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Ways to Make a Guy Want You


Sometimes, guys need to be pushed in the right direction. These are the steps to getting a man to love you.

Imagine the scene: You are a man. He doesn’t seem to understand the concept despite you trying everything. He’s flirting with you and you think he likes to be with you, but he hasn’t done anything. Annoying, right? You need to give him a push in the right direction. This means that you have to learn how to make a man want you more than any other person.

After you’ve done that, he will be asking questions faster than you can answer.

You might not have noticed him like you yet. Sometimes, guys can be blind to the flirty signals we send them.

These tips will have him giggling over you, and you won’t even need to chase him.

Understanding that dating can be very competitive

There are many different ways to approach dating. You might be single and not seeing anyone, but he may be out with other women. This means that you will have competition. If you truly like him, you will have to work hard to get him to see you and you alone.

This is a difficult task because men don’t have the best attention spans.

This is especially true when the guy you are after is a good match. They are rare and far between. Every woman who has ever been on a date to him knows that he is only interested in you. They want him for them!

He might be enjoying the attention. If a man notices that women are interested in him, he will take advantage of that.

If you care deeply about him and feel that he feels the same about you, it’s a smart idea to double down on your efforts for making him yours.

How to get a man to love you and make him want you

It’s time for a change. Read these simple ways to make a man want you.

1. Demonstrate your confidence

This is a huge factor and the most important in making a guy love you. Confidence is key. You must also show your love for yourself. This doesn’t necessarily mean being arrogant. It simply means knowing your worth and taking ownership of it.

Men drop their jaws when they spot a woman confidently walking down the street. She is displaying sex appeal, confidence, and strength.

She doesn’t need them and that’s why she’s so sexy. You don’t have to be a man to get the girl.

2. The key to understanding body language is the body

Have you ever seen a couple seated at the bar together? They are facing each other and lean forward, with their feet pointed in the opposite direction.

You can communicate your feelings to him using body language. Wait to see if his body language matches yours. It sounds strange, but it is actually quite effective.

We’re talking about eye contact and flirty touches. Mirroring his position is also important.

3. Boost the excitement

You want to get him excited and pump his adrenaline. You can get him excited by engaging in a fun activity that makes his adrenaline rush.

You could go bungee jumping or riding a rollercoaster. Excitedness stimulates attraction and arousal. So get your parachute ready. You can make him want you by coming up with new ideas.

4. Copy him

It might seem odd to use this strategy for making a man want you. You should mimic the man. This one is easy.

You develop similar habits when you spend more time with someone, such as listening to the same music or having similar conversations. Although you may not realize it, eventually, you will be mimicking their gestures.

5. He is your friend.

Talking about rain can only last for so long before it becomes time to have a deeper conversation. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to him, then he won’t listen to you and you won’t be able to develop a relationship.

That means that one of you has to open up. Although it can be frightening, if you trust your man as a person, you should be willing to share some personal information about yourself.

6. Be around him

Don’t stalk him. That’s not what this is about. You want to spend time with him and be around him. You will be more attracted to someone the more you spend time with them.

Why is it that celebrities end up with people they have seen in movies? They have spent six months together and all day with the same person. It makes perfect sense.

You can either go out with him as a group, or solo if possible. This is probably the most obvious strategy to get a man to like you.

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7. Get in touch with him

People enjoy being around people who get them. This is a similar situation. Don’t get too excited about this. Instead, find some topics that interest him and start a conversation about them.

The trick is that you must be passionate about the topic. Otherwise, it will show that you are bored talking about vintage cars and hockey. Once you find a topic to discuss, you will have something to talk about and your partner will see that you share a common interest.

8. Keep a little mystery

This is a great example of how to get a man to love you. Women like mystery and men like a mystery. That’s why we love the chase. You’re now trying to attract the man and get his attention.

You like to be a bit mysterious. You don’t have to be silent. But, you can’t give everything. You can keep some information secret to make him more interested in you.

9. Dramatise less

Men can be dramatic, but they are not always easy to understand. Sometimes they can be more dramatic than women. One thing is certain: they don’t enjoy listening to gossip from women.

