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Strong Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It


When I was in a relationship, I knew instantly if he liked me. It would be within the tenth of our interaction and I would often get confirmation soon after. Don’t mistakenly think I was a dating machine. It’s just that I knew that someone liked me before they asked me out on a date.

How do you tell if someone is interested in you, but hiding it?

You know a guy who is a little strange around you. But you don’t understand why.

It is relatively easy to discover a man’s feelings about you. You can see where men are looking and you will find out what they think about you.

That’s what I want to share with you today.

25 Undoubtful Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It.

You can see the signs that he is completely into you but still holds back. You should go through them all.

1. He keeps his eyes on you for longer…

You should be able to hold him for at least a little longer than you feel comfortable with. Visual beings are the best way to tell if a man likes you. A guy who loves a woman can’t help but look at her. He can’t control it, and he doesn’t even know it.

Let’s suppose you both work together and go out for lunch with colleagues. His look might be more noticeable than you realize. This is because he likes to see you. This would be a clear sign he is physically attracted to you.

There’s more.

2. He gets nervous when he talks to you

Women are not the only ones who feel shy or nervous talking to people they are interested in.

A man who has a crush on a woman would be nervous about having a conversation. He is not sure if he likes you back and knows that he must make a move. Fear of rejection can creep into his thoughts, so his voice may get shaky or he might start to blabber, tapping his leg under the table and so forth. His nervousness will manifest itself in some way.

If you don’t know the man well, how can you spot it? You can observe him as he talks to someone you are familiar with. You can also observe how he interacts with the women around him. Does he have a different approach to the conversation? Is he more relaxed talking to your best friend than he is talking to you? He wouldn’t be so tensed if he didn’t try to impress her.

3. He talks a lot

This is not always a sign he is in love with you, but it is a good indication that he is trying to hide it. Many people enjoy talking and explaining themselves. It will help you get a better idea of his feelings about you when it is combined with the other signs listed.

A lot of men talk to women when they like each other. Although he may not be having a conversation with you, it can feel more like a monolog. However, that does not mean that he is always like this.

My fiance and I started dating in the first week or so of our courtship. He would call me and talk for over an hour, sometimes even more, and most of that time it would be him listening to me. Now, things are different (bless him, but he can barely speak now), but that was how he behaved back then.

Talking a lot could refer to a variety of things:

He is anxious and trying to keep the conversation moving.

He is determined to impress you and will shoot one story after the other

He will do his best to impress you while he still has the chance.

4. He avoids talking about other women

A guy friend might talk about another woman if he is interested. If a guy really likes you, he won’t talk about other girls.

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If he is serious about taking you out on a date, you need to be aware that he thinks about you and wouldn’t want you to forget.

5. He shows care

The first sign is the same: a man who likes you will give his full attention to you. He doesn’t want you to feel neglected and wants you to see him as an option. He must show concern and be sensitive to your desires and needs at the moment.

Does that sound complicated?

He will, for example, get you another drink or ask if you are hungry. Then he will get you the menu. He will make sure you feel comfortable while he’s around. By leaving a positive memory of him in your head, you have a greater chance of him actually going on a date with someone.

6. He Pays Attention

When a man is interested in you, but still hides it, it is logical to show attention. He can’t hide it, because it is beyond his control.

He will often look in your direction and ask questions. Or just keep up a small conversation with you.

A man who likes you will never miss an opportunity to get to know you. His ultimate goal is to have his man by his side.

7. He wants to get to know you

Some men approach it in the right way. They ask questions and maintain a conversation. You barely even notice that they get all the information they need.

You might feel annoyed by the interest shown in you by other guys.

These are both signs that a man likes you, but isn’t ready to admit it. He is still doing his research about you. If you are like him, you can capture his heart by asking him many questions and knowing exactly what he wants. This video will show you exactly what he is looking for at this stage in your courtship.

8. He likes to joke with you (He is teasing you).

True, a man trying to make your smile is doing so because he cares about your mood and how you feel. This sign is meaningless by itself. To be certain that he is interested in you, attach it to at most two to three of the signs on this list.

Do you remember when we were children, the boys would make us cry and tease us, but then they realized that we liked them? It’s not logic, but it’s pretty similar.

While you don’t want any man to make you cry, it is okay to have a little conversation and share a few jokes. He will want you to have fun with him, and you to keep in touch with him.

9. He remembers details about you

You are probably in the same circle of friends/colleagues, although you don’t know each other very well. It is possible that you will be surprised to find out that he can recall things you told him about a while back. He can also recall your pet’s name and birthday as well as an appointment that you made three weeks ago. You can be sure that he is very attentive to details or really likes you.

10. He “Accidentally” Touches You

This sign is a sign that a man loves a woman, and it’s something every woman knows. He would touch you by accident, or at least your shoulder.

He is trying to get to know the water. He wants to feel closer to you, but he isn’t ready for the next step.

11. He sneaks a compliment here and there

He will either mention that you did great work on the project, or compliment you on your new look, perfume, or anything else that makes you feel good.

This guy likes to be with you.

