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Sings To Tell if a Guy is Playing You


Sometimes, the intentions of a man are not always pure. How can you tell if a guy is lying? You can learn how to spot if a man is trying to play you.

Ever met someone you liked, but were only interested in playing games? You’ve probably experienced it, and you’ll be able to tell how frustrating and upsetting it can sometimes be. It is not the most pleasant feeling to find out that someone you enjoy spending time with is simply using you or just playing around with you for fun. You need to be able to recognize the signs and tell when a man is trying to play you.

Your time is precious. Your love is more valuable than your time. Even though this is obvious, many people still waste their time and play with their emotions.

Although they aren’t good people, there is no way to escape that fact. You’ll need to be able to recognize the signs.

There are many stories of men manipulating women into getting with them. They only want one thing. You can tell if a man is trying to play you and you can avoid becoming just another number on their belt.

It’s better to play hard than it is to get what you want.

It’s all fun and games to be mysterious and elusive until the mystery is revealed suddenly in a way that makes you angry and heartbroken.

This type of mystery is not good. But there are two things that you should know: playing hard to get or playing you.

If someone is willing to work hard for you, it’s a sign that they actually love you. They want to be with you. They mistakenly believe that working hard will make them more interested in you.

Most people know that trying to be hard to get something is a bad strategy. It has the potential to backfire. Some people claim it is successful.

It drives you insane and makes it difficult to discern whether he is really playing you or just having terrible flirting skills.

If a man is playing with you, it’s not because he wants to take you seriously. He is just playing with you for fun. It takes some detective work to figure out if a man is playing with you.

Why do guys sometimes play with girls?

Although we wish they would say otherwise, most guys are very well-informed. They know what to say and how to get a girl to bed but don’t plan on making her their girlfriend.

They do what is necessary to achieve their goals.

The girl falls in love with them, and she takes care of him.

Guys love girls because they are selfish. There are plenty of girls who play men, and we cannot ignore the fact that there are many other girls. It is usually the same motivation.

How to spot if a man is playing you and how to stop wasting your time

If you see the signs that a guy is playing you, it’s possible to jump ship before things get too serious. These signs are likely to be easier than you think.

These are the signs to look out for in order to tell if a guy is really playing with you.

1. He compliments you constantly

Although compliments may appear to come from a place where there is love, they are often motivated by a desire to make you feel better about yourself. It’s difficult to see the true issues when you feel confident.

If a man is constantly giving you compliments, it could be a sign that he is playing with you. While it’s fine for him to compliment you, it could indicate that he is trying to distract from something.

2. He calls and texts only late at night

You’re a booty-caller. This is a sign that a man is playing you. If he only texts you at night, how could he possibly care about you?

If he liked you, he would talk to you all day – he would want to know how your day was.

3. For dates, you shouldn’t go out in the public.

This is a big sign if he is trying to convince you that home date nights are more romantic.

He doesn’t want you to go out in public with him because he doesn’t want you to run into any other girls that he’s seeing. He is just protecting his own sex.

4. He never meets his friends

You can meet your friends if you are romantically involved and have genuine feelings. You become involved in each other’s lives. If the guy you are seeing isn’t doing this, he’s just playing you.

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It is a sign that you might not know his friends well enough to meet him. Is he really interested in you if he doesn’t tell his friends? Most likely not.

This is a sign that he’s using you for another purpose.

5. He doesn’t speak much about himself

What do you know about this guy? You could be his partner if you don’t know more than what he likes to eat and his favorite color.

He won’t give you too much personal information. The only reason he would do that is if they plan to break up soon.

6. He is vague about his whereabouts

Couples often communicate what they have done and where they are at the moment. You might be wondering what your man is up to and he may not know.

He probably has been somewhere you don’t like and doesn’t want you to know about it.

7. He protects your phone

If he keeps the phone from you, he may have other friends. He shouldn’t make it so private that you can’t see his friends. He hides his phone to protect himself from the fact that he is playing with you.

8. Spend time with him only when it’s convenient

You can only meet up when he is free, and he will expect you to adjust your plans to accommodate him.

