the conversation, ask them why they like this person.

34. Is there any technology that you wish was not invented?

The internet? Online dating? Facetune?

35. Which app is your least favorite?

Facebook? Snapchat?

36. Which childhood toy or game do you wish were still available?

Nintendo? Old school Nintendo? Polly Pockets, the original? Do you wish Toys R Us was still around?

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37. You would be surprised at what I discovered about you.

They can make a delicious meal. Maybe they can even burn water.

38. Can you dance?

Is your friend able to dance? Maybe they can waltz. They might be able to bob their heads and have no rhythm. If they can dance, you should be prepared to prove it.

39. Which song is your favorite?

Are you looking for a sad or upbeat song? Are you going to be singing along on long car rides?

40. Are you a Netflix or Hulu fan? Or Amazon Prime?

Do they prefer classic movies or TV shows?

41. Are you still using MySpace?

Let’s not hope so. However, it is another discussion if they do.

42. Are you more fond of cats or dogs?

Is it possible to get over your obsession with cats? Is your new friend a fan of snakes?

43. Do you ever plan on settling down?

Is your friend looking to travel the globe? Do they want white picket fencing?

44. Who do you most trust in your life?

Your mom? Your dog? Yourself?

45. What would you do if you were to be arrested?

Murder? Texting while driving? Jaywalking or texting while driving? Maybe it’d be to recite your rights to the police. That’s fair.

46. What’s the first thing that you do when you get up in the morning?

Use your smartphone to communicate? Have you ever tried coffee? Do you brush your teeth? Hit snooze?

47. What do you think about gambling?

Are they looking for a rush? Or a waste of time?

48. What would you buy if you won the lottery?

What is the best way to get a new car? A beach house? Or would you save it all?

49. Which is the best age to be?

As a child? A grownup? Is it already here?

50. What do you think about the idea of getting older?

Some people enjoy growing up while others fear it. Do they fear gray hairs and back pain? Or are they excited about maturing?

51. What do you think is your level of intelligence?

Is your friend street-smart, book-smart, or a bit ditzy?

52. What is your oldest item?

Their prom dress An old jean skirt from middle school Oder jeans they purchased last month.

53. Are you adamant that people are naturally good?

This will give you an insight into your friend’s outlook on the world. Do they seem pessimistic, or optimistic?

54. What is the biggest fear you have?

Spiders? Death? Their mother-in-law?

55. What excites and motivates you most?

The future? Eating? Sports?

56. Which charity or cause do you feel most passionate about?

Do they all have equal rights? Are they all about equal rights?

57. Are you more comfortable living alone or with someone else?

This tells a lot about a person. Are they averse to being alone? Or do they prefer having everything in their own place?

58. Do you remember ever having a recurring dream?

What was the clown doing? Was it a clown who chased them? Maybe they were being chased by a clown?

59. Do you remember ever bullying someone?

What have you learned? It is a great topic to talk about bullying. We should all share our stories.

Most people who were bullies won’t openly talk about it. It can be very eye-opening and therapeutic for a friend to admit that they were bullied and show how their lives have changed.

60. Are you confident?

Is your friend having trouble with self-image or is he/she happy just being who they are?

61. Are you independent?

This is very interesting. My best friend of 10+years is independent. I, for one, am not very independent. We still get along well.

62. What would you never do?

Skydiving? Marry? Ask your new friend about their limits. What’s on their opposite bucket list?

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63. Do you think you would ever adopt a child from another country?

This is very interesting to me. It’s not easy for some people to imagine caring for a child that they haven’t given birth to. What do you think of your friend?

64. Are you a criminal?

Perhaps they littered? Or drank underage? Perhaps they jaywalk every day on their way to work.

65. What is your biggest fear?

People who have a lot of money, people who can be positive or who face big challenges.

66. Where and when are you most at ease?

Many people find their best time in bed, with snacks and a new Netflix series. Others feel at their best when they are on vacation or at work.

67. What would you be most surprised to discover that you excel at?

Are they good at rapping? Maybe they can change a car in no time.

68. Are you a recycler?

If they don’t, now is the time to let them know how important it really is.

69. Which extinct animal would you rather be?

Dinosaurs? Mammoths?

70. What is your strangest habit?

Peanut butter and mayo together? Picking at your split ends?

71. What can you do to deal with rejection?

Some people forget about it, while others live with it. Which friend is more like you? How can you help?

72. How was high school?

Did your friend have a lot of friends? Did they enjoy sports? Did they play sports?

73. Do you often cry?

Some people don’t cry as often, if at all. Some people, like me, may only cry once per week. I cannot help but cry when watching the ASPCA commercials.

74. Are you a victim of a mental illness?

This is something that can have a profound impact on your life and it is worth sharing with a friend.

75. Do you really hate anyone?

Your boss? The new girlfriend of your ex? Maybe Donald Trump.

76. What would you rather forget?

The whole year 2020? Walking in on your parents …? What is the best way to see a pimple popping video?

77. Are you more comfortable watching movies at home than at the theatre?

Are you going to spend all your hard-earned money on the movies or will you snuggle under a blanket and watch old movies with microwave popcorn?

78. Which fashion faux pas are you most embarrassed by?

Did it have one of those tiny scarves that are so small? It could have been a jean skirt and Ugg boots. Perhaps it was your hair with chunky highlights.

79. Do you prefer to be awake in the morning or at night?

This is a great question to ask new friends to get to know them better. It will also prevent you calling them if they aren’t in the best mood.

80. Which TV character is most like you?

Perhaps it’s someone from your favorite tween TV show, Lizzie McGuire. Perhaps you feel that you are a multifaceted character.

81. What was something that your family did well growing up and what do you wish it could be done today?

My family and I used to go out for dinner once a week at the restaurant where my parents met. It was something we did every day. It was unfortunately closed, so we stopped doing it. It is something I miss. I miss it.

82. Which sport are you unfamiliar with?

Are they unable to understand the rules of football? Perhaps they are just not used to NASCAR or golf?

83. Are you happy where you grew-up?

Are they missing their home? Are they able to appreciate the diversity of culture and heritage they were exposed as a child?

84. What are you most interested in learning?

Are they a lot into documentaries on the ocean and nature? Perhaps they are more interested in true crime.

85. What would you like to learn about me?

It’s your turn.

These questions are not all funny. Some are more bizarre than others, but they are all deep and interesting.

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