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The Secret To Effective Communication In A Marriage


Relationships can be difficult to manage because, no matter how committed you may be, you will not always know the best thing to do or say. It’s okay! Everybody experiences ups and downs. But effective communication in marriage is possible with one secret.

It’s possible that calling it a secret might be a bit excessive, as we are sure you have heard the praises! This isn’t about anything complex, convoluted or revolutionary. Communication in marriage is based on honesty.

We know it sounds cliché at first, but we promise you will agree with us. Continue reading.

Honesty is the first step

We are sure that you can name a few reasons you love your spouse. And we believe they are wonderful people. This is why it’s important to be open with them. We all know that white lies can be tempting, even though you don’t wish to hurt their feelings.

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These can lead to you being less open and straightforward over time. Honesty is the cornerstone of any romantic relationship.

Being Honest Doesn’t Mean Being Blunt

You shouldn’t be too honest with your spouse, as with everything. You should be honest with your spouse about your likes, dislikes, expectations, and preferences. Also, tell them what you would prefer that they do. This doesn’t mean you have to be rude.

“I hated going at that restaurant” and “I would have preferred we ate elsewhere last week” are two distinct things and should be treated accordingly. When you combine honesty with mutual respect, it will always yield positive results. It might seem like it won’t make sense to talk to one another if you’ve not spoken to each other for a while.

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We want to prove it.

Reconnecting with each other again

It’s not fun to sit down and talk about the important things in life, but it is essential for effective communication in a marriage. It’s not wrong to have fun with your partner, even if it’s about better topics (e.g. “When would you like me to give you more time this week”)

We are actually funding our own game of cards for couples. It offers replayability, complete rules, and rewards. You might be wondering how it relates to the subject at hand.

The game’s main purpose is to encourage you and your partner to talk to each other by playing question cards. To go with the physical deck, we plan to create an app that will keep you connected all day. It’s a great way to improve your relationship. We are confident that you will find it a great resource.

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