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Types of Relationships


What types of relationships are possible? Which of these represents your relationship? Let me show you!

It can be difficult to determine which type of relationship you belong in and what category it falls into. You can’t know what direction a relationship will take once you are in love.

It could be a perfect relationship. Sometimes, the relationship can be wonderful. You could consider them your best friend or add some romance to your life.

There is always hope for a perfect romance.

Combining types of relationships
Every relationship you have will be something that you take with you, learn from, and remember. However, just because each affects you doesn’t necessarily mean that they will all be wonderful.

One lover may be selfish while another may be faithful. It is possible to find a codependent or dysfunctional relationship. There is always the possibility that you will meet someone who is perfect for you.

What is the difference between these types of relationships, you ask? What is the difference between good and bad relationships?

The answer is not so simple. There is no one relationship that is perfect or bad. Even the most difficult relationships can have moments of joy and good memories. Even the most healthy relationships can have some of the worst moments.

It is impossible to define a relationship in one way.

A mix of relationships
You will likely experience a variety of relationships throughout your life. Each one will have its own depth.

While a relationship might seem happy and positive on the surface, there are other reasons why it can be troubled. Even the worst relationships can bring peace.

These definitions can be overwhelming. Relationships cannot be described in one way, just like people. It is impossible to say that there are enough relationships.

These Are the Relationship Types You Must Know

You could have many unique relationships in your life. The real number of unique relationships is endless.

These labels may help you to identify your relationships if you are having trouble defining them. Remember that your relationship may include many of these types.

These are not all relationships. These are the most popular types of relationships. But don’t be discouraged if you don’t get along with any of them. Your relationship is unique and can be made up of more than one person. This is fine as long as you are happy.

1. Relationships that are codependent
Are you dependent on your partner for your daily life to be successful? This is a relationship in which you are too dependent on your partner to make your decisions. It can also happen in both directions.

It is possible for you to be codependent. You have to be defined by the other person in order for the relationship to work.

2. Controlling the relationship
The dominant partner is the one who plays the leading role in the romance. The other follows the rules. This can have a negative impact on self-esteem. It is often due to trust issues or a need to be in control.

This can continue for many years before you realize that your partner is not protecting you but controlling you. This can cause frustration, hopelessness, or even the need for solace somewhere else.

3. Bereavement
You have both lost someone you love recently. You are drawn together by a sense of connection and comfort. It’s good at first but then it becomes empty and a placeholder for things you have lost.

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It doesn’t necessarily mean that a relationship cannot work, or isn’t worthwhile. These relationships can help you work through your grief.

4. Open relationship
Open relationships are those where both parties are emotionally committed to one another. However, they have to agree to be sexually intimate with other people. Although this may not be common practice, it is becoming more accepted by society as people become less attached to monogamy.

Remember that communication is key to this type of relationship. Open relationships are not where one person can be with anyone they like, as long as the other is committed. This is a joint decision.

5. Negotiation of a relationship
Although you may be happy together, it is possible to have difficult conversations and compromises with the other partner. Although it may seem like a lot, this can actually be a positive relationship.

It is healthy and mature to learn how to meet your partner in the middle. This helps you to stay focused on your partner without losing sight of yourself. It helps both of you find balance.

6. Toxic relationship
Toxic relationships can be harmful for many reasons and in many ways. It can appear great from the outside but outsiders can see its negative effects.

This type of relationship is not for partners who are supportive. One person will try to harm the other if they are in conflict. They might treat their relationship as a competition and lack respect.

7. Pastime fling

Although you may be in love with your partner right now, you aren’t so in love with them that you can make plans for the future together. While you may be happy right now, something deep inside tells you that your relationship will not work or last forever.

This type of relationship is very common because it is based on the present. A fling doesn’t focus on the future or the past. Although you may have a shared passion, connection, or friendship, you don’t worry about the future. These relationships are more likely to end in mutual respect and cooperation.

8. Sexual relationship
Asexuality is more than one thing. Different people may interpret it differently.

Asexual relationships can exist where there is an emotional attachment, but not sexual attraction. It can start that way. A relationship that used to include sex but now does not could be considered asexual.

9. Trophy relationship
Your partner is dating you because you think it will make you look better, or give you something materialistic in exchange. This type of relationship is best for men who are gold diggers or have trophy wives.

Although the love between these two may be genuine, the foundation of their relationship is based on superficial and material reasons rather than romantic compatibility.

10. Sexual affair
The relationship is strictly for the sex. You don’t feel an emotional connection but you have a lot of sex and heat. You could be incompatible with someone or not interested in a relationship.

It’s easy to fall in love with someone you’re not even close to.

11. Distracted relationship
This type of relationship is common for college sweethearts. The love between the partners fades over time. They are too busy with their careers and the children to spend enough time together.

