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Sexy & Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy & Seduce Him Instantly


Are you looking for the sexiest and dirty questions to ask a guy to make him want you sexually? This will excite and seduce him immediately!

You can build sexual tension by asking sexy, sexually explicit questions to a man. The best thing is that you can be sexually suggestive and friendly with a guy, making him believe he is the one asking the questions. Want to know how? Continue reading!

These sexy questions can be used to seduce any guy you like

You can use different methods to ask dirty questions when texting a man.

You’ll notice that we split the article into two sections. The step-by-step 20 sexual questions below can be used to text a guy casually and get him talking about you and wanting you sexually in the next 30 minutes.

We have also shared a list of 90+ sexy questions to ask a man if you are already intimate with him and want him to be hard and horny by just reading your texts.

These texts will amaze you in the art and science of seduction.

The art of asking dirty questions, writing, and creating sexual tension

These sexy questions can be asked face-to-face, but they are not as effective or powerful as sending them by text. Anxiety, fear, stress, and anxiety can all get in the way of a good mood and make it difficult to ask these questions face-to-face. These questions can be used to text a guy and will make him smile, stiffen his legs, and even imagine what it might be like.

Your imagination can be a powerful tool in seducing a man and making him horny when he thinks about you and your texts. You’ll be able to seduce him quickly if you time your questions correctly.

If you want to seduce and make a guy horny, this guide will show you how. You can sit next to him and arouse him discreetly without making it obvious.

Part 1 – How to seduce a guy with sexy questions

These questions can be used to get him to think sexually of you if you have never sexted one another. These questions can be asked in person but it’s best to ask them via text.

To make sure that you have already created the sexual tension, this guide will show you how to seduce a man not yet yours.

You can seduce a man by asking the right questions

You can ask many sexy questions to a man.

If you want to get him to respond to you, it is important to warm him up first, then move on to getting more intimate and personal with each question.

Ask questions that you already know the answers to. Hear it from him.

Do not make it appear that you are the only one asking the tough questions. These questions will make him more naughty each time you ask them, so it will always appear that he is the one asking all the dirty questions.

At the very least, be subtle with your questions. Then get more revealing with each question. Remember to ask him questions that will make him think about anything else once you have completed these questions.

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When you feel he is alone, text him. You want to convince him to sleep with you, but not make it seem desperate. We promise he will be sleeping in your bed within 20 minutes if you follow these steps.

These 20 questions will make him sexy and horny.

You can start by sending a casual text and see if he has the time and energy to text you for at least an hour. These are not closed-ended questions, and he will ask for your answers throughout. Be discreet, but let him see that you enjoy the text responses. These 20 texts will allow you to seduce him in just an hour.

#1 Hey, I am curious. Do you ever look at me when I walk out of your place? *curious and casual

#2 Have you ever dated a friend? *To get his mind thinking about hookups

#3 Are you a good kisser? [Read: How to accidentally kiss a friend and get away with this]

#4 Have you ever been accidentally naked? *Funny with a twist

#5 Have ever felt the urge to flash at someone? You’re most likely turning him on

#6 What are your current clothes? *harmless…*

#7 Which outfit is the sexiest for a girl to turn you on? *Know his fantasies

#8 Which type of outfit would look the best on you? *make him think about you sexually

#9 Would it be possible for you to help me choose that outfit if I asked? *who wouldn’t?! *

#10 Which part of a girl’s body is your favorite? *He’ll think of you naked*

#11 Which section of my body do YOU think is the most beautiful? *Make him speak it! *

#12 What are you wearing to bed each night? *a slight distraction, so he asks the same thing*

#13 When was your last girl in your bed? *You want him to repeat the question back.

#14 What is your definition of good foreplay *he’s talking dirty already*

#15 What is your favorite sexual fantasy and why? *You’re arousing her*

#16 Would you believe we would do something fun together if we got drunk? *Funny but so horny now*

#17 Have any of you ever sexually sexted a picture? *If you post photos here, crop your face

#18 Have you ever felt horny while texting? *like now?! *

#19 What would you do for me if I was right now with you? *He fantasizes about all the things that he could do for you.

#20 Would you like to come over to mine now? *And… he’s on the way! *

It’s worth it

These 20 sexy questions can help you get a man to have a good time with you. You’ll be amazed at the results. Be funny! Instead, try to make it sound funny. Focus on feeling sexy and let the man know you are horny!

Part 2 – Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy You’ve Hooked Up With

These dirty questions will make you hot and HOT, whether you are just starting out with a guy or looking to spice up your relationship.

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90 questions that are sexy and dirty to ask your guy.

