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Tinder Conversation Starters That Will Get Them Responding


Do you want to use Tinder, but don’t know where to begin? No worries! These Tinder conversation starters can help you start a new relationship.

You’ve likely heard of Tinder, no matter who you might be. The popularity of this dating app has exploded since its inception. It’s become the ideal way to meet singles in your area. You just need to find some great Tinder conversation starters and learn how to keep the conversation going on Tinder. Let’s get on with it!

Although you may believe Tinder is just a hookup app, you could be surprised at how many married couples have met through Tinder.

You don’t have to be a genius to make that happen. We have Tinder conversation starters that will leave you wanting more.

Your first words set the tone for the rest of the conversation. Many studies have shown that the first conversation can make or break people’s hearts.

Tinder offers many options for starting a conversation. You can be funny, deep, or completely original. It doesn’t matter how deep or funny you are, what matters is that you begin your Tinder conversation in a way you feel comfortable with.

Attraction is largely determined by what we say.

No matter how famous you are, we don’t care. Your match won’t either. If you’re terrible at communicating and don’t get along, your first conversation will be the most important. You can make someone feel attractive by what you say.

Emotions are the way we connect with people. Emotional attraction is a measure of how much we are physically attracted to someone. All of this emotional attraction is evident in conversations.

Knowing how to begin a conversation on Tinder using the right conversation starters can set the tone for the entire relationship.

How will you be able to have a meaningful conversation on Tinder?

People seek instant connections

It might seem that the Tinder opening sentence is only a few words, and the rest is less important. However, this is not always true. People want to feel connected in today’s society.

Although it may not seem fair, first impressions are crucial. Tinder is filled with more people if you don’t attract positive attention fast. People will be open to getting to know you, even if your first line is “Hey!” Others will look for something more interesting.

Tinder is like a first date. You still need to make Tinder’s first date. You can share something personal with them, ask for something that sparks interest or even tell a joke.

Don’t let this pressure you. It is okay to feel worried about what you have said not being perfect. It is possible that not everyone will agree with you. That is fine.

You can also move on just like they can. Tinder is a dating app that allows you to meet new people.

How to Start a Conversation on Tinder – The Must-Know Tips

You now know why it is important to know how to start a Tinder conversation. Now you can enter the conversation with confidence and originality.

It’s all about making an impression on Tinder. Don’t go in with an answer that isn’t required or can be answered simply with a yes or no.

These are some great ideas that you can either use or draw inspiration from. Next, we’ll share some helpful Tinder conversation starters.

1. Respond to their profile

This is the easiest way to get started on Tinder. Instead of trying to create something original and unique, use what you know about your partner.

If they mention that they are interested in travel and photography, you can start a conversation about their favorite places to travel or cameras.

2. Ask about their photos

Sometimes people leave their bios empty, which can lead to a lack of material. However, there are always photos. You can ask questions about their bios, which are hopefully not just selfies.

Ask them where they took their hiking photos, their dog’s age, and any other pertinent information about a particular photo. You can show potential matches how those photos worked.

3. Play a game

These tricks can be used to break the ice, even though you may have stopped using games since high school. These tricks distract from the awkwardness of this situation and allow you to get to know one another.

For a Tinder conversation starter, try something like 20 questions or Two truths and one lie. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you pose.

4. Cite a TV or movie.

This is a great way for you to find out if your tastes match. Ask them to identify the quote or to help you guess. Use a line from your favorite TV show or classic movie.

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5. Ask them what their dream date would be.

This is a great way for Tinder to meet up, whether you are looking to chat for a while or just to get to know each other quickly. It allows you to get to know their vibe and decide if this is something that you would like.

It is also a great way to make friends if you are looking for a good match. 

6. Ask them about their most spontaneous moment.

This question is a great way to start a conversation on Tinder. Talk about your bucket list, and how adventurous you are.

7. Ask them what they are looking for.

Although it may seem obvious, Tinder users often don’t know how to start a conversation until they actually meet someone.

Tinder is a great way to meet someone for a casual relationship.

8. Ask them to give their opinions on a classic debate

Which do they prefer, peanut butter or jelly? Do they prefer to hang their toilet paper above or below? These are issues that everyone feels strongly about. It’s always a good idea to start things off by having a friendly discussion.

9. Ask them to name the best pickup line that they have ever heard.

This will be a fun way to begin a Tinder conversation. You can exchange funny or cheesy pickup line ideas. Find the one that catches your eye.