He will make it clear if a man doesn’t like another man. We women, however, are not as open with our emotions and it can turn into gossip. Instead of sharing your gossip with him, call your best friend to share it. It’s better to do it that way, especially if gossip is something you can’t control.

Bottom line: Don’t gossip. It will make you look like a scumbag.

10. Your feminine side is important

Feminine traits are not a bad thing. It is often believed that femininity means that a woman is weak and fragile, but this is not true.

It’s possible to wear makeup and a dress while still being strong. You can tap into your feminine side by sitting with your legs crossed or chewing with your lips closed. These aren’t weak things.

Let go of those suppositions. If you feel the need to show your feminine side, do so. Men appreciate strong women who can still display their femininity.

11. Be flexible

If you are looking to get a man to love you, don’t be too attached! Do you know that guy who text you one time and then texted you repeatedly until you finally responded? It didn’t work out, did it? People, in general, don’t like clingy people.

They feel trapped. Men are people. Men don’t want women who are dependent on them and need constant confirmation and attention. If you want him to be interested in you, spend time with him, send him messages, and do all the things that he asks.

Don’t let him get to you. Allow him to ask you to meet up and have a conversation.

12. Take his nose off

You can attract him with your smell. It sounds a bit animalistic, doesn’t it? That’s the truth.

Spray a bit of your favorite perfume onto the skin. This will make him crave that sensual, sexy scent. This is a proven method to make a man want you.

13. Flirt but not too often

Flirt is a great way to have fun. You can push the boundaries but keep it in the fun zone. You shouldn’t flirt too much. You want to draw him in and keep him interested.

Flirt with him and then slow down – you want to make him chase you. You won’t last very long if you start flirting immediately. You have to control the situation if you want him.

14. Live your life!

It’s not good for him to think that he is the only thing in your life. You can’t tell him that, even if it’s true. Guys love girls who are busy planning for the future.

You should have your own life, and do things that are not related to him. This will not only give you self-confidence but also shows that he is not your primary priority, even though you would like him to be.

Never make a man your number one. This is something you should always remember, especially when trying to get a man to love you.

15. Complement him

You don’t want to be too dramatic or you could look desperate. It’s okay to compliment a man. They’ll feel better and notice you are paying attention to them.

Perhaps he has a new haircut or is using a wonderful-smelling cologne. Tell him what you think. You might take this as a sign you are interested in him.

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16. Show interest in his life

Although it may seem obvious, there is a society that believes the man should be in the girl and vice versa. We believe they should ask all the questions, and then we kind of ignore their hobbies as if they were nothing.

This is a mistake. You should take an active role in his life, and encourage him to talk about the things he loves. He will always remember you as someone who is open to conversation and cares about what he loves.

17. Keep it interesting by mixing things up

Men don’t have the longest attention spans, as we mentioned. Keep things entertaining. Let him guess what you’ll do next. Be unpredictable.

He will be more entertained if you entertain him in this manner. It will keep him engaged and interested if he isn’t sure what you’ll say.

18. Slowly display your sexy side

It is important to make him want more than just the first thing. You do need to let him know that you are a sexual person. Many guys are passionate about sex and can relate to that side of themselves.

You are the same. You don’t have to be perfect just because it’s not easy. To show your man that you can be more than he thinks, make sure to tell him a few dirty jokes from time to time.

19. Be honest about your feelings

Many women don’t like being blunt. You know what? It’s a thing that guys love. The one thing that men fear the most about dating women is that it will all be a guessing game.

They will have to ask you how you feel and look for clues that could lead them astray. They don’t like that. You can tell him that you like him and want to continue seeing him. You’ll be rewarded.

20. Tell him that he is funny

Guys love being funny. It is well-known that a woman who can have a good time with a man will be more likely to like him. This also boosts his self-esteem. He will find it difficult to look at other women if he can think about how wonderful you make him feel.

Make sure that he understands you find the humor funny. You’ll soon see it’s one of the best ways to get a man to like you.

21. Make him laugh

If you really want to get him to like you, you need to be funny. A girl who is funny and witty will be loved by men. You can make jokes. You’ll make him laugh.

It’s about making him feel good around you. To get him to stop focusing on other girls, it’s a good idea to associate you with positive feelings.

22. Be a bit crazy and silly.

Many women want to be calm, collected, and cool on a date. What will make a guy notice you over the other girls? You can be weird, silly, and show your silly side. They are all there!