You can choose to go slow and flirt gently when he’s not around, or you can be more direct in the bedroom. There are questions that will work for every girl.

To get your boss grooving at his desk, you can send him some of these questions while he’s at work. These questions are great if you live apart or in a long-distance relationship. Some are great to whisper in your partner’s ear as you get to the bottom of things. You can try them all, but why not?

#1: When was the last time that you had a naked dream about me?

#2 Which look is hotter, short skirts and short shorts?

#3 Can you identify the color of my underwear today?

#4 What is the grossest thing you have done in bed?

#5 What is the most naughty thing that you have done in your entire life?

#6 What’s your sexiest fantasyland?

#7 Would you like to be in me right now?

#8 What part of your body would you like me to touch?

#9 What part of your body would you like me to lick?

#10 What part of your body would you like me to nibble on?

#11 What should I do with the leftover whipped cream?

#12 Have any of you been caught with sex?

#13 Have any of you been caught masturbating before?

#14 Would you like to see me masturbate with you?

#15 Have any of your sex toys been used before?

#16 Would you like to have sex with me?

#17 Would you rather have oral, vaginal, or anal sex?

#18 Would you like to have anal sex with a woman?

#19 Would you like me to shave your pussy?

#20 Could you please help me shave the pussy?

#21 Which is your favorite position in a sexual relationship?

#22 What is the current outfit I am wearing?

#23 Who would you choose to share a bed with if you were able?

#24 Would it make you jealous to see me with another man?

#25 What would you think if you were to kiss a hot girl

#26 Have you ever thought of a trio?

#27 What is the most exciting thing you’ve done?

#28 Where is your most thrilling place to have sex?

#29 Are you boobs- or butt type of guy?

#30 Would you like me to get dirty now?

#31 Are you happy with what I do?

#32 Would you like me to move faster?

#33 Would you like me to slow down?

#34 What would you like me to do for you?

#35 Did you ever disturb your neighbors by having loud sex?

#36 Have any of you done it outside?

#37 Which book is the sexiest?

#38 Which is the sexiest movie you’ve ever watched?

#39 Would you like to watch porn with your friends?

#40 Would you be interested in someone watching your sex?

#41 Would you be open to the idea of tying my hands?

#42 Would you like to be tied up by me?

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#43 Would you like to try rough sex with your partner?

#44 Would you like me to be dominant?

#45 Would you like to suck my toes?

#46 Have You ever been to a strip club?

#47 How many fingers can you get in me?

#48 Would you like to be skinny-dipping?

#49 Which part of your body is your favorite?

#50 Are you feeling horny right at this moment?

#51 Are you going to check me out if I leave the room?

#51 What is the sexiest outfit a girl can wear?

#52 Are you sure I’m a good kisser.

#53 Are you a good kisser?

#54 Where would it be most romantic for me to kiss your face?

#55 Where would you like me to kiss you most?

#56 Have you ever been accidentally naked?

#57 Have more than one person slept with you in the same room?

#58 What do you think about group sex?

#59 Would you be interested in seeing me having an affair with another person?

#60 Would you rather dress up as a nurse or a schoolgirl?

#61 Would you like to have phone sex?

#62 Would you like to have FaceTime sex?

#63 Which outfit would you choose to look the best on you?

#64 Would you like to play a game with us?

#65 Are you looking to get really drunk and have all-night sex?

#66 How long have you been having sex with your partner?

#67 What is the most mind-blowing experience of orgasm that you have ever had?

#68 How many times did you have sex with one person in a single night?

#69 What was the most dazzling thing about me?

#70 Which underwear do you prefer?

#71 Do You Like This Outfit?

#72 Are you ready to have sex in bed tonight?

#73 What would you do to me in my bedroom if you could?

#74 What speed do you prefer?

#75 Would you like me to call your name in bed?

#76 Have multiple orgasms ever happened to you?

#77 Have multiple orgasms been given to a girl?

#78 Would you like to try this new position in sex?

#79 I am thinking about you naked right this second, are you thinking of me?

#80 Would you like to take my clothes off right away?

#81 What will you do to me tonight when you get back from work?

#82 I was a very naughty girl. How are you going to punish?

#83 With which female superhero would you like to have sex?

#84 Would you like me to dress up in a superhero costume?

#85 Would you like to spend all day in bed with your partner?

#86 I’m going to the shower right now. Would you like to join me?

#87 Would you like to take a dip together?

#89 I am so horny right about now. What are you going to do?

#90 I’m cold, wanna warm me up?

These sexy, dirty questions for guys will have you ready to rip your clothes off! If you think these questions could be a bit more sexy than usual, you should give them a try and see how they work.

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