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Philippines Dating Culture – Traditions And Customs


While the Philippines’ dating culture may be similar to that of other Asian countries, it is also quite different. Their dating culture is complex because of their traditional beliefs, religious customs, and the influence of the older, as well as historical rules and influences from the east and west.

In the countryside and suburbs of the Philippines, traditional dating rules and culture still apply. However, the dating culture of the younger generation is slightly different because they have been heavily influenced by western culture.

1. Asking a man out is taboo for a girl

Traditional Filipino culture says it is wrong for a girl not to marry a man. The man who asks the question should be the one to whom the relationship begins. Although it is more common for younger Filipino girls to confess to a man first due to Western culture, it is still uncommon. In rural areas, girls still follow the traditional rules of dating.

2. The man should be in the leading role

Similar to Chinese dating etiquette but in the Philippines, the man plays a significant role in relationships. He will ask his girl out on a date. There are certain rules that must be followed when arranging a date. After the date ends, the man will take the girl to his house and bring her home. The man will decide what they will do during the date.

3. It is important to have a first date

First dates are a formal way to get to know one another better. Ask about his family, education, and work. Although it is unlikely that a passionate kiss will occur on the first date, some girls may allow a light kiss on the cheek. You can also choose not to have your hands on the first date. According to old Filipino customs, it is not a good idea to date someone who is free. This is the Philippines’ dating culture.

4. Wait For A Follow-Up Date

You have either officially begun dating one another after the first date or not. The second date is just as important as the original one. It is a sign that the man has an interest in you if he contacts you asking for a second date. If neither side has any interest, the second date would not happen. This is an indirect rejection of the other side, as Filipinos aren’t inclined to express negative opinions or make decisions.

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5. Family Support is Important

Family ties in the Philippines, like in most Asian countries, are tight. Family support is essential when it comes time to date. You should meet her/his extended family as well as distant relatives such as their grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and aunts. The Philippines has a tradition of a man serving the family of the girl in an old courtship. Here, the potential for a filial son seems to be very important.

6. Polite

The majority of Filipino women are conservative and shy. Be considerate of their needs and conduct yourself accordingly. Be polite and make a positive impression. Don’t be rude or offensive to them.

7. You should have a good sense of humor

Filipinos love to have a lot of fun and talk freely. Prepare some new jokes for your partner when you go out on a date. They are great at having fun and would love to have a comedian partner. Your date will go smoothly if you don’t say anything offensive.

8. Beautify Yourself

This applies to both men and women. Filipinos love to see their partners attractive, handsome, clean, and fresh. Every date, dress up and make yourself look good. It’s not too much, but it’s still nice to see.

9. Be A Gentleman

Men out there should never forget to say “thanks” and “please” at all times. A gentle and mannered man will impress Filipino women. You can offer them a place and then open the door to become a gentleman.

10. They have a mountain pile of food

Filipinos love food so much. Your partner will bring you many types of Filipino food to share with you when you visit their family. They are known to make a lot of food, despite only having a few people eat it.

11. You Should Cook with Them!

You can learn how to make Filipino food, as they are so passionate about it. Filipino culture is very similar to Latin and Spanish so they would be able to make tapas, hotdogs, rice, and coffee. You will quickly win the heart of your family if you do this.

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12. Show your interest in their culture

If you are from another culture and want to meet Filipinos, take an interest in their culture. Ask them questions and have a good time mingling with the natives. If you are interested in learning more about the culture of Filipinos, they will be delighted to help. Ask them to speak their language and show you some of their dishes. You might also learn their favorite songs.

13. Entertain her and the Family

Men are the most important player in their relationship culture so they must work harder to make it work. If you entertain her family, it can make a great impression. Filipinos like karaoke. You can ask them to sing along with you to make it a fun family event. Don’t be afraid to ask them to sing or dance with you.

14. Virginity is Important

Like in any other Eastern country, virginity remains highly valued in the Philippines. Women never lose their virginity for a date. They wait until the marriage is official before they give up their virginity. It is worth dating a Filipina woman.

15. Religion Comes First

The Filipino family doesn’t mind their child being with someone from another culture. They are more concerned with religion than culture. It doesn’t really matter where your partner is from. As long as they share the same beliefs, it doesn’t matter.

16. Filipino Women Love To Be Attached To You

All you have to do to win the hearts of Filipino women is to send them a constant “I love You” message. They were attracted to men who would pursue them and be there for them. They were happy to get random texts expressing their feelings and heart to them.

17. Win Her Heart = Win Their Family

Because of her close bond with her family, it is important to have their trust. You can entertain her, cook for them and be polite to them as she has already shared some tips.

18. The “Hard To Get” Game

Filipino women are shy and have cultural traits that make it difficult to be a good partners. Although they are very interesting inside, they act as though they don’t care about the outside. They want to see her fall in love with men and win her affection.

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This is a common complaint we receive from readers. They feel like they don’t have the time or priority they deserve. They will always find a reason to not spend quality time with their spouse as they did in the past.

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19. The long-term relationship

Dating is more than a hobby for Filipinos. They are more serious about dating and prefer to stay together for a longer time. The majority of relationships in the Philippines last for a long time. This is a different approach than western culture, where dating can be seen as merely having fun.

20. No Casual Date

In the Philippines, casual dating is considered “playing” and not a serious relationship. It is rare to see Filipino women and men go out on casual dates or night stands. It could even be counted on the fingers if it was. This principle was strongly used in their older dating cultures.

21. The Man pays for the Date

Men play the lead role in the dating process. They pick the date and pay the bills. While this is not to say that Filipino women can’t be materialistic, it is what their culture, customs, and elders have taught them.

22. Online Dating Application

This is only true in a recent culture that values modernity and technology. You should be careful as the information on an online profile may not be 100% accurate.

23. Be Sincere

What advice is better for relationships and dating than to be sincere? Sincerity will bring out the best in your partner and you’ll be able to love them with all of your heart. A strong relationship is built on sincerity.

These are some of the dating customs and cultures in the Philippines. They are still proud of their conservative values, which is what makes them so adorable! That’s the Philippine’s dating culture. If you haven’t heard it, love is spread to every corner.

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