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This Is What Happens When an ENFP and ENFJ Falls in Love


It’s exciting to be in a relationship between an ENFP and ENFJ. The couple races off to chase their dreams and hopes.

A relationship that is full of energy

It’s an energy bomb when ENFP and ENFJ are in love. Both are highly intuitive and extroverted. These two personalities will be loud, exuberant, funny, and larger than life when they cross paths.

ENFJ and ENFP will feel so intense when they fall in love, they might worry that it isn’t working because there’s not as much excitement around them. They might try to fight against the normalcy of a steady relationship by trying too hard to give gifts and show affection.

It’s possible that the relationship is not grounded at all. However, this is not always true. It is possible to have a relationship between an ENFP and ENFJ that transcends expectations.

A match between ENFP and ENFJ is great. They get along well and understand each other. ENFJ is the one who calls the shots while ENFP takes over.

Warning! This relationship can be overwhelming for your family members, especially introverted friends. They will find the extroverted energy surrounding you to be too cloying.

Table of Contents

The following article will discuss some aspects of the ENFP personality and the ENFJ personality. I will also discuss why these personalities work well together.

Here’s what you’ll find.

  • ENFP explained in its simplest form
  • ENFJ explained in plain English
  • Here’s a look at their dominant and auxiliary functions.
  • Let’s take a look at their tertiary functions and inferior functions.
  • Compatibility
ENFP and ENFJ both have a positive outlook.

Everything you need to know about ENFP and ENFJ

ENFP and ENFJ both are people-focused personalities. The NF temperament is about caring for others. NF types are concerned with making sure their loved ones are happy and satisfied. ENFP and ENFJ are sensitive to feelings. They enjoy being involved in the action and encouraging others. The majority of NF types are nice people.

ENFP in a Nutshell

ENFP is often called the champion of people. ENFP is known for being a champion of people. ENFPs love to be the center of attention and will do anything to get it. ENFPs can be a source of energy and confidence for others. An ENFP is someone everyone wants to be friends with. Social butterflies aren’t afraid of taking risks. They enjoy getting to know people and are curious about life.

ENFP stands for idealistic personality. They want everyone to feel loved and accepted. They desire the world to be bright and colorful. They are not happy when the world is too dull or sad. NF types thrive when they are optimistic.

ENFJ in a Nutshell

ENFJ is often referred to as the champion of MBTI. ENFJ is often the one who carries the heart of a group. They are the glue that holds everything together. They are also an advisor, helping others grow. ENFJs are known for their ability to manage and organize. Although their home and work areas may seem cluttered or odd, it is far more organized than ENFPs. (ENFP lives in a train wreck.

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ENFJs can be very eclectic. They love to find beautiful things. They don’t care about matching things. They will accept what they love. ENFJs have a hard time accepting anything negative. ENFJs take conflict seriously to the point where they have anxiety. ENFJ is an idealist personality. People with this type desire everyone to get along.

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Preferences ENFP ENFJ
Dominant Extroverted Intuition Extroverted Feeling
Auxiliary Introverted Feeling Introverted Intuition
Tertiary Extroverted Thinking Extroverted Sensing
Inferior Introverted Sensing Introverted Thinking

Dominant and Auxiliary Functions

ENFJ and ENFP come from the same temperament category, the idealists (NF). If you are a member of the same temperament group, it is more likely that you will have a long-lasting and positive relationship.

ENFJ and ENFP are not only different in their ability to judge and perceive. Although they share many of the same functions, they have very different functions.

ENFP is dominated by extroverted intuition, while ENFJ is dominated by extroverted feelings. ENFP is an ENFP who is always looking for information and can understand the world through metaphors and patterns. Perceiving types are those whose personality is dominated by intuition or sensing. This applies regardless of their preference on the judging/perceiving scale. Perceiving information is a collective concept.

ENFJs are constantly expressing and acting out their emotions. They demonstrate how much they care for others and how they want them to be kind and get along with them. People who are dominated by feelings or thinking are considered to be judging. This is because thinking and feeling are more about action than information gathering. ENFJ may be more expressive, talkative, and decisive than their ENFP counterparts.

ENFP is more open to complex issues and can understand them better. ENFJ is more able to connect with people and understand their needs.

Warning – Sometimes ENFJs lie about their true thoughts in order to get along with other people and not hurt feelings.

Although ENFPs are smart about people, their extroverted intuition makes the difference. They are a fireball of creativity because their dominant function is so strong. ENFP seeks spontaneity, and fun experiences, while ENFJ seeks harmony and friendship.

A relationship that is all about intuition and feelings

Both personalities are very similar. ENFP’s dominant function, guided by introverted feelings and extroverted intuition, is extroverted feeling. ENFJ’s dominant function, however, is extroverted intuition guided by introverted feeling.

ENFP is driven by their feelings. You can see this by looking at the way they communicate and gather information. ENFJ is driven by intuition, which can be seen in their attempts to connect with others.