This is because he has limited time to spend with the people he loves. He doesn’t like to plan too far ahead because he doesn’t know when he will drop you.

9. He doesn’t add to your social media accounts

This is one of many signs that a man is trying to play you. You should become friends with someone you have been dating for a while. It only makes sense that you are both involved.

You might not be added if he posts photos that he does not want you to see. He might not want his friends to see the pictures.

10. He gives vague excuses for his absences

Is he missing for hours at once and doesn’t text? If so, he may be playing you. One way to find out is by seeing how he answers your questions about his absence.

If he waves his hand and claims he was busy, he is probably just playing you.

11. If you are mad, his response will be only compliments

You can see his arguments to determine if he is trying to play you.

Does he listen when you are upset? Do you get a lot of compliments or does he ignore your feelings? If the former, it is likely that he is trying to play you and make you forget why you are mad.

12. He says you are “crazy” for making such assumptions

If he calls you crazy for being upset or makes assumptions about you as if he is playing you, that’s a sign he is.

This is basically a trick he uses to manipulate your emotions. You can drop the matter if you feel you are being unreasonable.

13. He is too forward-looking

Because they have the game, players are called such. A player is a person who knows the right words and can deliver them with a level of strength that makes him endearing and not creepy. The player is driven to win at all costs.

They want to know if you’re into the game and if you should look for a better opponent.

14. It feels like you are being sold something, but you don’t know what it is.

This guy is a bit like a used car salesman. Only the difference is that you are aware of what the used car salesman wants to sell you. The player is able to sell himself, but it does so in a subtler manner. This is why you feel that you are being worked over.

15. He is dressed to the “T”.

They just want to be your friend and help you master the art of attraction. They know what to wear and what to say. If you see a man who is trendy and flashy and well-dressed, it’s likely that he has been picked up many times before. [Read: What makes a player? These are the 15 subtle signs that a player has a mind.

16. He smells like a cologne bottle

These guys know how to win you over with all their tricks. This includes how they look and how they smell.

You can catch a glimpse of him from six feet away.

17. Everybody at the club seems like they know him as if he were there every night.

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He cannot keep his secrets from anyone. He is a regular at the club, as everyone knows him. The bartenders and wait staff know his favorite drink.

He may not go to singles clubs often because of the delicious food.

18. Other girls give you the evil eye

A player can be very annoying to girls. If you get the evil eye from girls around you when he approaches, it’s likely that you are not his first victim.

They aren’t going to hate you, but they won’t let it get in the way. They will give you an indication that they don’t like your playing style.

19. He is making a comeback for everything

These guys are able to make witty comments about what you say because they have heard it all before.

They are experts at making every sound natural through trial and error and their experience.

20. He is charming and witty.

Players can only get away with being played if they have wit and charm.

If he’s straight up and all over you immediately and trying to charm you off, then it is intentional. He will use his attraction against you and show his true colors.

21. His phone explodes every two seconds

He is very busy. He is constantly on the phone with all the girls that he lies to, ignores, or is pissed at.

Our suggestion: Do not be one of them. If your phone rings constantly and you don’t get notifications, it is a sign that something is wrong.

22. He’s a natural on the dance floor

He is likely to have the moves that make you want to grab and hold on if he does. Most men don’t enjoy dancing.

To impress women, they learn sexy dance moves. That’s right! We didn’t say “lady,” we said “ladies.”

23. He will not accept “no” as an answer

He won’t accept “no” as an answer. That’s one of the most telling signs that he’s a player. Your answers are treated as if they were a game, or he accepts them as optional.

A player who says “no”, is game on. We are certain that he will not give up on the surrender flag despite all his efforts.

24. Each device has a passcode.

Once he has you, he will keep passcodes on all his devices, including his phone and computer. You are never allowed to enter the world of this man.

You will notice that all of his personal items are locked down as he is juggling so many girls. To keep everyone on opposing playing fields safe, his best friend is the passcode.

25. Although he has many “girlfriends”, they are not “just friends”.

That is at least what he tells me. Yes, there are some guys who have friends who are women, but if they give you the impression that they are more than friends, listen to what your inner voice says.

If a guy has a harem full of women, he is probably not sleeping with you alone.

