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Signs She Likes You, And Wants You As More Than a Friend


You have your eyes on a girl, but are you wondering if she is interested in you?

This topic isn’t much different for men than it is for women. Women spend their time wondering if someone likes them, and unsure what to do. They are only human. The best way to find out if she likes you is to observe what she does and how she behaves.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that she will not share her feelings. She might be showing you the signs, but something in her will not let her go.

However, that’s not all. First, you want to know that she is attracted to you. You can then worry about the rest.

32 ways to stop asking the question “does she love me?” and get your answers!

Remember, fellas. Keep your eyes open. Do not complicate matters. It is a common saying that actions speak louder than words.

This saying is popular because it’s true. You must be realistic and not let yourself be a fool. Here are some ways you can tell if she is into you.

1. She is hanging around

Girls won’t be friends with men they don’t like. They may have male friends but girls won’t spend time with a guy she doesn’t like if they don’t feel the same.

It is unlikely. It’s not possible. People will only spend their time with people they feel worthy of it.

2. She continues the conversation

Although she may seem shy at first, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she isn’t interested in learning more. Do you wonder if she likes me? You need to allow her to be relaxed and open to you.

If she doesn’t open up, that’s different. If she is the one who engages and talks, it’s a sign she is interested in your ideas.

3. It’s all about the laughter

It’s a good sign that she is into you if she laughs at your jokes. If a girl doesn’t want to be with a man and he makes a lame joke about her, then he will get a pity smile.

If she is tearing up at your jokes, it’s likely that she finds you hilarious. And women love funny guys!

4. It’s in your eyes

You can see a girl’s interest in you if you look away from her boobs for a couple of seconds.

When she listens to you talk or looks at you laughing, her eyes will light up. It will be obvious. All you have to do is look.

5. She accepts your compliments

If you aren’t liked by girls, you might get a “hi”, if you’re really lucky. They will ignore you for the most part. If she makes eye contact from across the room with you and acknowledges you, it’s just a matter of time.

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6. All smiles

You can be sure she is happy if she smiles at you all the time. Girls won’t smile if the man isn’t attractive to them. If they are really interested in you, their faces may be swollen by the end.

7. Your friends are aware of you

Yes, it’s true that girls won’t tell their friends about men they don’t like. It’s not worth it. They only talk about men they might be interested in.

If her friends know anything about you, it’s likely that she has been talking to them. This answers the question “does she love me?”

8. She is relaxed around you

It will take time but if she acts less tense and more naturally, it’s likely that she is becoming more comfortable. You might find her telling you bad jokes, or accidentally urinating in front of your face. Then you can laugh it off.

9 She touches you

She won’t rub your package…it doesn’t work that way. She will, however, touch your arm and laugh with you. Or maybe give you a message on the back.

If she decides to touch you, she is interested. A guy she doesn’t like would be a girl who touches him. This would be edging him on.

10. Ask if you have a girlfriend

Although she won’t likely ask directly, she will most likely respond with something like “Oh, I bet your girlfriend loves your jokes!”

Bam. That’s it. That’s it. She wants to know your status.

11. Reveal personal information

We are not referring to her SIN number or her credit card pin. Perhaps her grandparents divorced her young, traumatizing her.

This information should not be shared with people you have just met or do not trust. You can trust her if she is open with you.

12. When you’re around her, she’s always fully present

She’s not checking her phone every two seconds, and she’s not talking to friends while she’s on the phone. No, no, no. She is fully present, she has put down her phone, and is engrossed in conversation with you. This is someone who cares about you.

13. They both text and are active on social networks

It’s wonderful if she likes your status on Facebook and texts you. You wouldn’t have thought that social media could be used to determine if she likes your status, but it is.

Stop texting her constantly and liking her posts and start texting her instead. If she doesn’t text you, it’s likely she isn’t interested in you.

