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Signs to Tell If a Guy or Your Boyfriend is Gay


Are you unsure how to tell if someone is gay? Are you positive that your gay radar is working? Or would you rather be unsure? These are signs that your man may be gay or bisexual.

It’s not difficult to believe that someone you love is gay. It’s not easy to determine if your boyfriend is gay.

It can be really embarrassing to try to get someone out just to find out that they are gay. It’s really not possible to do anything about it other than to say “goodness okay!” You’ll just slant along, feeling guilty for not knowing.

It is not common for men to carry a sign on their heads to let you know their sexual preferences. Some signs can be subtle or invisible. Understanding the signs that your boyfriend is gay/bisexual will help you to cut through the confusion and figure out what to do.

Why your gaydar should not be trusted
Simply put, having a gaydar is absurd. Although you might believe that you are pretty adept at identifying gay men, the truth is that not all gay men will go out of their way to make this obvious.

Gay men walk and sound the same, but they aren’t different from other people. Most don’t behave differently. Bisexual men are not the same. It’s difficult to tell the difference.

Many girls have made embarrassing mistakes by asking for a man, only to have him turn around and say that he was sorry but she doesn’t have the right appendage. Many girls are able to laugh it off and end up being great friends.

You can simply be yourself and your guy, so you should forget about the idea of a gaydar. These signs will help you.

These are the unobtrusive signs that will let you know if someone is gay or bisexual.

Contrary to popular belief it is not easy to choose a gay or bisexual man from a group. You might not know that anyone could be gay.

Instead of focusing on their flashy clothes or how they use words in a conversation, look for other signs. At that point, you will be able to identify the unambiguous signs your sweetheart is homosexual or sexually unbiased. This is something many people ignore.

1. He doesn’t want to have sex with your woman
This isn’t enough to be considered a sign, but it’s just the beginning of many more. Sometimes, a man can be happy in a marriage for many years and have great sex before realizing that he is gay and likes men.

Is your man losing his passion for sex? This could be a sign that your boyfriend is gay or bisexual.

Are you a loving, understanding partner who enjoys spending time with your family but isn’t passionate about kissing, or if he leaves the room after a few seconds? There’s a good chance he doesn’t like other women.

However, this sign might not be enough to tell you if your boyfriend is gay, bisexual, or a mix of the two.

2. He often stares at men, which is common.
This could be a way to determine if a man is gay or bisexual. When he thinks you are not looking, he will stare at men. This is especially noticeable on beaches where there are many men at their bare minimum or clubbing.

Although it might seem subtle, it could indicate that your boyfriend is gay.

3. He speaks dirty, but in a particular way
Many people love to talk dirty and think dirty in bed. Is your man more prone to certain sexual fantasies than others? Do you like to talk about sexual situations where he is sexually involved?

Although experimentation sounds exciting and appealing, if your boyfriend is only interested in gay fantasies, you might have to ask about his love for other men. This is one sign that your boyfriend may be gay.

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4. He is a flirtatious guy

Sweet talking between girls is possible. Guys don’t. They will never do. Guys won’t flirt or compliment another guy. They don’t even try and be kind to one another. They speak straight and mean what they say, even when it isn’t.

A man who is sexually interested in another person would not try to flirt with another guy. If your boyfriend is constantly flirting with another man, it could indicate that he is gay.

5. He loves butt play
Not all gay men like to have sex. A man who is excited about homosexuality will enjoy sex when it’s in his genitals. Is your man more interested in being penetrated by your dildo than you are?

Guys love penetrating. You might be curious as to why a guy likes being penetrated more than he enjoys penetrating. This could be a sign that your boyfriend may be gay.

6. Many of his close friends live in the closet.
Of course, not literally. However, if there are many friends of closet gay men, it’s possible that they may also be one.

We all know the old saying that birds of the same feather flock together. How do you tell if a man is gay or bisexual? This is just one indicator.

7. He is more attracted to men than women.
Is your man interested in semi-clad men? Do you ever see your man “accidentally” showing off a guy on vacation?

Straight men may enjoy attention but only from the opposite sex. If he is attracted to other men more than women, it could be a sign that he is gay or bisexual.

8. He enjoys gay porn
Straight men watch gay porn, whether they like it or not. Curiosity means that you watch one or two gay action movies every now and again. It’s a sign that your guy is interested in gay porn, and he does so quite often.

It’s actually one of the strongest indicators that your boyfriend is gay, and probably something he doesn’t want you to know.

9. He gives his male friends lots of gifts
He purchases expensive gifts for his male friends. It may seem like he is buying expensive gifts for his male friends because of their shared bond. However, if he keeps buying nice things for his cute, handsome male friends, it could be a sign that he is lusting after them. Gay men must also win over their partners.

This could indicate that your boyfriend is gay or not being truthful with you.

10. There are many secret conversations going on
Do you ever feel like you are missing something because your man is with another man?

Is your man engaging in strange non-verbal communication? Perhaps a lingering gaze, touch that lasts longer than necessary, or man-to-man hugging that just feels odd? You might be able to tell if your boyfriend may be gay or bisexual by looking at the signs.

11. He won’t speak about gay men.

There are two types of gay men. Men will go to great lengths for gay men to tell you how normal it’s to be gay. Talking about homosexuality can make some men rude and snappy. It’s reflex-action. Intense emotions are always accompanied by intense expressions.

This could indicate that your boyfriend is gay, bisexual, or a combination of both.

