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Why Should I Marry


This is a question that young people in today’s society are asking. Many are left confused or ignorant about the reason behind getting married. Some even get it wrong.

It also depends on the individual. Depending on what vacuum we have within us, your reasons for marriage may be different than mine.

I’ll mention just a few reasons people get married:

1. For love.

2. To satisfy your sexual desires.

3. Procreation.

4. For social prestige.

5. To share companionship.

6. For assistance.


1. Companionship

According to the Bible, “it is not good for a man to be alone …” Genesis Chapter 2 verse 18

To avoid loneliness, God gave Adam Eve as a companion. God didn’t create Adam to be a single being. He created male and female to complement one another. One cannot be alone for the rest of their lives. Everybody needs a friend or a partner to share time and keep us company. We all need someone to talk to, someone who will listen to us, someone we can share our burdens with. And, funny enough, we also need someone to disagree with (in a healthy way).

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Companionship can be a life-saver. Companionship is good for the soul and the heart. The human nature longs for companionship. To fill a particular void in our lives, we seek acceptance and appreciation.

Romans 12:10 states, “Be devoted one another in love.” Respect one another more than yourself. Ever wonder why long-term, long-married couples don’t survive after the death of their loved one? It’s because they have a huge vacuum in their hearts left by their soul mates who are gone.

2. Enjoyment

What can be shared in marriage? Let me be specific. It is sex. It is something we all desire. It is what we all want. It is important to understand that this type of enjoyment is not possible without marriage. God offers the solution to all such desires by providing marriage. The only cure for adultery and fornication is marriage. God created sexual enjoyment and fulfillment as a part of God’s creation.

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While it can be enjoyable, sex should only be done within the context of marriage. It is a blessing from God. It is very beneficial. It’s satisfying. It is also satisfying. Hebrew 13:4 says that marriage should be respected by everyone and that the marriage bed should not be broken. God will punish the adulterer as well as all sexual immorality. It is a principle that encourages self-control. It is the remedy for lust and indifference.

3. Completeness

Your life is not yet complete. You will not be complete until you get married. A man or woman cannot be complete without the help of another. There is no complete person. Only a few people have been granted special grace to remain celibate for their entire lives in order to focus on the ministry of Jesus Christ. Genesis 2:23 reveals that God knew that Adam wasn’t complete after his creation. There was something missing. It was a part of him that could only be found in Eve. God’s plan was to provide man with the help he needed (Adam called her his woman). This is a clear representation of our relationship with God.

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4. Fruitfulness

It means multiply, replenishment, increment, or reproduction. Genesis 1 verse 28 reveals that God has commanded fruitfulness, accompanied by a blessing from Dominion. “Have many children, fill the Earth full of people and bring it under control (CEV).

“God blessed them,” prosper! Reproduce! Fill the earth, take control, and be responsible. (MSG). It is evident that God desired this.

Multiplication and growth are necessary to fill and replenish the earth. Procreation was the only way to multiply life. Marriage was thus established. Obeyance to fruitfulness leads to dominion over the whole earth. It is a great blessing!

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