10. These are the top shows to binge watch

Today’s pop culture is heavily influenced by television. You can find out if you are compatible by sharing your interests and preferences. Even if you don’t get along, it might lead to some great TV recommendations.

11. Talk about your dream vacations

Tinder users almost all say they love to travel. However, this is a little vague. Ask them where they’d love to travel. Ask them if they have plans to visit there. If you have been there, give some tips.

12. Add a compliment

This is a great way to compliment their smile. It’s a great way to compliment someone’s smile, style, and bio. You can complement their smile, style, or bio by following up with a question such as, “I love your style, how do you get so cool?” 

13. GIFs are a great tool to share your thoughts and feelings.

You have a lot of Emojis and GIFs at your disposal, so make the most of what you have. To help you get your point across, ask a question.

14. Ask multiple-choice questions

This is a great way to get to know someone. Instead of asking a question that isn’t answered, ask a question and then give options.

Ask them what kind of vibe they prefer on weekends. Ask them if they like to be lazy, party-oriented, productive, or all three.

15. Be sure to check for typos

Correct grammar and spelling are a sign of intelligence and how you care about the words you speak. Double-check your grammar and spelling for errors. It may seem picky, but it is really a turn-off for many people.

16. Send a message when you have the time

Do not message someone while you are driving to work or going to bed. You should only message someone when you have the time and energy to exchange information.

17. Do not get too personal.

It can be tempting to instantly open up to Tinder when you feel a connection. Remain a bit cautious.

While Tinder has created some wonderful connections, there are still many ghosts. It is not a good idea to share everything with someone only to have them disappear.

18. Use their names in your message

Some people may find this sincere, but most Tinder users find it disturbing. It is, however, quite creepy.

It’s a simple concept, but it is worth considering. Think about how often you mention someone’s name when sending a message. Although it’s memorable, Tinder might find that it seems a little too personal and fake.

19. Follow up only once

Tinder can sometimes fail to notify users or they get busy and don’t respond. Follow up.

You should not send the same message again, but you can add a meme or GIF within two to four hours of the original message. If you do not receive a response, send it again.

20. Cool it!

Keep in mind that the Tinder friend you are having a conversation with is not likely to be your long-term crush.

You thought they looked cool based on a few words and photos. Don’t panic. You don’t need to be anxious.

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21. Be genuine

It will be obvious if you act and are not being transparent about the fact you aren’t acting as you say. Be honest and genuine. Someone who is clearly a fake will not be liked by anyone.

These Tinder conversation starters can be fun, but you shouldn’t try to do too much. Open up and be vulnerable. You will be more successful than just putting on a show.

22. Do not mention the physical attraction

It’s tempting to tell someone that they are sexy. But it’s a very common tactic. Commenting on physical attraction is generally a sign that you want to have physical contact with someone – which can be a turnoff.

You’re already matched. They are aware that you find them attractive.

After you’ve been talking for a while, save the comments about their beauty. Even then, mention it only in passing. It is better to find a deeper Tinder conversation starter.

23. Make them laugh

Tinder is all about laughter. You’ll almost always receive a reply if you make them laugh.

Why? Because they will remember you. You will be remembered for the funny things you say. Use the Tinder conversation starters to make a joke, or be creative.

24. Be you

It’s a common saying, but it is true. Use a pick-up phone line that resonates with you. It’ll be difficult to answer questions about travel if you don’t like it.

It doesn’t make any sense. And if you lie about your love for traveling, it will show. Be yourself and follow your passions.

25. Engaging questions

The best way to get a reply is to ask questions. Notice how these tips and the Tinder conversation starters shared below will almost always ask questions.

People will usually give you the answer if you ask for it. They are also more interested in the conversation because it intrigues them.

26. Connect your interests in a way that works for you

Mention it if you notice in their photos that they are skiing. You can incorporate it into your first sentence.

People love to feel that they have something in common. You can show them many things when you talk about an interest immediately, instead of just giving a boring compliment.

First, you are showing them that you have read their bio and pictures. You’re showing them you care about more than their looks. You’re also engaging with them about what they enjoy doing. These are all great benefits for you when starting a conversation with Tinder.

27. As a joke, use a funny pick-up line

We all know how irritating a pick-up line that is too cheesy can be. It’s easy to make fun of it by using it as a Tinder conversation starter.

A corny line, followed by “can you believe people actually do this kind of thing?” can be a great way to get a response.