26. It’s almost as if you don’t have faith in him

You can’t pinpoint what it is about him. This is a sign that you should be watching. You feel that they are hiding or keeping something from you.

27. He has never had a serious girlfriend.

It is a red flag if a man in his 20s has never had a girlfriend. He may be non-committal on any level or prefers variety over one flavor.

28. He won’t take it to the next level, or to his place.

A player just wants to play. He will make excuses for being unavailable if you don’t take him seriously beyond the booty call or late-night meeting.

He’s not available because he is available to other women.

29. He won’t reveal his secrets

He doesn’t want to reveal his darkest secrets. He doesn’t want to tell you about his past, his childhood, or even where he lives. He knows that you can’t play him if you find out his true identity.

30. His friends are all players

Birds of one feather flock together. He would not be able to play with his friends if they weren’t players.

If they are all playing, you should steer clear.

31. He is well-respected

Reputations are important for a reason. Listen to the warnings of others if you believe he is a professional player.

It is possible that he is. Be wary if you only hear one person say this. But if there are more, it is likely that they are referring to a past history that is not so good.

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32. It can take days before you speak again

It is not acceptable for someone who is interested in you to not speak to you for a few days. Everyone is busy, but everyone has a few minutes to send a “good morning” text.

This is a sign that he might be playing you or have another person taking his time. If he ignores you for more than a few days, you should get an explanation. Kick him out of your house if he fails to respond.

33. He says he was “busy”, but then he goes AWOL.

This is a sign that he is playing you. Someone who is “busy” will have plenty of time to text you or call you. There is no excuse.

34. You are too teased by him

Consider how women work hard to find men. They are teased all the time. We send them sweet messages and sexy pictures, and then we don’t follow through with what we promised. It’s very unlikely. We’re all talking.

If a man is constantly teasing you, it’s not because he wants to win, but rather, he enjoys your reaction.

35. He flirts with other girls right in front of your eyes

Do you notice him flirting with other girls? He can’t help but flirt with other girls when he’s around.

He is so used to it that he doesn’t even notice he does it. He knows that you will be jealous and keeps you on your toes. This is a sure sign that a man is trying to play you.

36. He cancels your plans frequently

You guys made a deal to see a movie together tonight. It was his idea! He is now gone. He is not sitting beside you on the couch. Instead, he sent you a text saying that he couldn’t make it and gave you an excuse.

They like you if you make a date with someone. If they cancel, they will try to convince you that they don’t care and are in control playing!

37. He blows cold and hot.

He’ll play you like a fiddle if he does this. He’s super friendly and attentive at first, but he suddenly switched.

This could mean he is trying to manipulate you, or it could simply be that he doesn’t want you anymore. It doesn’t work in your favor to play games with him.

38. It’s there.

This is why it’s called female intuition. You know deep down what the truth is. You may be attracted to him, but you are aware of what is really going on. We understand you want to win him over and have him fall in love with you. But it is not likely.

You know it. You should let go of your ego. He will only bring you heartbreak and possibly years of therapy.

39. When you mention being exclusive, you can see the panic in his eyes

Although you may have been seeing each other for some time, he isn’t rushing to make it permanent nor does he intend to. He’s just playing these games with you. He doesn’t want you to be there. For now, you’re fine.

This wouldn’t happen if he truly cared about your welfare. He makes excuses and then disappears. You can see the panic in his eyes before you even mention it.

40. He is angry at you because he knows.

You are usually annoyed by him most of the time. Why? Because he loves to play with you! You’re the one who knows!

You don’t get what you want from him, but you keep waiting because you believe that one day the lightbulb will come on in his head. It won’t.

What should you do then?

What should you do if you suspect a man is playing games with you? You should stop playing games and find someone who isn’t.

You don’t have to be serious if you aren’t looking for anything and you know you won’t fall for him, then you can have some fun. If you are feeling sexy or already feeling them, it is time to say goodbye and keep your sanity. This guy is not going to change.

You can tell if a man is trying to play you by taking a step back from him and looking at his behavior from far away. Is he caring about you? If he doesn’t, he is totally playing with you.

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