12. He is always looking for ways to spend time with you

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He will often pass by your desk, asking you silly questions, and even sending you TikTok videos and memes. He may even arrange a night out, a hike, or barbeque.

This behavior is a sign that he wants to be in your “zone”. He wants to remind you of yourself; he wants you to be closer to him and to be part of your world. He will take every opportunity to get in touch with you as often and as often as possible.

Are you ready to see a video that shows you what a man wants from you? Click here to view it.

13. He is always near you

This was already mentioned in the previous point. I’d like to reiterate it again.

Men are visual creatures, so physical interaction with them is crucial. If a man likes you, he will be physically close to you at all times. He is always looking for you. He would, for example, sit beside you in the restaurant or meeting room.

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14. He Doesn’t Let You Go

This one isn’t too scary. I can only say that he would leave the area for half an hour before leaving. He will always be willing to chat with you for a bit more and stay a while longer. He might offer to take you to your car, or to the bus stop if you want to go. Before putting an end to the conversation, he would tell you another story.

He just wants to spend more time with you and finds it hard to let him go his way. He does like you.

15. Look at your lips

Although I don’t know if this is still common knowledge among women, I remember back in my dating days, which was more than 5 years ago, knowing that if a man keeps glancing at your lips, it is because he wants to kiss you.

Speaking of body language…

16. His Body Language Indicates That He Likes You, But Is Covering It

If a man is interested in you, his entire physique will reflect his feelings. As long as you are paying his full attention, his torso and feet will be turned toward you. He would feel physically closer to you than other people. He would maintain strong eye contact with your face and try his best to appear confident and strong.

17. He ignores others when you are around

A guy might seem to be completely focused on you and ignore everyone around him. At this point, no one is more important than him. Even if he does have other conversations, he will always get back to your conversation so that you can “finish your chat”. He is not hiding his feelings for you.

18. He ignores his phone

This is a big compliment in the 21st century. This shouldn’t be the case, but most people are too busy using their phones to consume the majority of their free time.

But, he hasn’t checked his phone in over an hour and doesn’t seem to mind. He will also ignore a call in the middle or not answer it.

This is a sign that he is interested in you.

19. He actually listens to what you say

It might seem rare to find a man who listens to you, but this guy does. He listens to what you have to say and actively engages in the conversation.

He even remembers your opinions about different topics and doesn’t forget them.

20. He shares his relationship status with you

Although you didn’t ask, he let you know that he was single. He mentions that he is bored at night or that he doesn’t have any plans for the weekend. He mentions that he lives alone and how ready he feels to be in a relationship.

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This is not a random thing, and you already know that. If a guy is interested in a relationship with you, he will try to sneak such things into conversations. He may be interested in your thoughts on a relationship or your current status. Remember that if he likes your company, he may also want to know if you have competition.

21. He does some illogical and sweet stuff around you

Many years ago, I flew to another country to see my sister. It was a cold morning and I was so grumpy and cold that I didn’t care about anyone or anything that day. The guy sitting next to me began a conversation, and although I was nervous at the beginning, we ended the conversation after nearly three hours. After exchanging our phone numbers and Facebook profiles, we parted ways.

After taking my luggage, I was required to wait at the airport for my brother-in-law to pick me up. On his way out, the guy from the flight approached again and asked me if everything was okay. He asked me if I was okay and I said that I would have to wait at least an hour to see my brother-in-law. I stayed and waited with him. He liked me. Even though we never got into a serious relationship it was still a clear sign that he loved me.

22. He initiates a way to see you again

As it was in my previous example, a man who likes you will actively seek out ways to spend more quality time with you. He would invite you to a coffee at his office after work. He would also send you an email asking about a project. Finally, he would call to ask for your recommendation. Yes, he likes to interact with you.

23. He Will Try to Impress You

He will certainly try to impress you and will do everything in his power to make you notice him. He will tell you stories from the past and repeat them as often as possible. He would be proud of his skills and provide assistance if needed. This is a man’s way of impressing a woman and proving that he’s worthy to be next to her.

24. He is active on social media

While he might not be as active while you’re out with friends or colleagues, once you open your social networking applications, his name will start appearing on all of your notifications. He will like, love, comment on, respond to, and interact with your online content. He likes you and wants to tell you. However, he is too shy to express it in person. Social media is a better way to get started.

25. He is always there for you

When you need him, he is there for you. He might not be aware that you are in need of his assistance, guidance or assistance. He is there, waiting to show you that you can trust him. He is concerned about your safety and wants you to feel at ease around him. Even if you’re nervous or tensed, he will make sure you have fun while you relax.

This man loves you and cannot hide it.

Conclusion: All Signs That He Likes You, But Is Hiding It

He is always there, he talks to you whenever he can, he knows important information about you, and he cares enough to use physical contact to interact with you. You can be certain he loves you, but he isn’t yet ready to express it.

You may like him, but you are unsure when he will take the next step. Maybe it is time to take control. Are you unsure what to do next? This video will show you exactly what you need to do to make your man feel special.

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