This will allow for casual and flirty conversation. This option will prove that you are very entertaining.

28. Let it be natural

Do not force it. Let the conversation flow naturally. Send them a Tinder conversation starter they will be interested in, but don’t force it. If they don’t reply, they won’t respond. Do not be annoying and send two messages.

If you feel forced to be with someone, you don’t want them to love you. If it doesn’t work, you can let it go and move forward.

29. Ask them what they are looking for.

Although it may seem like a difficult question to ask, it can save you both time.

This conversation can help you both move forward if they are looking to have fun and if you are looking for a strong connection. This conversation can help you to connect even more if you want the same things.

30. Discuss your goals

Although you may be tempted to think that talking too much about yourself will make them turn off, it is really super sexy to share your passions with Tinder as a conversation starter.

People love to hear what excites them. It shows them that you enjoy what you do and is moving forward.

31. Meet up

This can be presumptuous so don’t do it right away. Give it a shot after you have started one with one of these Tinder conversation starters.

Online chats can make meetings nerve-racking. It’s possible that you’ll feel as though the conversation isn’t moving at all and it may even end in tears.

Conversation starters for Tinder that will leave them wanting more

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It is easy to believe that all you have to do to attract someone to you is to say “hi”. There’s more to initial attraction than you might think.

It doesn’t help to say “hi” when you don’t know what it means. Even saying “hi,” can make someone turn off. It’s possible that you weren’t interesting or creative, and you might not get a reply. If you do, it is likely that things will quickly die down.

These are some Tinder conversation starters that can help you increase your chances of meeting a girl.

1. If you had the chance to travel anywhere, today is your chance to pack your bag. What would you do?

Talk about travel. Talk about travel.

2. How are you spending your days? You could be watching Netflix, drinking something alcoholic, or going on an adventure.

Talk about your day. It’s easy and straightforward.

3. Congratulations! Congratulations! You just got Monday off work. What are your plans for the three-day weekend? Are you going to celebrate with drinks or sleep in?

It is quite normal to wonder how they spend their time. However, it is much more interesting.

4. Spontaneity is the spice of life. Please tell me about the spontaneous thing that you did and loved.

These stories can be entertaining and will get you started.

5. A million dollars has just been won. What’s the first thing that you do with this money?

They could donate it. Perhaps they would go on a luxurious vacation. These can help you talk about important topics.

6. What would you do if you were to get a dollar for one thing that people often make wrong about you?

Are they messy? Are they late? It’s like asking your date their greatest weakness, but less professionally.

7. According to me, there are two kinds of people in the world. Which do you think these two types are?

Learn how they see the world. Are your ideas in line?

8. We will one day look back at the day we met and, surrounded with grandchildren, say it all began with a swipe right. Romantic, huh?

Are they open to online dating? [Read: These must-follow rules will show you how to get laid on Tinder.

9. If you could only choose one food to eat every day, what would it be? Ice cream, cookies, or brownies?

Are they sweet-toothed or prefer salty snacks?

10. Tinderella, hello! Do you mind if I am your Cinderfella?

You can also reverse this. It is quite clever.

11. Your travel photos are amazing. These photos are amazing.

This is another way you can talk about travel. Instead of talking about your dream trips, share your favorite travel stories.

12. Wow! I believe you’re the very first person I’ve ever seen on this app.

Complement their work. Ask questions. Show interest in their work.

13. I need some inspiration because I am super hungry right now. What’s your dinner plan?

Food is always a good topic. Everyone loves food.

14. This is a great [band] tee! Which concert was your favorite?

Music is a great topic to discuss. Talk about your favorite songs or bands and discuss concert experiences.

15. What is it that attracts you to someone? It’s always a great sense of humor and a love of animals that I find attractive.

This will let you know if you’re compatible or not.

16. Your bookshelf caught my eye immediately. Impressive! Impressive!

Books are a romantic alternative to TV. You don’t have to talk about the TV show you’re watching when you can talk about your favorite books.

17. Which is the best or worst opening line that you have ever heard?

It will be a wonderful experience for you both. It is impossible to not see the end of all the strange lines.

Tinder can help you find love if you use it in the right way

Tinder is often viewed as a hookup site. But it doesn’t have that reputation. Tinder has helped many couples find long-lasting and fulfilling relationships. You should have fun and have no expectations. You will find that you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

It can be hard to get someone to respond on Tinder. But it is not impossible. It doesn’t matter what you say. These Tinder conversation starters will help you increase your chances of winning.

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