12. He often crashes at the house of a friend.
It is easier for a man and woman to have an affair than it is for them to have one with another. It’s not unusual for two men to share a room. Is your man spending a lot of time with one friend?

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If your man enjoys spending time with a friend on weekends, and you don’t remember this friend ever having a relationship with any girl, then it is definitely time to be suspicious.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t be suspicious of your boyfriend’s frequent visits to his friend’s home. However, if this is a weekly occurrence, it could indicate your boyfriend may be gay or bisexual.

13. He is very touchy-feely with other men
How can you tell if a man is gay? He is very touchy-feely with men. He is particularly vulnerable when he is drunk.

A heterosexual man may drink to get drunk and snuggle up with the girls he loves.

If a man is hiding his sexual orientation, it may be difficult for him to remain subtle about his feelings for another gay man. He might end up doing or saying something that reveals his secret.

14. You stumble upon something that you aren’t sure about
Do they act strangely when you walk into their home and ask them questions?

They might be planning your secret birthday celebration. If you catch your boyfriend in awkward moments, you might be a sign that he is gay.

15. It’s all in your gut.

How do you tell if someone is gay? It’s easy to tell.

If you are already trying to find out if your boyfriend is gay, you will already feel it. Listen to your gut. Although it may not always be right, it is often correct.

If you are unsure or already analyzing what he does you can take your own advice. Don’t worry if it’s not obvious because you know it. Move on to the next guy.

16. His talk about women
Even if he is talking about women, that doesn’t necessarily mean he is straight. Look at how he speaks about women. Heterosexual men tend to be more sexually explicit in their comments about women.

They will talk about her body, her ass, and her appearance. If your man mentions how beautiful her coat and boots look together we will raise an eyebrow.

Paying attention to his speech about other people is a good place to start when looking for signs that your boyfriend may be gay or bisexual.

17. He keeps his friends secret.
Have you met any of his male friends? Perhaps it’s because you wouldn’t be suspicious if you got to meet them. We’d be suspicious if he doesn’t invite his friends or if he hasn’t met any of his friends. Knowing how to tell if someone is gay comes down to the things he keeps from you.

This is because he’s interested in more than men.

18. He would like to have another man in the bedroom.
This is the strongest sign that your boyfriend is gay/bisexual. A threesome is a common desire for most men. They want one with two wives, but it is not uncommon to have a trio with two men.

If he insists on a threesome with two guys, it’s strange. You might try bringing up a trio with two women to see his reaction.

Are you not so turned off? Yes, he isn’t interested in women at all or just one woman.

19. His Internet history is hazy
Are you able to see his internet history from his computer or phone? Does it get cleared every time? This is unusual, wouldn’t you think? We know that people don’t like people seeing what they’ve looked at, so they only delete their web browsing history.

If he has a history of strange sites or is completely anonymous, we’d be interested in that. If this is all you notice, don’t worry. Most men watch porn online, and they hide their Internet history.

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20. He has questionable sex toys
It doesn’t matter if you are with him and you share sex toys. But, were there gay sex toys available when you first met him? Like dildos? This one is tricky, as man toys can not be used exclusively for straight or homosexual sex.

It’s not unusual for women to bring their own dildos. Yes, we’d be suspicious if he brought his own dildo. You could think he enjoys being pegged. Or it could indicate that your boyfriend is gay.

21. He is passionate about sexuality.
It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, bisexual, or straight. People who feel secure about their sexuality are happy. If your boyfriend is asking a lot about the sexuality of other people, it’s a sign.

It’s not a problem if he asks you a lot. If he asks you about it often when you’re out with others, this could indicate that your boyfriend is gay.

22. He lives a secretive life on social media
It’s possible that you don’t even know what he is doing online. Perhaps you discovered that he has an account at a gay dating website. That’s a good indicator that he is gay. He may have many friends in common with many other men through his social media.

Nobody has a lot of men on social media or joins gay dating sites just for curiosity. You may be looking for signs that your boyfriend is gay, bisexual, or some combination thereof.

23. He has had an intimate relationship with a man in the past.

You discover that he has had a sexual encounter in the past with another man. Naturally, you believe he is gay. There are many other types of sexuality. It could have been bisexual, or a curiosity.

It’s not clear what it was but it could have been a sign that you should be aware of if you see other signs.

24. He tells you
This is the only way to know where he stands on sexuality. You don’t know what he is thinking until you hear it. It is impossible to determine if a man is gay or bisexual unless he says it.

These are signs that your guy might not be gay, even if you think otherwise
Sometimes we let our fears rule our minds. You’ve just seen a list of signs that your boyfriend might be gay or bisexual. It’s important to keep the facts in perspective.

You don’t have to be concerned if your boyfriend displays one or two of these signs occasionally. Your suspicions might be valid, but they may not be. Perhaps you are overanalyzing.

These are some common misconceptions people have about gay men. These are not signs that your man is gay or bisexual.

1. He prefers to wear tight clothing and bold patterns.
He is probably confident about his appearance.

2. He takes care of himself
A guy may be aware of cosmetics and tweezers, but that doesn’t necessarily make him gay.

3. He is a big fan of girlie things
Maybe he is just fascinated by women. Maybe he was raised in a family of women who influenced him. [Read: Feminine guys 40 Signs that a man is in touch with his feminine side]

4. He doesn’t like sports
Many guys don’t care about sports. This is not necessarily a sign that your boyfriend is gay.

5. He is a cool freak
He doesn’t have to be a perfectionist or a man who loves order. He might be more refined or neater than the average man.

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