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What Should I Discuss With My Boyfriend When We’re Both in Bed?


Talking to your pillow is among the little pleasures that life provides. After an extended day, it’s time to sit down to stay up late and spend the evening together and talk. But…what do you say to your lover during the night?

At the beginning of your marriage, there are many topics to discuss, as there are plenty of things to discover about each other.

From your favorite interests, hobbies, and things you enjoy the most, to your opinions regarding more serious topics like religion and politics.

At certain points, it may appear as if you’re aware of everything you need to know about one another, and that longing feeling that you felt as night approached has begun to fade.

If you’re a bit shier by nature, it’s likely that you’ve been through at the very least a few nights where your boyfriend has engaged in conversation.

It could make you feel like you’re not providing enough value to the table or that you’re not helping to improve your relationship. We recommend putting these ideas to bed.

In many cases, men really like being listened to or simply having fun and enjoying their evening to the fullest.

In the end, keep in mind that you’re speaking with someone who you either love or at the very least love very much, so when you’re thinking “what to talk with my boyfriend at night”, be sure to not look at it as if you’re writing an essay.

A Little Rule To Remember

Conversations that are enjoyable have a natural and enjoyable flow, specifically because they’re about topics that you enjoy discussing or are meaningful to you.

What are you thinking about? Are there any thoughts you’d want to tell your boyfriend? Perhaps you’ve just started to read a book you’ve never finished or tried an incredible recipe, or maybe your cat has done the most ridiculous of things and made your day.

The person you love isn’t one that you’re trying to impress, as if you’ll get the grade. Consider how you met, and the things that drew you to him over other people.

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What have you discussed all over the course of your time? What is the reason to pick a topic that is related to them?

Even better If you’re trying to do something to learn about the things that he is passionate about. We all know that it’s not always the most straightforward of endeavors to discover the typical hobbies of males.

Sports, cars, swords, or Star Wars might not appeal to you exactly the same manner, however, we can guarantee that you’ll be able to see your partner’s face glow, and listen to his voice be filled with happiness. You might even end up liking them too (even more than he does)!

We all would like to share our passions and happy memories with others. To be able to share with someone the things that make us smile can help us through the tough times.

To know the reasons why it’s worthwhile, or at a minimum, manageable.

The Purpose of Late Night Talks

Keep in mind that your late-night conversations are an opportunity to let your emotions out. It doesn’t need to be about gossip or interests. It’s not necessary to burden your boyfriend with your thoughts, you’re inviting him into your world.

It’s not just because it’s late it doesn’t mean you should stick to “surface subjects”. There are plenty of subjects to explore regardless of whether they’re serious or harmless fun. If you’re not planning to spend the night with friends there’s no reason to worry!

Simply make use of Better Topics, the Better Topics app (free to download) to start meaningful and engaging conversations.

What To Talk With My Boyfriend At Night — Concrete Questions

  1. What is the word you believe describes me?
  2. If our relationship was the basis for a TV show What kind of genre would you choose? Would you consider it to be enjoyable to follow?
  3. Have you ever thought it would be “forever alone”?
  4. Do you prefer to spend a fun time with me, or spend a boring moment with me?
  5. What did you discover that you are in love with me?
  6. If I was asked what kind of person I would respond to?
  7. Do we need to get an animal? If yes, what kind of pet should it be?
  8. Are you a fan of a favorite name? Do you have any thoughts about my name?
  9. Do you ever think about me? If you do, what do these your dreams about?
  10. Did you think about getting married as a child? Did you ever like to marry?
  11. Are you excited about working the next day?
  12. If I were a singer which kind of song would I choose?
  13. Do you often come across me while on an otherwise busy day?
  14. Do you think that we could do an amazing podcast?
  15. What’s your favorite form of entertainment? TV, radio, YouTube?
  16. Would you be willing to relocate to another country if you found a job in that country?
  17. What do you think it is “too long” to not speak to each other?
  18. Which shade do you think I’ll look the best? Do you have a color you dislike that you’d prefer me to not wear?
  19. What’s the most devastating thing you imagine could happen to us as couples?
  20. If it were your decision to give up on being a lover of something which one would you pick?
  21. What’s the one thing you’re willing to let go of regardless of the circumstances?
  22. Do you think that we’re successful people?
  23. Are there any weird thoughts you’ve had about me throughout the day?
  24. Do you think that we’ll be attracted by physical attraction to each in the future?
  25. Did you feel anxious (even for a moment!) about the first time we met?
  26. Would you be willing to share some funny photos and sent them to my acquaintances?
  27. Do you enjoy my typical scent? Or do you want to be polite about it?
  28. Have you had an animal companion as a kid? Do you have any favorite pets?
  29. What’s one of the movies from your youth that you aren’t sure is good, yet you love nonetheless?
  30. If you were to live in a fictional world Which one would it be?
  31. What do you wish to purchase for yourself right now?
  32. Are you convinced that we can make our sexual experience more pleasurable?
  33. What’s the most valuable life lesson you’ve gotten from your role model?
  34. Do you want to take an unforgettable getaway with your partner for the weekend, but not reveal it to anyone?
  35. Are you able to share a favorite image of us?
  36. Do you think I should be reported to the authorities if you thought I committed an illegal act?
  37. Do you think we’ll be in touch after 5 years? How about 10? Do you think we could own the same property?
  38. Would you like to be in prison with me?
  39. Have you ever experienced an enjoyable gaming session, only to find that you felt too sore to even stand up from your chair?
  40. How tired have you been? What was the cause?
  41. Do you prefer to work from home? Or is social interaction important for you?
  42. Would you feel less respect for me if I told you that I was having a drink?
  43. How do you feel about children? Do you enjoy children?
  44. Do you have a strong objection to doing something particularly “in the bedroom”?
  45. If you were to have all of the cash around the globe what would you do with it?
  46. Would you be willing to loan money to a friend, even the possibility that you will have to tighten your belt in the month?
  47. What was your first impression of me?
  48. Do you think I can be a part of a film? What role could I play?
  49. Are you closer to your mother or father?
  50. What are you most likely to learn instantly, be it skills or information?
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This should keep you entertained for quite a while.

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