Both are charismatic. They are comfortable in social settings. They are the best at picking up social cues.

ENFP is the one who plays music at parties and gets everyone to dance. ENFJ is the one who gives everyone hugs. ENFP would invite their closest friends to their wedding and award them the titles of best man, maid-of-honor, or top billing bridal attendant. ENFJ is too busy to have enough friends at her wedding, which can lead to chaos.

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Tertiary Functions and Inferior Functions

Similar weak points can be found in ENFP and ENFJ. They are not identical. Although they may not see the world the same way, they will both have the same problems.

It is directly related to the strength of a personality where it is weakest. Your preference indicates that you have spent less energy on something. ENFP is a personality type that favors intuition. Their sensing function is, therefore, less developed. ENFP is prone to introverted sensing. This means that they aren’t aware of what’s going on in the moment, particularly in their bodies.

ENFJs love feeling and disregard thinking. ENFJ has trouble with introverted thinking. ENFJs have difficulty looking at data and making decisions based solely on that. They enjoy being able to get feedback from others. ENFJs may be able to make decisions that help others and bring harmony, but they can also do a disservice to themselves. ENFJs can be generous and dip into their bank accounts.

ENFP is a combination of extroverted thinking and introverted sensing. They try to appear sensible but neither one of these functions is fully developed so it can seem childish or odd when they combine these two functions. ENFP is unable to ground their logic so they solve problems in unique ways. This can be either good or bad, depending on the situation. Sometimes ENFP can be too creative or incomprehensible. They will ramble on about obscure topics without realizing they have lost their audience.

ENFJ is a combination of extroverted senses and introverted thinking. ENFJs can seem like a madman when they attempt to use their lower functions. They usually reach this point after they exhaust their top functions.

ENFJ will become quiet if they overuse their top functions. While they think, ENFJ will put on a bathrobe to hide in a corner while they ruminate. They don’t like to stay in this state for too long. They want to be introspective and alone, but this gives them the creeps. ENFJ believes being alone and introspective is cool. They can’t do it for extended periods of time.

ENFJs can become mad if they remain existential for too long. They are drawn to friendships. They don’t like being isolated.


Both partners will find ENFP and ENFJ relationships satisfying. ENFP can reassure and bring ENFJ out from their shell. ENFP can help ENFJ relax.

ENFJ will help people become ENFP. Social interactions will continue to be a part of the fun. ENFPs will find the spontaneity and joy they desire. Because they value social connections and people, both partners are comfortable with each other.

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Because both of them are idealists, this relationship will be romantic. They are drawn to spontaneity and charm. ENFP is sensitive and understanding of ENFJ’s feelings. This is what ENFJ desperately needs. ENFP will encourage ENFJ to be strong for themselves. This is something that they often struggle with because they fear they might offend someone if they speak up for their rights. ENFJ can hide from people sometimes because they fear they will do something wrong. ENFJ cannot stand to screw up socially.

ENFP will feel free with ENFJ. ENFP craves variety, excitement, and openness to new activities. They are not averse to following rigid rules. ENFJs might be more inclined to judge, but they have a lower “J” score than other types. Idealists are perceptive and extroverted. If NFs have a preference for introversion or judging, they will score lower than other personalities for either of these spectrums. They are not as introverted or as judging as SJ personalities.

ENFJ likes a tidy home and some rules, but they will bend to the will of others. ENFJs also desire creativity and variety but don’t express this as strongly as ENFP.

ENFP and ENFJ are warm-hearted, caring parents. Both are great at caring for pets and children. They are naturally intuitive and can understand younger people without much experience. Because ENFPs can share companionship even when they are alone, they make a great pet owner.

ENFP is wild and can come up with many fun games. ENFJ is a wild and energetic person. They cry openly, laugh openly, and dance like crazy. ENFP and ENFJ might struggle to relax and rest because they are so full of ideas. ENFP is unable to sit still. ENFJ struggles to be alone. Both personality types crave intimacy. Both are looking for affection from their partner. They are happy to share compliments. They are both reassuring, but also full of smiles.

Important: Both personalities must go to bed when their energy is low. You’ll feel depressed and become a zombie if you don’t have enough energy. ENFJ and ENFP both thrive on excitement. However, you can’t have sunshine and rainbows all the time.

It is okay to take a break from the excitement and unwind at home. As a couple, it may be difficult at first to accept the normality and calm into your relationship. It might feel strange or uncomfortable at first. It’s okay to have a quiet night at home without any friends or activities.


Love is often the motivating factor in an ENFP/ENFJ relationship. This relationship is tender and full of sweetness and kindness. Both partners care deeply about their partners. It can feel as if two soul mates have met.

Sometimes, the energy and intensity of the relationship can make it anxious. They will share strong intimacy and laugh a lot. They will get along well. They will support one another in times of grief. This is a dreamy match.

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