14. She teases at you

This is known as flirting. This is called flirting. Try flirting back to see what she does. Flirt back and have fun. It’s a great way for you to create sexual tension.

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15. She longs to be near.

When you’re hanging out together, she might be walking near you or sitting next to you. That’s a great thing.

Girls love to be around people who make them feel secure and safe. This is true for both men and women. If she loves you, she will want to be near you.

16. She suggests that you have a one-on-one conversation.

She might suggest a new movie or that she enjoys going to the beach. This is your “in” moment.

If she does say something like that, suggest you two go together and watch her reaction.

17. She won’t accept anything sexual.

This is a good sign. It answers your question “does she love me?”

If she kisses back at you, that’s a good sign. You shouldn’t worry if she refuses to make sexual advances on your behalf.

18. She immediately cancels if she must.

Let’s suppose you had a date set or just a “hangout”. If she cancels, she will immediately ask you to find another day. She would not like you if she didn’t like it.

19. She compliments you

If she says things as she loves your eyes, hair, muscles, and intelligence, it is likely that she is trying to tell you she is paying attention.

She’s not being kind. She is hinting at her affection for you.

20. She will dress up for you

You know that girls can also be slobs. They can be completely comfortable walking around without makeup or sweats.

If she is always dressed up and doing her makeup and looking great when she is around you, it’s probably because she wants you to be impressed.

21. She will play with your hair

It is very intimate if she can touch your hair or run her fingers through it. If she wants to touch your head, and hold your hand, women won’t do it.

22. She tries to stay in touch with her family on a daily basis

If a girl doesn’t like you, she won’t need to be in touch with you on a daily basis. If it is obvious that she wants to continue conversations, this is a good sign.

She doesn’t want to let you forget about her.

23. She sends selfies

If she sends you selfies and you text a lot, it is likely that she is reminding you how adorable she is. She hopes you will ask for more photos and start to imagine what it would feel like to be together at the moment.

24. She shares photos on social media with you

No matter if you are friends or just starting to date, she will take photos of you and post them on social media because she wants others to know more about you.

She wants people to believe that you are an important part of her life. This is because she is proud to be with them.

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25. She knows things you don’t know about you

If she says something like “I bet your family had a great time on vacation last month!” but she didn’t know that you were there, it is likely that she has been looking at your social media accounts or asking your friends. She wants to know all about you!

26. She will always let you know when she has no plans

You may notice that she often says, “I don’t have any plans this Saturday” when you text her. She is probably letting you know that she is free to spend time with you and hint at you.

27. She mentions the movies and concerts she would like to see.

Similar to the sign above, she will talk about the concerts or movies she would like to see. She hopes you’ll suggest it to her. This is a strong hint that she wants to invite you out.

28. Your friends talk about her often to you.

If her friends keep talking to her about her in the same friend group, they may be doing it intentionally.

They want to show you she loves you and point out her positive qualities in hopes that you will too.

29. She wants to know what you are looking for in a girlfriend

She’ll first ask you if your girlfriend is a woman. If you are surprised to hear that you don’t have a girlfriend *because you’re so hot*, she may ask you, “Well, what do you want in a girlfriend?”

She hopes you will describe all she is. This is a strong hint that she likes to talk about you.

30. She calls you cute

You might tell a story, or tell a joke to her, and she smiles and touches your arm and says, “Oh! you’re so adorable!” This is flirting, and it’s a sign that she thinks you are attractive.

31. She hugged you lots

Yes, she might hug her family and friends. Many girls hug their friends and family. If she can find any reason to wrap her arms around you then that’s great.

You should also observe how long she spends hugging you. You will be more like if you keep the hug going longer.

32. She buys cute gifts for you

Let’s suppose that you mention your favorite team in a text conversation. You might see her next time with a baseball cap with the team logo. She is trying to show that her interests are important to you.

Knowing the subtle signs can help you answer the question, “Does she like me?” There’s a good chance that she is into you if she displays more than one of these signs.

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