This is a very common type of relationship. Young marriages can go from romantic and magical to routine and distracted because the partners are becoming more apart than they are together. Their relationship is slipping away because they have other priorities.

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12. Imperfect relationships
Although you know that your relationship may not be perfect, you don’t want to make it worse. You can’t complain about your relationship because you have accepted it.

This can either be a good or bad thing. There is no perfect relationship. It is important to accept that and find happiness together. Living with real problems and not letting them go, because you feel you aren’t worthy of more, can lead to low self-esteem.

13. Unhappy relationships
Your relationship is not working out for you, but you are committed to something more. This could be for your kids.

This is very common. This is very common.

14. Relationships with long-distance partners
Both of you love and support each other emotionally. You live in two different areas and have very little physical intimacy. You’d need to deal with jealousy and insecurities, as well as occasional suspicion.

This type of relationship aims to move towards physical intimacy.

15. Complex relationship
Complex relationships are the most difficult. While both partners know things aren’t going well, they may not know how to fix them or handle them. You may have resentment, distrust, or other problems. Instead of confronting them, or even better, you ignore them.

Couples counseling or therapy can be beneficial for complicated relationships. This will allow both partners to be open about their desires and needs.

16. Emotional affair
This is the type of secret affair that you have with someone else than your partner.

Although you may not be aware that you are falling in love with this person, you have become attached. You’re willing to risk your relationship with the other person just to be with them.

17. Benefits for friends
Friends with benefits is a relationship between two people that has no strings attached. It involves sexual intimacy, friendship, and friendship but not romance. This relationship is casual sex. This relationship is for fun and physical fulfillment with someone you trust and like.

Although it may seem like a good agreement, it can quickly become more complicated when either one or both of you have feelings.

18. Relationships that are love-hate
This relationship is full of chemistry and sexual attraction. There is also a lot of frustration and hate in this relationship.

You both love each other crazy, but you can’t stand each other at times. Unfortunately, this type of relationship is not often seen on TV or in movies. This was the case for Noah and Allie, who had a difficult relationship that required a lot of effort.

You may be surprised to learn that couples who fight in public are often seen having an affair after the fight. This is known as a love-hate relationship and you might be in one. It can be fun for a time, but it can also be overwhelming and intense. It can lead to more stress and work over time than it is worth.

19. Unsecure relationship
You may both have your own lives and your own friends. Even if you do your best to convince your partner you are loyal, they may still think you are cheating on your partner or that you are interested in another person. Your partner could be doubtful about your intentions and actions.

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With patience and understanding, you can help your partner in a limited way. Beyond that, however, it’s impossible to do much. This is something that the person feeling insecure should be able to manage on their own.

20. Abusive relationships
This is a relationship in which one partner controls and holds the reins of the other partner verbally and physically. This is unacceptable and must be stopped immediately. It is not only dangerous but illegal.

If your partner tries to control or manipulate you, you should walk away and seek help from someone you can trust. This is the best way to protect yourself, no matter how difficult it might seem. It is not a single incident that is forgivable or a minor inconvenience.

21. Relationship May-December
Do you have a relationship with someone at least 10 years older than you? If so, you would be eligible for the May-December romance. Compatibility is important here. However, beyond that, you need to learn how to manage different expectations from one another, your family, and the views shared by your friends.

While age may be just a number, it can have a significant impact on a couple’s ability to have children or retire, as well as their energy and other interests.

22. Sacrificial relationship
This is unconditional love at its worst. Your partner is not loving you as much as you love your true love.

A sacrificial relationship is one where the recipient gives more and the receiver takes less. This is unfair and unbalanced. This type of relationship can lead to bitter fights, and helpless tears, no matter how much love you have.

23. Relationships on and off

It is not uncommon for couples to have off-and-on relationships. You are likely to know of more than one couple that has split up or remarried. You may be one of those couples.

These relationships are not for everyone. These makeups can be caused by loneliness, grief, or an ideal version of your ex that only exists when they’re apart. On-and-off relationships are unlikely to work out long-term.

24. Stepping Stone Relationship
This is the kind of relationship that you only want to be in the next one. Although you may not be aware of it at the time, it was something that you had to go through to move on in your life.

This was my brief, broken relationship after a long and difficult one. My ex was wonderful and made me feel special. That boost of confidence was what I needed to make progress in my life, and feel great about my love life.

25. Fun relationship
This relationship is full of adventure and fun. It’s not about making friends or families. You don’t have to worry about how you will label things or what the next steps will be. You should be enjoying each other every day.

People who communicate well can have a pleasant and harmonious relationship. This can lead to a difficult relationship if one person has different expectations.

26. True love
This type of relationship is difficult to find. It is well worth the effort, patience, time, and effort. You are compatible. Both of you understand and accept one another. You don’t have to be perfect but you can still find happiness.

You should be able to better understand the types of relationships you have and what you can do about them.

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