It’s okay to be weird. Be weird. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. You will be remembered by him more often if he is having fun and more entertaining you when he goes out for a meal.

23. Don’t divulge your entire past at once

Everyone has a story. This doesn’t mean that you have to share your past with him on the first few dates.

While you can hint at some things, don’t make the mood worse by telling sad stories. These things should be kept to yourself. Avoid talking about your exes.

24. Dress for a feeling of well-being

This does not necessarily mean you should dress extravagantly. It’s important to feel comfortable in the clothes you choose. You will feel more comfortable on your date if you feel good.

This will allow you to be more authentic and your personality will shine through. He’ll notice it. Being yourself is the best way to make a man like you.

25. Keep his eyes closed for a few more seconds

This is the most common trick. You can send a sexual vibe to someone you are staring at if you stare for just two seconds more than normal.

Eye contact can make you more confident and give off the impression that you are interested in the other person. This could make him feel more comfortable with you, which in turn will lead to him liking you. This is the most obvious nonverbal cue to say, “I think that you’re hot!”

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26. Be authentic

It’s okay to let your man know a little bit about you. But, make sure he sees the real you. Be vulnerable and honest with yourself.

Honesty is the best thing. Don’t be afraid to say no to the amuse-bouche. You might be relieved to have said what he wants. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. It will make you more loved than it will make you hate.

27. He will do his favors for your benefit

It could be as simple and as easy as borrowing his pen. Psychologists discovered that small acts of kindness can make someone feel warm.

Particularly men will feel needed and important. This feeling will be desired by men and they will feel attracted to you.

28. Be friendly with everyone

You don’t need to be Ms. You don’t have to be Ms. Personality. This would make you difficult and exhausting to work with. Be kind to all people and don’t push them to the ground. People will start to like you if they like you.

Even if this doesn’t work out for the man you are eyeing, it’s still a good friend.

29. Get closer to him

Be open to the possibility of meeting him wherever he is going. This is the most important tip on this list.

Do it if you have the chance to sit next to him. You can approach him to take a photo if you are having a party at work and everyone is rowdy. If you are physically close to him, it will create an attraction that could lead to him sharing his feelings with you.

30. You can introduce him to something new

You could choose a new television show, a local pub, new food, or a new hobby. You will be able to give him an endorphin boost, which will make it easier for him to associate you with these activities.

He will feel a “high”, and he will think he is also falling in love. He should be having so much fun doing these things.

31. You don’t even need a man to act like it.

Because you don’t! Although we don’t suggest you become an angry feminist, it’s important to not be the girl who complains about being single all the time. Talking about your singlehood with your friends over a beer is fine, but not with the man you love.

If he thinks you are dependent on a man for happiness or that you have to be happy, he will hide behind his shell and act aloof because he believes you “need” him. Men seek women who are happy and complete, and who can be completely alone.

32. Smile slowly

It may sound strange, but a study has shown that smiling slower than you smile quickly makes you seem more sincere.

Also, flashing a quick smile can make the recipient feel that you don’t really mean it. When you smile, be gentle, slow, and playful if you want to attract men.

33. Make sure you find out if someone likes your partner.

To speed things up, you can drop hints to someone that they are crazy. Men love competition. If your man of dreams is slowing down, tell him that there is competition.

This can be done by having your friends tease and/or tell him about the other guy “accidentally”.

34. Do not respond to his messages too fast

You and he are the two players in this game called “Who’s coolest, most relaxed messager.” You can even use this game with your husband or boyfriend! Your guy will feel more secure if you text him right away. If he isn’t serious about you, he will become lazy.

Sometimes, even men get bored by this. You text once and they text three times. Is that really a challenge?

Although it’s not a game, flirting is a fun way to get to know someone. To keep your man on the edge, reply at least one hour after he sent you a text.

35. Once in a while, decline his invitations

You want to make your relationship more meaningful. You can say no to some of his invitations.

This will make him question if he is seeing someone. It will also force him to think differently about what he is doing with you.

He will try to please you in other words.

All these tips have one common thread: don’t be too interested. Although it’s not easy, these tips will help you become an expert at getting a man to like you.

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