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Letting Go of Someone You Love – Without the Bitterness Involved


It is difficult to let go of someone you love, especially when it feels like a constant battle. These 15 steps will help you get there without bitterness.

It is heartbreaking to lose someone you love deeply and be in a relationship with them. It doesn’t matter if they are gone through a divorce, an illness, or a tragedy. Losing someone you love is hard. The pain is beyond words. Perhaps you are unable to imagine yourself ever moving on or healing.

It’s possible.

Even if you doubt that you can let go completely, or even fully, even though you may not believe it, you must. It is important to let go of someone you love, regardless of how difficult, in order to get your life on track.

Let go of someone you love

Love is not for the weak of heart. For a long time, the pain of losing someone we love can haunt us. There are ways to grieve and get rid of bitterness and angst.

#1 Understand why you had to quit. It can be difficult to let go when it isn’t clear why. Did it have to do with you? Did it happen because they were in love? You were shocked to discover that they had been cheating on you. Is your love dying a slow, painful death?

Understanding the reasons you parted ways can make it easier to accept reality. This is your reason to get on with your life.

#2 Recognize that you did your best. Relationships can be hard work. Do you feel that you tried your best to help the other person, but it was not enough? You will be able to accept the reasons why things ended as they did. Once you are clear about your past, you can let go of any regrets or loose ends.

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#3. Accept that there is nothing you can do. Your relationship might have been complicated for a while. You tried everything to save your relationship. You quit your job and stopped seeing your friends save the relationship.

But, relationships will end regardless of how hard you try. The sooner you can accept this, the easier it will be to let go.

#4 It is the best thing you can do for yourself. It’s okay to let go of certain things. No matter how much you loved someone, you had to let them go. It’s the best thing you have ever done, no matter how painful it may be right now.

It will all make sense one day. This will ensure that emotions and memories don’t get the best of you and cause you to regret it.

#5 Take the lessons from all of it. It’s not right to let go of someone you love and then suffer through all the pain again. Every experience has a lesson. You have learned valuable lessons even if you don’t get what your heart desires in a relationship.

Remember to take the positives and not just the negatives. This will prevent you from going back with the person, or getting into a similar relationship. Both of these can end up tragically.

#6 Take the time to take care of yourself. Time is the only thing that can heal your pain. But, some wounds may feel so deep that they won’t heal. It’s easy to believe that you will feel this way for all eternity. Give yourself time to heal and let the feelings fade.

Even if time cannot heal your heartache completely, it can at least turn those vivid, painful memories into blurry ones. It won’t hurt nearly as much.

#7 Don’t dwell upon the past. If you continue to hang around with the people you used to travel together, if they still have their stuff around your home, or if they still follow you on social media, you can’t move forward. Let go of all their memories, happy and not so happy. Forgive them if necessary. Forgive them, and also forgive yourself. You can let go of all the baggage and move on to new experiences.

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#8 Avoid the person. It’s not helpful to let go of someone you love if they’re still lurking around your shadows. Do not go to places you think you might run into him.

If you feel the need to change your routine, you can. Don’t follow them on social media. You can unfollow, delete, or block them from your social media accounts.

#9 Take it one day at a.m. You’ll make it through, even if you feel like time is suspended in a fog of tears and pain. Although it may seem like it’s taking forever, if you take each day one step at a while, it will feel less overwhelming. Focus on your goals and get busy, even if that means you only have to move one step at a time.

#10 Be positive. Negative thoughts about doom or despair will only make you worse. A positive outlook is a key to seeing your life as a new beginning. You will be able to look forward more than back at the past.

#11 Find a healthy outlet. You can find a healthy outlet for your mind and heart, whether it’s a hobby, writing, traveling, or even writing. Even if you only do sparring or jog for an hour, it will help you maintain a healthy mind.

#12 Meet up with friends. You may have lost the love of your life, but that doesn’t mean you are alone. There are people who care about you, and they love and support you. You may not have paid enough attention to others around you while you were in a relationship.

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This is the perfect time to reconnect with your loved ones and catch up on what you have missed. These can help you forget about your problems and maybe even inspire you.

#13 Travel. It can be hard to let go of someone you love, especially if you are reminded of them at every turn. Move far. Visit new places. Try new things. You might even meet new people.

Take in the sights and sounds of every place you visit. You might be a completely different person when you return home.

#14 Be true to yourself. You may not have grown as a person if you were in a relationship with someone else. You have only yourself to think about this time. You will learn more about yourself and become a better person by understanding how you can grow without someone to help you.

#15 Allow new people to enter. It is hard to let go. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid the possibility of meeting new people. Do not be afraid to make new friends and to allow friendships to grow. You might find that the only way to truly let go is by allowing someone else in. You don’t have to be afraid. Perhaps that’s all you really need.

Love is like a drug. It doesn’t really matter how you get it. As long as there is enough, it will get you high. When the supply is reduced, withdrawal can be so severe that you feel the pain. That’s the reality of letting go.

To grow and let go is an essential part of life. You never know when the right one will come along.

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